Thursday, 29 June 2017

Still Crotch Deep in Inspiring and Self-Love Reading!

As you all know, I'm am still on my inspirational reading kick!
I only downloaded Amanda Palmer's The Art of Asking yesterday, yet, I can't seem to turn it off.

From the first chapter when she exclaimed, "Who's got a tampon? I just got my period!" I was hooked. Now, I've always been a fan of the Dresden Dolls. I saw her Ted Talk about the Art of Asking. I'm not quite sure why it took me so long to get to her book.
I consider myself an artist.
I've always painted, sewn, drawn, danced, played guitar, maybe this is why her words just hit me, and I am so sucked in by this story.
Rather, I should say her many stories.
As she goes through her life, including her time stripping, I found myself relating to her on higher levels. We all just want to be seen, have intimacy, have our work recognized by someone, anyone.

And honestly, her words and struggles and outlook, just make me want to become a successful novelist even more - plus, the hundred other goals that I have in mind. 
Plus, there is music sprinkled throughout as well on the audiobook which is just a bonus.

This one definitely makes my list of books one should read if you're on the journey of self-love.
You should also check out my previous posts for some of the other wonderful books that will change your outlook too. 
And one of my absolute favorites You Are a BadAss

Since we're on a book note, I found that I often get asked in blog interviews or just through messages what it is that I hope to convey in my writing to my readers. Now granted, we know I write erotic romance. Many people would wonder if there is even a story line much less a message in those novels.  Well, I'm here to tell you that there is, at least in my books.

It's taken me almost three years to come up with an answer that I think rings true, and here it is:

I find that I take people's issues, that can be yours or mine, propelling the reader on a journey of self-exploration and perhaps healing. I have a gola to hopefully make people consider other thought patterns about live, love, sexuality. I would love to tear down the shame and guilt that many feel for their desired life. I believe if it's not hurting anyone else, and both people consent, what is done between those people in love is not wrong and they should not feel shame for their acts with each other. 
oxo JLE
Feel free to puruse my collection here.

Monday, 26 June 2017

30 Days of Gratitude, Splits, Pushups, and Abs

I figured it's time for a recharge.
A positive frame of mind reboot.
A Facebook/Instagram friend and I were talking and have decided to do another 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge.We had a list of people signed up. The best part is they don't have to do anything if they don't want to. N and I are going to do a daily Gratitude/Positive/Inspirational/Funny or Happy post and just tag them so that they can read it and receive a little joy or smile.
You are more than welcome to follow along with us on Instagram (@jenniferlassalleedwards) or if you follow me on Facebook. 
We will be beginning on July 1st.

Now, these other 30 Day Challenges I began today, and no one else is following along.
I found the past few years I have completely neglected a stretching routine. My body is screaming about it now. No kidding, my flexibility is nonexistent again.
I am unable to do anything I was once able to do when competing.
I was searching for a nice stretching routine when I came across this one.
The instructions can be found here.
I can tell you that I felt it and could not even straighten my left leg and bend down, lol. 
While I was at it, I also decided to add these two 30 Day Challenges as well.

All three I have decided to add after I am done my workout.
So, I do my run/walk, my lifting, then the pushups, abs, and stretching.

I am dubbing this 30 Days of Challenges for my body and mind. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

There must be a reason and another destination

This is what I am telling myself, but I still can't help but feel disappointment and tears.

I had been in contact with a rather large domestic violence charity/shelter for about two months corresponding back and forth. I had proposed that I donate half of my sales from Ripped and Twisted to them since I receive a good bit of feedback about my heroine's escape from her horrific situation and how she has found a new life, and how readers relate to the story in themselves. However, I did tell them the book was erotic and had BDSM influences.
Hence, they began talking about it up the chain of command, which I completely understand.
I told them from the beginning that I also understood if they declined because of the conotation involved with an author of my genre.
Finally, they declined saying that the 50 Shades arguments involved with all of the domestic violence groups made them not want an association with it.
I told them that I completely understood, and we agreed that perhaps we could find some other resolution to help.

So, imagine my surprise, no shock, when I found out that they had agreed to be the receiving charity, with their name included in the promo and advertising, for a HUGE book event here.
I mean this event is massive!
And 99% erotica and BDSM and kink authors.
I know it was not personal, but I still feel the rejection.
I guess they changed their mind, and that is their right in all ways.
I still have a sad face going on.

Trying to turn my disappointment into a better feeling, I have begun contacting smaller charities and shelters that help those affectd by domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and other relationship voilence, to see if they may want my meager donations. This is how you strive to find the bright side, right? I will keep repeating that this was not the fit for me, and the universe is pointing me in another direction. I will just have faith that what is meant to be will eventually work out.
I just never knew trying to help or do good deeds was actually this difficult!

I'm glad they will generate a great deal of money for them next month.
I'm glad that many women and children will benefit from the generosity of  the erotic/romance readers, writers, supporters.

Now, I will refocus and hope that what is in alignment for my future will come forth.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A long unplugged weekend...with Slick

It was nice to get away, well, two hours away.
We unplugged and got down and dirty.
No cell service.
No internet.
Camp fire cooking.
Getting inspired again.
Reading...real paperbacks.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Hello, hello, hello!

How's it going?
I've been busy, but in the best of ways. 
I have not lost weight, but my shorts I could not button and had big muffin top over, now fit easily!
So, I would say that's an accomplishment.
Yesterday, we stopped at a local bar/restaurant next to my gym for lunch.
I splurged.
This was a jalapeno cornbread waffle with fried chicken breast tenders smothered in a rosemary cream sauce. Can you say mouth-gasm?!
It was huge, and I was only able to eat half of it. Hubs was the same. We begged them not to take if off the menu, but next time we'll split one order.
Hubs got me these, and they have been getting a workout!
They are so freaking comfy and light weight!
I have been adding little spurts of jogging back into my mornings.
My weight training is there, but I have been enjoying my walks/runs better, so the lifting has not been intense. I find I cycle with it. I just don't want to get burned out.
This week my goal is watching and tracking my food.
I have just been winging it.
I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app and have been playing with it.
Right now, I am using the free basic app, but I am stoked about that little scan part!
Damn, I can scan the labels on my fruits, veggies, anything that has it and let it add my calories for me. Alleviates so much tracking that I used to do by hand or searching through lists.
It also syncs with my FitBit which is nice too.
I have been listening to audiobooks, and benefiting greatly from some that I will drop down below.
Some girlfriends and myself are challenging each other with steps and food goals.
I enjoy it because it keeps me accountable.

Oh! Hubs and I have some adventures planned too!
Rdog and Slick will be accompanying us, and I am excited to go hog wild with pictures.
So stayed tuned!

Now on to the inspiring reads!

This one is fantastic! So many parts of it have touched me, and I find myself saying,
"Yes, yes! That's totally what I do!"
She helps with questions and journal projects to help work through issues we all deal with, and how to initiate a change. As I listened to it, I would immediately feel lighter when I realized what I am doing and it is possible to change thought patterns and habits that hold me back.
I highly recommend it.

You can always check out her blog as well - Play With The World

Next up is an author that I am just in love with. Her books just resonate with me on every level. 

I originally was reading a copy from the library, but then I decided that I had to purchase it.
Much like Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles, I know I will reread these over again.
It's another step in letting go of fear, worry, and to trust your instincts and inner -ing.
Hey, I'm still working on it, but her books are wonderful guides to understaning yourself and transforming the anxiety, fear, and stories we create in our head into something better.

I have a list a mile long of books that I still want to read, but I always put Gabby's first when I see them. I know there is another of hers that I still need to read too.
I am loving finding these authors who are helping others to help and understand themselves, myself included!

Let's face it, they are helping me get to a much better place in life. I am excited to LIVE life and go after all that I dream of too.