Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Reading, Writing, Thoughts, and A$$ update! (and Pic)

I know. I know.
I've been a little M.I.A.
That's because I have a new book releasing next week, but on to other stuff.
I have been on the self-love, happiness train!
I have been voraciously reading, and listening.
Gotta love audiobooks for the treadmill!
Here are my two most recent.
I listened to this one.
It was not as fast-paced or lively as You Are A Badass, however, the stories were poignant.
I found myself having to hold back tears in the middle of the gym.
Listening to all of these stories, especially the people who faced such diversity, yet went on to do monumental things with their life, stirred me.
I have learned that I want to say, "Yes," more.
I want to help others more.
I want to inspire.
I want to entertain.
I want to make my big dreams come true.
I want to provide Happy Acts towards others.
So, with just those few ideas that I've mentioned, it's definitely worth a listen.

I am almost finished with this one.
Gala is a new super hero of mine!
She is funny, deep, totally out there, and speaks to me.
She looks at how we should take responsibility for our thoughts, choices, people in our life, where we are now. If we are not happy in situations, it's our own responsibility to make choices to change that, otherwise, you're just going to mire in your own miserable head, and life.
I sped through this book. It's easy to read and understand.
She sprinkles her own journey, including the stuff most of us are afraid to admit.
But setting the truth out there is freedom, isn't it?

I'm coming closer and closer to setting myself free, so hang in there with me on this journey.
Speaking of, I have this weird distortion of myself in the mirror, which is why I take so many selfies.
You guys should see what doesn't make it here or on Instagram!
(Just a note: Gala has a theory on taking selfies until you love whatever part of your body that you hate.)
Somehow, it makes me see clearly what I have going on.
We know I have my journey for my bubble butt.
It's not there yet, but I took this pic. For me, I see some progress. Granted, I still have cellulite, but hey, it's not anything I haven't gotten rid of before.
and I am finally seeing a bit of curve from my flatness!

So, not that I have horrified you, on to a bit of other news.
More recipes to come.
I have been enjoying so much in the realm of real food.
I have been keeping it pretty simple, which is probably why I have posted many photos of food!

I began a group on Facebook. It is a combo Street Team, Reader's Group, Source of Inspiration and Support of Finding Happiness and Positive Vibes. 
Oh and there is silliness and some sexy stuff too.
Yes, I have the conclusion to The Surrender of Luella : Perchance to Dream Book One releasing next week. 

I find that I have been imparting more life messages into my erotica. So far, I am pleased with the feedback from the people that received an ARC. They said it made them think, reevaluate how they perceive situations, and even cry.
No matter what happens after the release, how can I feel bad with feedback like that?

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