Thursday, 30 March 2017

Opening myself to new things.

I'm trying something that I never thought I would get into.
Wait, not true.
I had (still have) a friend in grammar school. He introduced me to all sorts of ideas. He was always progressive. He studied Buddhism, many Eastern religions and philosophers, meditation, liked Neil Young. Now, mind you, this was like in 7th & 8th grade at a Catholic school too!
He tried to get me into mediation back then.
I gave it a half-assed attempt, but what did I know as a kid in the 80's.
I'm admitting that I am now giving it a try once again, and I'm happy to say that I don't hate it.
By the way, he married one of my best childhood friends. They dated in high school, and now she (they) have an organic farm that is successful in Texas.

During this first quarter of the year of The Happiness Project and embracing Positive Vibes, I am learning that I like the hippie-dippie part of me!
I am reading so many good books, and listening on audiobooks too.
I am more inspired, learning to pursue that calm, and 

So if you have any great sources of guided meditations, especially for manifesting, please drop the links in the comments!

Maybe I'll try going back to yoga too.

This definitely does not mean that I'm giving up my pervy side. Hell no! 

In the slow process, I am trying to reduce and negate many of my negative habits in the food and adult beverage department too. Food is coming along wonderfully!
I have embraced trying to keep it to 90% whole foods.
In actuality, I am allergic to dairy, but I LOVE cheese!!
I am trying to make changes with that.
Last night, I made this recipe.
Really, I only made the sauce, but you know what? It's not bad at all, and it's actually growing on me.
It was a huge batch, so I refrigerated it and have been pouring it over my ground turkey and salsa today for a meal that seems far more decadent than it is!

Obviously, I've not embraced veganism again...but who knows?
This new journey is taking me to all sorts of places that I didn't think I would go to again.
It's a vegan cauliflower sauce mac & cheese from 

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