Saturday, 30 July 2016

Dear other gym goers

Yes, you.
You were the only two other people in the gym. And though I am still probably 10 pounds over weight of being 'cut', I am still okay. And, yes I still lift...heavy at times. I have been on a mission of leaning back out.  So I have been a sweaty mess and lifting the past two weeks with vigor. I was so happy that I am four pounds down.
I was not paying attention on my second leg day as I loaded up the leg press and busted out my 5 sets of 20, and squatted a pyramid of the same. I was just ecstatic to be able to do it with sweat pouring off of me.
Then, I went to load up my seated calf raises, you dear lady got off the treadmill and went to your spouse/partner/whatever... Pointed to me and began doing exaggerated poses and laughing with your ' grrrrr ' face.
Thanks, you only pissed me off and want to make sure I never act like that toward anyone in a gym.
By the way...your treadmill body is not what everyone strives for.