Thursday, 31 March 2016

The ugly truth, but another yum breakfast.

The ugly truth is I weigh more than I have in a couple of years.
It's an ugly number.
I can't lie and say, "Oh but I bet most of it is muscle."
I know in my heart of hearts, and my chunky, cellulite ridden butt and thighs that it is not.
I have no one to blame but myself.

I still eat, drink, and party like I'm in my 20's.
Yet, I am on the cusp of 43.
I've had a hysterectomy.
Age, hormones, genetics are not on my side.
It's time to make some more changes in my life.
I'll throw it out there. 
I like my evening cocktails.
I like cheese and crackers with my wine.
I like burgers with cheese and fries.
I love spicy fried chicken.
I have created a sugar/sweets habit that I never had in the past, ever.
I used to always be able to pass on the sweets.

I have slid down the slippery slope the past year.
I have sort of dug myself a hole of bad habits that I am struggling crawling out of, so I might as well claw my way out now before I'm unable to get out at all.

As I said, I am trying.
I am implementing a better plan of action.
I am going to be cutting back and out the habits that I have created all week long.
I need to go back to just having a few fun treats on the weekends and not dragging them along everyday, or nearly everyday.

I am almost 43. I do not need to party and indulge like I am half my age anymore.
Now, that's not saying that I won't still do the dumb shit that I do.
I will still cuss like a sailor, wear clothing that is considered inappropriate for a lady of my age, write dirty, dirty books, give my thoughts on sex and bedroom recreation, dance like a fool in public...Nope, I'm not cutting those back!

So, there is my ugly truth. Now on to the yummy!

That's the final product!

Here's how it began.

I started with 3 oz of sweet potato that I had baked during meal prep earlier in the week. I diced it along with one sweet pepper, 1/2 a jalapeno, and some spinach, which I have found a fondness of cutting my spinach with kitchen shears lately.

I threw all of that in a preheated pan sprayed with some olive oil spray. I covered it and let it go a few minutes.

Then went in 1 whole egg and 1/2 cup of egg whites.
Cover and cook.

Check on it until it is cooked to your likeness.

That's mine! I sprinkled it with a little Cajun seasoning and then slid it out on the plate and enjoyed!

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Chunky Butt and Some Booty Clapping songs...

I am working on it, but marginally so.
I get up. I go to the gym. I get there, and mentally stomp my foot screaming, "I don't wanna!!" as I stand putting my things away in the locker.
Then, I do it.
But I know my workouts are not an iota of what they used to be.
I'm doing it, but my head isn't into pushing myself harder.
But, I'm doing it.
A shitty workout is better than no workout.
Trying to find my joy while doing it, lol.
Lately, that comes with walking or walk/jogging on the treadmill to Slipknot or Marilyn Manson or Five Finger Death Punch. That has been my joy.
Lifting has been sucking for me lately, and I think it has to do with my tendon issues.
But I'm trying.

It's been a while since a gym selfie, so here's this morning.

fab fitness gym pic fit

It's still flipping freezing in the mornings.
One minute it's close to 70 degrees, an hour later 30 and blizzard.
Ah, spring in the mountains.
It's as nuts as I am.

Well, with my chunky butt at the moment, I can literally make my booty clap.
It's both horrible and hilarious.
For some reason, the husband finds it fascinating.
Me? Ugh, but I still laugh.

Booty clap, booty clap, let me see that booty clap.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Positive Thoughts, Delicious Foods, Awesome Jewelry!

Here is one of my newest daily mantras:

fit health fitness

I actually stole it, but I love it.

This morning I had this for breakfast before the gym.
This was just after I put it in the pan.

recipe breakfast fit fitness healthy
1 whole egg, 1/2 cup egg whites, spinach, grape tomatoes, a teeny bit of shredded gouda, and sprinkle of Flavor God Pizza Seasoning.
I just sprayed my omelet pan and threw it all in. I put a cover over it a few minutes, then folded it in half. Covered it another few minutes and plopped it on my plate.
The gouda made it so freaking good, and I doubt I used more than a tablespoon, as I shredded it straight from the block. 

Over the weekend, I wanted to make some special dishes.
Now, don't laugh but the only way we can get any crab up here is pre-cooked and frozen.

I thawed these babies overnight, and cracked and cleaned them Saturday.
That night I made stuffed shells with a creamy tomato sauce.
It was not healthy, and I took no pics.
We had so much meat left over that for Easter morning, I made us crab cakes.

recipe fit healthy fitness crab

 These were healthier. As I just put diced jalapeno, garlic, egg whites, spices and a teeny, teeny sprinkle of spent grain flour. Spent grain flour is the results of my hubs home brewing, which he does a ton. I simply sprayed my cast iron skillet with olive oil spray and let them go. They tasted far better than they looked.

Now, for some pretties.
A few years ago, I bought myself this for a birthday.

I am thinking of buying myself a little something again.
It doesn't hurt to window shop!

Saturday, 26 March 2016


The blog and ME.
I've been doing self-inventory. 

Besides my usual pursuits, I am going to try to find my joy everyday.
It's so easy to fall into the ruts and mire in the negative.
I do it far too much.

I was trying to make a list of what I do daily that makes me happy.
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I am unhappy.
There is just something missing.
I blame it on no one but myself.
I have just fallen into this rut of chores that I think must be done, things I should be doing...
In actuality, no one is going to die if I don't mop the floors everyday, or if there is a glass in the sink at night, or if the folded laundry sits in the basket.

Now, granted, I get the work that I get paid for done daily.
I'm not talking about our jobs - though I want to make some changes in that arena as well.

However, in thinking about when I was truly joyous in my life, I've realized that I have shoved those things to the wayside. My writing has been slacking. Going to the gym, fewer and further between. Reading, practically non-existent unless I am proofing/editing for someone.
I have not done one crafty thing in a few years.
Exploring and trying new activities...nill.
I think I have begun to exist instead of live, which was what I had been trying to do before.

I decided to start skimming some self-help blogs. You know, inspiration, finding your happy, how to pursue a full life? Those sorts of subjects.
I have created some bad habits that I have to undo.
Nightly cocktails, chips, cheese, cheese, pizza.

The point is that I have forgotten how to love myself, even like myself lately.
I have lost my joy.
Without having those two things, I know that I cannot fully pursue the goals that I have set.
I am going to start implementing a few changes each week hoping to get out of the rut and back to living life instead of just existing.

Here's to the remodel.
xoxo Red Lips & Ass

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Bone Broth Craze

Have you seen this?
It's everywhere.
The funny thing to me is that I've always just called that a stock.
But I admit, I've not just drank it plain before.
And I've never bought bones specifically for it.
Usually, it's the remains of a leftover carcass or pieces that had bones.
Then, I make a stock from that and some veg scraps.
But I admit, I tried it the pinterest way.
I usually buy beef soup bones and cook them for the pups to chew on.
This time, I salted and peppered the bones, put them on a foil lined tray, and baked them until golden brown. I did flip them over one time. After that, I threw them in a huge pot with about 8 cups of water, two broken carrots, some crushed garlic cloves, a broken celery rib, some dried parsley and bay leaf. Then I brought it up to a simmer and let it go for about two hours. I took out the veggies, bones, and whatever big pieces of herbs were floating. I used and emersion blender and smoothed out any other hunks, i.e. the marrow pieces. I stuck in the fridge, and was all ready to start my morning cup of bone broth routine. 
I add Himalayan salt and pink peppercorns when I heat up my cup in the morning.
I have to say, it is very tasty.

Now, I don't know whether it has been the bone broth, the joint supplements that I've begun taking, or a combination of the two, but my tennis elbow which has been harassing me for the past month has finally been getting some relief. 
I don't know if I would do this all of the time, but it has been a nice little variation in the morning routine.

fit forty red lips ass

bone broth fit fitness health

Another thing that I have found that I have been enjoying lately.
Sweet Peppers!!
fit fab forty lips ass

I have never been a fan of bell peppers. I'm just going to say it, they make me burp like crazy for hours, and I cannot stand it. I love jalapenos, but I can't just eat a ton of them raw.
For some reason, these little babies don't give me the side effects of bell brethren.
I can eat them raw, roasted, whatever.
They may be my new spring treat!

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wednesday in Pics

Protein Pancakes

My weird shaped spicy turkey meatballs with a soy balsamic glaze

Because one hour it's 48 and sunny, the next it's 38 and snowing, the next hour it's 50, the next hour 45....

Just because... this is what it looks like now.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Day in Pictures

Someone was not happy that I removed his delicious dirty dog aroma and replaced it with a hideous oatmeal cookie smell.

I'm pretty sure by this evening he will have dug a hole in the yard and rolled around in it.

This, pretty much every day.
Because I hoard shoes, and they were on sale.

Because they are making their way back into the area.


This is how he says 'cheese.'