Friday, 19 February 2016

Loud Legging Love

Yep, all of  these new leggings that I have procured from sale or gift are coming out to play!

These are Soffe Brand.
They were gotten for a steal at Sports Authority.
It's legging love time.
Now, if it would only warm up so that I could ditch the layers and long sleeves and start wearing my fun tanks!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Fun, Easy Fitbit Fix

I admit it.
I love my Fitbit.
I love checking to see how many steps that I've done and challenging friends.
However, let's face it, the standard band is blah.
I don't want to wear it when I'm semi-dressed up, but yet, I want to wear it because all of those steps lost?!
I wear my other fancy bracelets on my other arm.
I've tried layering some of the bracelets that I have around my Fitbit, but it still stood out.
I spent some time searching the fancy ones available.
I lusted after the Tory Burch ones, but yikes! That price!!
So, as I was wandering about World Market of all places, I spied some cuff bracelets.
I immediately thought, "Hey, I wonder if these would work?"
And for $10, I now have a camouflage for my plain band.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Slow as a Snail...

but no snail trail.
As I've eluded to, there has been a ton of stress the past six months.
I don't know why I had not thought of it before, or maybe I did and ignored it, but I had begun to think back to my running  jogging days.
During the time before and even the rest of the year after my last competition, I jogged every day.
I would run six miles in an hour. 
And then again in the evening, I would sometimes run another three to six.
To some, that sounds like nothing.
For me, it was heaven.
Truly, I would blare my tunes and completely lose myself.
All my pent up anxiety and stress seemed to melt away.

As you've seen, I have not really been doing cardio or running or much besides some lifting the past year. And although I absolutely LOVE lifting, my anxiety and stress have not alleviated.
So, this week, I began again.
I have been hitting the treadmill...
don't judge me!
I'm jogging 20 minutes this week at 5.2 mph.
At first, I was so sorely disappointed, but then I remember that I had to slowly work my way up before. If I did it then, I can do it again.
Who knows? Maybe sooner or later, I will begin to run the mountain trails?!
Okay, let me not get ahead of myself...

Plus, it's cardio. Maybe it will help melt some of this winter fluff a little quicker.
Here I come bikini summer!

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


If I told you the stories, the number of people that I have lost to medical conditions, suicide, random violent crime, being killed by a spouse or significant other, drunk drivers, cancer...I could write you one detailed and gruesome book of death, and I think you would be quite shocked at my true life happenings are stranger than fiction.
Let me tell you what is bringing this thought about.
Yesterday, yet another friend of mine from back home lost his beautiful wife.
They have three children.
Their world, of course, has stopped.
One day a whole family unit, the next all that they know crumbling around them.
My heart breaks for them, and of course, you begin to recall all of the fun times that you had with that person.

One, it makes me stop and think that life is just one big game of Russian Roulette.
At any moment, boom, it's your turn.
As I stop and think of all of my friends and family over the years, even in high school where we lost a classmate or two to their own hands, I find myself incredibly lucky to still be standing.
Then, I think, "Seriously, what's to say that I'm not the next to go down?"

It's very morbid, however, it makes me want to grasp any and every opportunity to live, love, and laugh, hug, and truly let all of those fights, annoyances, and stupid happenings go.
It is times like these that remind us to not just exist, but to truly live this life we are given.
You never know when your turn is up.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Tennis Elbow? I don't even play tennis.

I am suffering with a wicked case of tendinitis, tennis elbow.
Last year, I had it in my left arm.
This past week, my right one decided to take a turn.
And just for fun, I burned the heck out of my right hand loading up the woodstove too.
My right side hates me this week, so I am trying to show it a little love and lighten up on it.

I have changed my exercises at the moment, obviously I cannot lift a ton or properly with my upper body at the moment.
I can always use a switch up anyway.
I have been doing body weight circuits and focusing more on getting my heart rate up and my lower body. Both could always use it anyway.
I have been adding 100 body squats daily too.
It's easy enough to pop out.
Hell, I do 100 reps pretty much every leg day with bar and a few small plates.

For instance, today part of my workout was:

50 jumping jacks
50 Knee Highs
50 Skaters
Repeat  the circuit 3x

Spidermans (30)
Mountain Climbers (30)

Body Squats (100)
[Attempted] Single Leg Body Squats (13 each leg) - I suck at these and need to work on my form and balance for sure.

Let's hope all of this extra helps make the booty pop more. 

In the meantime, it's stretches, icing, etc. for the old elbow.

I am so freaking happy that next week we may make it into the 40's and 50's.
Sure we still have about a foot of frozen snow in the yard, but 40's and 50's?!
It's practically a heat wave!
You have no idea!
Hey, this is exciting, especially since it was -12 degrees yesterday until about eleven am.
So, naturally, I have been lusting after swimwear.
And I am going to try and scrape the six inches of snow off of the back deck.
Maybe we'll try and grill this weekend.
I know, I know, we're nuts!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Good Life

I make no qualms in that I have a good life.
I get to work from my home.
I get the leisure of working on side projects that I enjoy.
I get the perks of a super flexible schedule which enables me to do large batches of cooking, go to the gym, play with diy and gardening.
I normally maintain a predominantly positive attitude and am overall, happy.

But let's face it, shit happens.
Most of the time, I can let things just roll off.
Then there are those other times.
It is completely odd the instances that will send me into a tailspin or set me off.
Usually it is something really stupid and minuscule.
So, I apologize for throwing my tantrum.

Even at my age, I have my moments where I forget that only I can control my happiness, and other peoples' opinions should not affect that.
Life goes on, and it's always cyclical, ups and downs, right?
I have to learn to surf those waves with more skill and grace.
What can I say? I am only human.

Speaking of waves and surfing, which I will never attempt because, well, Sharks!
I have been perusing bikinis.
If I reach my goal by my birthday, which is in May, I want to reward myself with something like this beauty.

Maybe over the weekend I will try to upload some new body shots, though I don't see that much progress yet.