Monday, 26 October 2015

A Good Thing about Cold Weather

You get to layer and cover the fluff!
 I swear the gym was the same temperature as outside, in the 30's.
So, I'm covering now, but hoping to be all sorts of flashy once spring comes!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Taking it outdoors

God knows, I love Louisiana.
How could I not?
 Born and raised, fabulous food, green, flora and fauna, fresh seafood...
However, I have grown to absolutely love the area in the mountains where we have moved.
Today, we finally began hiking.
I mean, we've taken a ton of scenic drives to see what's around.
We've found tons of parking areas with the signs for parks, trails, forests.
Today, was our first hike since living here.
We took it easy and did not go straight for up the mountain, but a casual incline (even if some were barely wide enough for one person with a rock up one side and drop off on the other, lol).
It was fun. One of our pups totally enjoyed it.
We picnicked.
But, yes, it wiped me up going higher and higher and higher.
I cannot wait to do it more, acclimate my lungs, and try the harder and longer hikes.
So, I give you pictures which does not do any of the landscape justice.

Monday, 19 October 2015

George is Missing

I am in hot pursuit of George.
I've lost him, and I had promised to love him, pet him, squeeze him...
Who is George you ask?
George was my six pack.
No, not a six pack of delicious brew.
That's one of the reasons that George is buried.
It's true.
For those just joining, I am  was a fitness competitor. 
My time in the gym and the lifestyle was part of my inspiration for Ripped & Twisted.
However, the two hot guys falling in love with me and menage situation?
Unfortunately, that is pure fantasy, just FYI.
This year, I have spent far too much time being lazy. Enjoying a little too much party time, and my body has paid for it.
I can only see the top two of poor George.
It's time to live up to my promise and take care of him, rescue him from the fluff that I have buried him under.
So here is a collage of some drool worthy abs for inspiration and just staring at.
Also, I have stuck proof of my own that were once in existence, lol. 
Plus, throwing it out there will help keep me accountable, and who knows, maybe getting back into my disciplined routine will spawn some new stories too.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Newest Shallow Goal!

Many of you who have been around a while remember that last year my goal was "season of the Slut." You know, wearing garments highly inappropriate for a lady of my age, but I was extremely proud of my hard work and achievement of goals. This year, I lacked goals...No matter how shallow. ;p I believe next year should be dubbed "season of the bikini." Since finding all of these cool places near the new homestead, I am longing for many bikinis and more fun outdoor adventures.grin emoticon The goal is set, and it's time to get cracking and set the bar higher on the physical than even last year. Woot! Bikinis, still probably inappropriate for a lady my age, but then again, I never claimed to be a lady.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Garden and a quick easy meal!

As you know, we moved at the beginning of the year to the mountains.
The whole land and environment is different from the metro Denver area.
We've had tons to do, so I have not begun any compost or garden.
In fact, we plan on eventually having a fenced area (enough to keep out the deer, bears and other critters) and a greenhouse since our growing season will be very short.
This year, all that I have accomplished is a few containers on the deck.
These are from one pot on the deck.
Other than that I have some lettuces and herbs. 
However, I'm happy with the outcome.

Speaking of those tomatoes, today I had lean ground turkey mixed with one of those bad boys, some green chiles, and avocado, topped off with a sprinkle of Flavor God's Chipotle seasoning. 
It was pretty tasty and quick!

And just because...
It was time to kill legs today.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


I have been quiet because we have been away on vacation.
My first trip out of state in over five years.
I truly forgot how hot and humid the south is!
We were in Florida.
All I know is that I walked, walked, walked, for hours and miles on end and was sweating like a whore in church.
I should have weighed myself when I got home just to see if anything was lost, but I didn't.
I am sporting a nice tank top burn/tan.
 When we landed at the airport in Denver, it was a lovely 77 degrees. By the time we hit our town in the mountains, we were greeted with a chilly 56 degrees, rain, hail, and no internet service until yesterday evening.
Doesn't matter, I am glad to be back in the mountains and lovely weather where I am not melting. 

Today was back to the gym and trying to do a little healthy food prep - since yesterday, the grocery run had to be made. After all, our fridge was bare!
We are now stocked with freshness and lots and lots of proteins!
Though I had a great time away, I will admit that the food at the places we went was not all that wonderful. And we hit some fancy, highly recommended restaurants.
I think we just are not huge fans of lots of rich sauces and tons of butter all over everything.
I must admit, just seasoned and seared is a favorite preparation of mine, and I am glad to be able to do that once again.