Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Staying Positive and other random stuffs

I have once again begun an old habit, be it a good one!
Every morning, I write something positive in my journal to remember everyday.
If I'm having trouble thinking of a quote or saying or something, I hit up good old pinterest for something that strikes my fancy. 
Plus, I find that this is a little quiet time in the morning with my coffee to reflect and think about my goals and what is important to me and my happiness.
I think it's a very good thing to try and do.
So, that's my little suggestion for today.

On another note, I do miss having someone to train with sometimes. I don't mind working out alone at all, but it would be nice to have my husband in on it too.
It would especially helpful on the mornings that I am battling my head to get my arse up and out of the door.
You know someone to motivate me like this, hahaha

And in case you were wondering, I have tried some of my Flavor God spices! 
I am in love with the Honey BBQ and Chipotle ones.
I have yet to try the PIZZA... I'm not sure what I want to put it on yet, lol.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Kinktastic Knicknacks...

I am just putting this here as an announcement.
I like to keep my blogs separated for those who may not be into the 'adult' content that I share through my books and hilarious scenarios.

Through our random, dirty, yet funny, conversations, my husband and I have 'toyed' with the idea that I should add a section on my author's blog for review and talk about sex toys.
He claims we own everything at the store we frequent, so they should be given the right to be tested and talked about...and he's always up for finding new scenes and ideas for my books.
So from anal beads and plugs, cuffs, dildos, floggers and paddles, gag-balls to spreader bars, fetish wear, vibrators, and so much more, oh my!
We'll have chat and recommendations!
Perhaps some guest bloggers or guinea pigs?
Need I say that the Kinktastic Knicknacks section will be all adult content and conversation, so enter at your own risk...or satisfaction?
You can visit me on the dark side here:
Now back to regularly scheduled fitness and fun normality on this end.

Monday, 17 August 2015

This woman!

I met Jillian Diauto a few years ago on Facebook.
We were in a get fit group.
She was once 255 pounds. 
She has lost 117 pounds plus.
Now the woman is a boxer, just waiting for her pro debut.
She is simply amazing.
Check out her Facebook page
She posts videos, food, and is just an upbeat, positive person.
She is bad ass.
She is such an inspiration to me.
One day, I will meet her in real life, and hopefully, get to witness one of her matches live.

All images should go to a direct link of where I got them. ;)

Just one of those days.

I really do try to remain positive, not to sweat the small stuff.
Believe me, I realize how good I have it.
I am grateful.
However, there are those days where I get in the funk.
There's no great reason for it. 
Maybe it's because I just let little things pile up?

Who knows.
Today was one of those days. It happens. 
I worry about things that I should have done, should not have done, people I may have hurt though I did not have intention to do so, people that I want to support and if I do enough for them, people who support me and if I tell them I am grateful?

I often wonder if I am being the best person that I can be.
Do I spend too much time on superficial things?
Should I be doing more?

And then...I just want to devour a block of cheese.
That's me.
I like to eat and drink my feelings.
We know this.

So, I'm my goal today is to give myself an attitude adjustment...
and just try harder to be the best that I can be.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Pizza, Honey BBQ, Chipotle....What?

Do I hear angels singing?
My Flavor God seasonings arrived!
I cannot wait to do food prep this weekend!!
I NEVER say that. 
But really, I'm so excited!!

Oh and yes, that is a hot sauce in the back ground, lol.
Our local VFW sells them for each branch of the military.
My husband was in the Coast Guard, but when he was deployed, one time he went with the Army and another time the Navy during the Iraqi War. 
We have many other hot sauces. I may have a problem with hot sauce. 
I can tell you that Crystal Hot Sauce has always been my favorite, but it is not available here.
Then Louisiana Hot Sauce, but the Halbenero flavor - YIKES!

In random news:
For some weird reason, I felt compelled to buy two bikinis and two pair of jean cut-off shorts.
I have no idea what possessed me.
I never wear shorts, ever.
Bikinis only when it's competition season for posing practice.
The man says he should now buy me cowboy boots and a hat.
The only place that sells clothing within 25 miles, is a western store, which by the way, sells chickens, and supplies for livestock, hardware, tools, guns...
I have never seen so many huge, rhinestoned belt buckles in my life, nor jeans with so much bling on the pockets.
You wouldn't expect those jeans to cost $100.
They do.
Oh well, I haven't worn jeans in years either, lol. 
It's bad enough that I now wear purple UGGS, or even own UGGS...
But they are so freaking warm and comfy. 

What is happening to me?
I guess it will be okay if I look like Daisy Duke eventually. 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I've never been great at moderation

I've been an all or nothing type of girl.
This isn't always a good thing.
I don't do moderation well.
Eating, fitness, drinking, sports, health, self-destruction...
I am either completely into the good or into the bad.
I pick a side and just spiral - up or down.

And then, I think back to that quote that I've brought up in the past:
Discipline is Freedom.
For me, it rings true.
I have to have a plan.
I have to follow it.
When I do, I tend to be happier.
My mind is a little less clogged.
I see results.

So, why do I stray and go balls to the wall insane in the opposite direction of my goals sometimes?
I am a roller coaster.
I struggle.
I deal.
I fall.
I learn.
Such is life.

Right now, I am at the weight that I was at 12 weeks out from my competition last year.
Am I disappointed?
However, in another odd way, I feel okay because I know that I can get back to the place that I was comfortable with, not competition shape, but I liked the way that I looked.

I am still toying with three comps next year, but that could always change.
Maybe I will just buy fancy bikinis and prance around the house in heels instead.