Friday, 26 June 2015

Mouthgasm - Protein Peanut Butter Cups

I have seen so many variations on these, and today, I decided to give them a whirl. 
My variation on protein peanut butter cups!
I used 2 scoops of Dymatize Nutrition Chocolate Protein Powder, 1 T of unprocessed unsweetened cocoa powder. I mixed those with enough Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk to make it pudding-like, a few tablespoons of the u.s.v.a.m. 
(You can use water too. I usually use water when mixing my protein powder)
I then put on layer of that mixture on the bottom of my little silicone pan. I divided 1 T of all natural peanut butter among the cups and plopped that on top. Then I layered the chocolate mix on top of the PB. I stuck it in the freezer and waited. Okay, I couldn't wait, and popped one out to try. YUM!!!
Next time I am thinking about just mixing it all together and putting them in the forms. It got messy because I can't just layers.

The good thing is that I get to eat ALL of them because that's what is on my plan!
I'm sure PB2 mixed with something would be great too.
It's so easy and so many different ways to play with this.
Go for it!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

I'll spare you the selfie!

I went to the gym out of town today.
On the way back home, I met up with a friend, and we hiked Red Rocks.
I sometimes forget to mix it up and enjoy the outdoors.
This in and of itself is sad because I live where there is so much to do outdoors.
We truly are an outdoor playground.
Of course, today was one of the hottest days yet this year, but it was so gorgeous that it didn't matter.
Plus, I got to spend time chatting with my girlfriend - well, while we weren't trying desperately to gasp for breath.
I admit that my cardiovascular performance is in the toilet right now.
Yep, I have let that slack horrendously.

Anyway, I give you pictures of some of the spots along our hike today.
Thankfully, I did remember sunscreen!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Keep chugging forward.

They said don't stop chasing your dreams, so I went back to sleep.
True story.
It was one of those mornings.
I slept an extra hour and had every intention of staying there until my work began to roll in.
Then, I got a message.
Someone asking me to help with their fitness plan and suggestions on meals.
(It happens, believe it or not!)

I sat there staring at the screen thinking, "How can I give any advice if I'm not following it myself?"
So, we messaged a bit, and that inspired me to get my a$$ up and ready to go gym.
And I did.
Am I still tired and want to go back to bed?
I will not lie, yes, I am.
But I do feel better, and am ready to tackle all of my contract work for the day.
Also, I have a little more motivation to stay on track.
Even when I don't realize that what I do has any impact on people, it obviously does.
Who knew?
It's when I get messages like the one this morning that I remember that there are people out there who really do pay attention to what I'm doing.
Also, flattering.

So here I was.
Bags and wrinkles all around my eyes, but hey folks, I'm old...
and still trying to keep it together and up high.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Total Mindless Ramblings from a Tired Girl.

And though I wish that I could say it was a for a fun reason, nope, I'm just tired.
That's life, right?

Coffee to the rescue!

I have been a busy girl, all good.
Work, food, working out, writing, formatting, editing...

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, well with the exception of the crazy torrential downpours.
I mean seriously, all of the neighbors have said, "We never have grass."
Yes, we in the dry mountains of dirt, have freaking puffs of grass that even though I weed eat them, three days later are back up to my waist.
We've even had flooding?!
One highway is closed and the road above us washed out. 

Anyway, I also cut my hair.
I was hoping to look like the girl on the cover of Spanked! by Lena Black. Instead, I look like a middle-aged butch girl who should be in Orange is the New Black.
I love that show! Wish I looked more like Ruby Rose. Yep, I jumped on that wagon.

On a serious note, I have noticed that I was happiest when I was actively involved with 'prepping' or 'on plan.' I was focused. I was structured.
Perhaps it was the way I planned everything.
Every morning, I would wake up, sit and write a positive thought to focus on during the day.
I had a goal in sight.
I was organized.
And though I don't mind a little chaos, my days seemed to run smoothly - even if I was completely exhausted every night.
Crazy, right?
I realize that I'm just one of those weirdos who thrive on structure, well sometimes.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Release Tour ****River Walk**** 10 Kinky Collections by Al Daltrey & Friends!

Title ~ River Walk: Ten Kinky Collaborations
Author ~ Al Daltrey & Friends
Gina Whitney ~ Lena Black ~ Julie Jaret
Melissa Asleson ~ Rosemary Willhide ~ Noelle Bodhaine
Jen Lassalle Edwards ~ Ali Reynolds ~ Tiffany Huegele ~ Jaycee Daltrey
Genre ~ Erotica BDSM
The concept behind this book involves 10 female writers bringing to life stories that stem from one male Dom. True collaborations. (Similar to a ‘Duets’ albums). Intentionally, a range of female authors were approached. Some are established and successful; while others were previously unpublished. Some had direct experience in the BDSM lifestyle, while others did not. All of this was intentional, to ensure a fresh, unique, range of stories. Each writer brought her flare, her style, and her talent to the project. The subtle connection linking the stories relates to the famous River Walk in San Antonio Texas. 
  Ten Kinky Collaborations
The Power of a Woman by Gina Whitney & Al Daltrey
Our demons were made for each other. Our facades mean nothing when it's just me and you. Sin from thy lips. Trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again and again. A modern day Romeo and Juliet meets Sopranos.
SPANKED! by Lena Black & Al Daltrey
Recent college graduate Mila Petrov needed money to repay endless school loans. How far would she be willing to go when she meets a handsome doctor with a dark side and a mysterious machine?
 Hostage Situation by Julie Jaret & Al Daltrey
Locked in the vault during a robbery gone wrong, a bank teller, Kate Watson, explores her boundaries with the sexy new security guard.
Un-Cashed Cheque by Melissa Asleson & Al Daltrey
The road of self-discovery can be long, but for Macy Seduva, an unplanned detour could actually be the most effective route.
The Discover Ring by Rosemary Willhide & Al Daltrey
All wedding planner, Sylvie Hancock, wants is to marry her longtime boyfriend. In her quest for an engagement ring, she discovers an unexpected desire simmering deep within.
One Last Cigarette by Noelle Bodhaine & Al Daltrey
We all have three lives: public, private and secret. Jackie’s secret is her vice, in private she longs for more, in public she is happy. When someone’s virtue pulls her in, will her vice push him away?
Through the Ages by Jen Lassalle Edwards & Al Daltrey
An older submissive, Libby Simms, befriends her nurse, while ill in the hospital. She shares the story of her life, including her deepest secrets.
First Journey Second Thoughts by Ali Reynolds and Al Daltrey
A young woman, Lia Deyns, explores her very first kinky relationship with a Master. It’s a journey she’s not soon to forget, but will she have second thoughts?
Three Wishes by Tiffany Huegele & Al Daltrey
A husband grants his wife, Amelia Hopkins, three wishes. She in turn, grants him one. Will she play it safe or step out of her comfort zone?
Love's Notion by Jaycee & Al Daltrey
Vivian returns to her hometown and stumbles across a picture of her teenage crush. Unable to squash her curiosity, she decides to stalk him. She knows it's wrong, yet can't help but play with fire.
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Thursday, 11 June 2015

It's on like Donkey Kong

This face?
Even though I walked into an empty gym (YaY), I forgot my iPod AND my earbuds.

Last Friday, I went to my first Team workout in about a year.
I was petrified, but surprisingly I did keep up and did not empty the contents of my stomach.
It felt good actually, and I forgot how wonderful the camaraderie among all of us ladies is, even people that I had not met before.
Speaking of, I even jumped at the chance to split some sessions with a lady I've never met before with our coach. What the hell? I might as well jump all the way in now. 

It feels good to be getting back on track....again.

I have pulling out recipes that I had forgotten about.
Dare I say it?
I'm a little excited about it again.

Though I do not think that I will have time to prep for any show this year.
We just have too many other events right around the time of the scheduled competitions.

In other news, I have been so freaking lucky in the Indie Author world.
I mentioned a while back that I was invited to take part in Al Daltrey's River Walk Collection.
This project has been so wonderful for me. I have met some incredible women through this collaboration. I have learned more and more that will help hone my writing skills, besides even more on formatting, proofing and editing.

Also, my second full length novel is coming next month! 
I'll quit yapping about that and allow you to check those things out on my Author's Blog.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Friday night hotness

I did it.
I took the plunge.
I re-joined my old gym.
I am now a member of two, hehe.
One is seven miles away; the other, forty.
Needless to say, I will only go to my old one once or twice a week.
However, I so love it there.
The atmosphere, the people... inspiring.
I'm not saying my new gym is bad.
No, it's fine.
I put in my headphones and go to work.
However, this is a small town.
I will be on the benchpress, bar in the air, and a person will come hover above me, gesturing for me to take out my earbud so they can talk to me.
THIS is distracting.
But, how can you keep telling 70 & 80 year olds to please not do that.
It's not like they listen, lol.
They are very nice, but so unaware of people who really want to focus on their workout.
The place is like a social club.
Even the trainers just sit and chat.
Then again, did I mention most of the clientele are 70 and 80 year olds?

Plus, I miss my coach. 
She is no nonsense and kicks my butt.
She keeps me accountable.
She snaps me back, and is just freaking awesome at helping to get your head straight.
Yeah... I kind of need her.

Tonight, I'm going to a team workout.
I may puke.
I think that I have not been to one since last July.
I'm just bracing myself for the embarrassment that I will surely cause myself.
Oh well. I need it.
When I was going consistently I began to love my Friday night dates with gym.
Time to fall in love again.