Monday, 20 April 2015

Be Happy...and Thank You

This is a thank you to the Indie Book community, the Fitness community, Burlesque community, Roller Derby community! smile emoticon

 I encourage you to sit back and think about your life. I must admit, I have an incredible life. I choose to, in that I make the decisions to jump and try things, even if they are scary, even if I am horrible at them, even if they are not the norm and others think that I am completely nuts. Who cares? 

At times, I get poopy. We all do. That's a.o.k.
Believe it or not, I try not to get mired down in it when it happens.
Then, I saw these two pictures this morning.
Both made me do a little introspection.
That's when I thought about all of the wonderful things that have happened in my life because I allowed them to, or I allowed myself to take chances.
I want to live loudly.
I want to look back with fabulous memories and no 'what if's.'
I think that I have a good beginning to that.
I know that I am going to have some amazing tales to share. Heck, I do now. Take the plunge people. Be happy. Make things great.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Oh my.
I don't know why I cannot do this on my own, in the correct way.
Having a coach...for me it the way to go.
I need someone riding my butt.
I need someone keeping me accountable.

So, here I am.
Thinking, should I just suck it up and pay someone to whip me into gear.
ORRR maybe...
should I do it here?
Should I put it all out there again?
Should I hold myself accountable to all of you?

Maybe I rationale that because none of you comment, lol, and I know it would be easier to say,
give excuses...
I don't know.
All I know is that I have my birth-aversary coming up and
I am not proud of how it compares to last year.
I do not deny my vanity.
I do not deny that I have not followed protocol as I usually do.

So, I leave you with funny, because....
that's what I do.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

When things are always going wrong...

Jelly Beans...

You have have a couple of weeks where everything goes wrong?
Too many things break?
Just when you think you're luck is about to turn back around, nope, sucker!

Yep. That's been lately.
The funny thing is that I cannot even really get upset at it all.
I think that I've reached delirium or something because the other day I when I walked outside and had  a tire flat as a pancake and another almost there, I just began to laugh.

Now, I'm not saying that I never get upset, mad, angry, or any of the array of feelings.
I'm just saying that lately, I can't even get overly worked up about it.
If I do, fifteen minutes later it's done.

So what does this have to do with jelly beans?
I have no clue except they make me happy, and this year, I have not bought any yet.
Today, I think I must remedy that.

Too, the next book has jelly beans as a main focus... in many ways.

After spending the morning with my boyfriend, Gym, I will be making the trek into the next town to go to the store and purchase my little confectionery joys.

I don't even feel guilty about it with my fitness routine because I have to travel 15 miles just to buy them... Wait, maybe I'll buy two bags...

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Throwback Thursday because goff

It's always fun to find old pics.
Plus, I change ALL the time, as we know.
I get bored with myself.
So I thought it would be fun for some old pics.

And last year on my birthday...
Let's see what I'll look like this year in May