Thursday, 19 February 2015


Someone once told me that the reason we are disappointed in other people is that we place expectations on them. Basically, we think that because we would do something for someone, we automatically tend to think that everyone else believes the same.
Because we follow the laws and rules does not mean everyone else believes in following them.
Because we were raised to believe in a certain way of acting or manners or etiquette does not other know them.
In actuality, no one knows what the other is thinking.
Thus, we become upset with friends, family, co-workers...
I have come to believe that this is true.

Even when you openly explain your hopes to others, it doesn't mean that they will accept these desires or live up to them.

What do you do?

I have been learning to just not expect anything or reciprocation from anyone.
When I go into relationships in this way, I'm less likely to get my feelings all aspects.
I just do what I know that I would do for anyone and not expect anything in return, including thanks or apologies, when I am treated in what my head I consider a wrong manner.
Believe it or not, it is beginning to work, and I am becoming more able to blow off things that would have had me in tears in the past.
Perhaps in the same vain, I am a little stupid for continuing to help or work or remain in said relationships. Maybe I should do like most, close the door and move on, but sometimes, it's not always an option. Or, I'm a glutton for punishment, lol.

On to lighter, vain-er aspirations and expectations.

In the same method, make your expectations work for you.
Honor those that you place upon yourself.
 For instance, I lust after a booty like this:

I have to be willing to put in the work to get it.
I cannot blame anyone but myself for my high, firm, smackable booty desires or if it ever gets there.
I control my ass-destiny.

I want it I shall get it,
and no one else is responsible for that booty-licious curve.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Happy Purple Song Stripping

Gogol Bordello is one of my happy bands.
This is one of my favorites of theirs.
Also, it's one of the numbers that I was recognized for while performing.

So, I would wear purple and take it off, lol.
Oh, and I would hula hoop too!

So by the end, there wasn't much purple, lol. 

Monday, 16 February 2015

I'm not failing; I'm just lagging.

I have been failing in both my departments, red lips and ass.
Well, maybe I should say that I have been lagging.
I have been going to the gym.
I have been putting stuffs on my lips, just not necessarily red stuffs.
Psssst... I have been eating like a dump truck.

The highlight of my week was on Friday.
I was lifting at the gym.
I went to grab all of my stuff out of the locker, checked my phone for work emails and was walking up front when I was stopped by another woman.
Kind of caught me off guard because she asked,
"Do you compete, like physique or one?"
Turns out she did her first competition last year in bikini, but had prepped herself.
She is now working with a trainer and not killing herself.
Anyway, the short story is we talked for about an hour before getting out of there.
So, YaY! I have met someone under 70 in the gym.
In fact, I do think she is younger than me.
Point is, there are other people there who are just as crazy as me!

And though I'm feeling fluffy, I'm still enjoying it.
One of the trainers laughed at me and told me it was just wrong to wear leggings with donuts, muffins and coffee in the gym.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Legging LOVE & Happy Dance

I absolutely adore funky leggings, or as my hubs calls them
"sassy pants."
I live in sassy pants.
I don't care what other people think about them, because they make me super happy.
Pfft, I even wear them when I'm not going to the gym.
I'm classy like that.

 The two following are just cuz I'm finally leaning out from winter fluff. Pasty, Porcelain white, but finally leaning!

I swore I would never wear anything like these, but when we moved to the mountains, they became super comfy warm goodness. Yeah, I may invest in a real pair of Uggs now...Don't laugh!

And now I leave you with a song that makes me happy and start impromptu dance parties where ever I am.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Nice...You made the unicorn cry

Okay, so no you didn't. No one really did.
It's just been one of those weeks.
You know the periods when you say, "Hey three things happened; it should be over now."
You hesitate to say, "What else could go wrong?"
Simply because to utter that statement means that something inevitably will go wrong.
And it does.


Even if you think it!

That's just the way it is.
And during these days, I am pouring a glass...Okay many, many glasses, perhaps bottles of wine.
I am also baking a huge batch of walnut chocolate chip cookies and eating the whole batch.
That always makes things better.
If I had a bag of potato chips in the house, I would look like this.
Mmmmm, chips.....
I may have to run to the store later.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

How Important Is Music??

Do you remember the chick in Terminator that always wore her headphones?
See that part? ^points up^
That's after she had some brownchickenblackcow, and was *awesomely* making herself a post coital snack!
*fist bump*
I can completely identify with her *~coital earbuds and all~* boomchakalaka-chakalaka-chakalaka-boom*
Music helps everything.
Doesn't it?
Or maybe, it's just me.

I remember in third grade I was given the choice to pick out a musical instrument for Christmas from the Sears Wish Book Catalog. Remember those?
Being me, I went for every parent's worst nightmare... drums!
Yeah, my parents decided that was a big negative.
So, I was given the scaled down choice of guitar (acoustic) or violin.
I chose guitar because even at that age I thought of the songs I could play on the radio as opposed to violin.
So, it began.
In fourth grade, lessons, on through tenth grade.
I graduated to electric guitar around seventh.
I could read music, write music, write songs.
I attempted  to start an all chick garage band.
It never blossomed like I wanted.
My cousin, he still remembers the band name, hahaha.
But through all of the years, appreciating chord progressions, insane solos, rhythm...
I still always rock out to the drums in songs.
I play air drums, not air guitar.
I do it on the steering wheel.
I do it between sets at the gym.

I'm that crazy person, fist pumping and head banging and bouncing with their earbuds in.

Music moves me.
Music inspires me.
I can spend my whole day with music playing.
And as you saw, all night, 90% of the time, those earbuds are in while I sleep.
I'm sure I will lose my hearing eventually, but I'm addicted.

All genres too. I may post some videos again from time to time.
Today, I'm going with a classic because whenever I hear this song, I immediately smile.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Thank you for being a friend

A sappy post.

I will admit it.
I've made friends through the internet, many that I have not met in real life.
However, there are many I am still on a regular talking, mailing (both e and snail) basis with.
Some almost 20 years!
(Yo TON group!)
We share birthday cards, Christmas cards, little surprise gifts.

Some of you ladies, I've met through blogging.
I would love to meet you all in real life too!!

There are quite a few that I've met through the infamous Facebook.

Through all of my interactions, I consider many people true friends.
It truly disheartens me when I was wrong.
I don't have that natural gut instinct.
I like to talk with people. I like to joke with people and make them laugh.
I actually enjoy helping people, and I don't expect anything in return.

I have been inspired by many.
Their postings, blogs, emails really do make my day.

So, this is a shout out to all who have been wonderful friends both long and short.
I truly appreciate you.
You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me think, and you are the people that make me have faith in humanity.