Saturday, 23 August 2014

Food Porn

It's been a while since I've done a food porn recipe post.
This one is worth sharing. =)
I will say that next time I would reduce the amount of unsweetened almond milk used to make it a thicker batter.
I may even grind the oats like I do for my daily pancakes.
This is a great make ahead grab and go breakfast for early mornings or just something different and yummy that I would use when I'm feeling like a little change.

I found this little gem at Dashing Dish.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Working on Self & Self Discovery & Positivity & Discovering New!

All through the past few years of these transitions, one thing has remained constant. People that I have trained with, my coach, friends, all keep telling me to be more positive and find more balance in my life. They have all recommended books to read.
Many of which, I have read.
I was told to keep a journal and everyday put a good thought or inspirational quote in it.
(I've laxed on that, lol).

In this time, though at a snail's pace, I have made little changes toward being more positive, trying to believe the whole

"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."

Those of you who have followed for a long while already know that I spend a good bit of time in my own head, thinking, evaluating, over thinking, stressing....
Yeah, you know, haha.

I've made great leaps in my effort to laugh everyday. Those of you who follow me on the book of faces often get to share those snark filled little bits of fun.
I'm still striving for that peacefulness.
... that you choose to make you happy.
...letting go.
A little spiritual healing if you will, sprinkled with perhaps enlightenment?
I have tried to surround myself with positive, supportive people and distance myself from those who are overly negative.

Lo and behold, over the past months, through the power of the almighty FaceBook, I met someone who has challenged my thought process, endeavors to try and teach me new ways of thinking, and open my mind to new possibilities - no matter how many times I have said, "Nope, don't get it, don't see it, don't understand it."
On a side note, we both like fitness, and he has also liked to challenge me with horrendous HITT to try.

We've discussed some mighty deep topics.
At times, I start to think deeper { well sometimes, that's a good thing, other times, not so much, lol}

In the process, Cody offered to do my birth chart.
Hey, I'm into alternative stuff.
(We'll discuss my love of those things at a later date.)
So, I thought, okay what the heck? Do it and send me all the info.

Whoa! Um, tres cool, folks.
In case you didn't know, birth charts are sort of a gander into a person's personality/character. It's done by evaluating the location of the planets and astrological houses at the time of birth along with the person's astrological sign and location of the person's birth.
Not only was it fun to read, but I would say 90% to 95% was spot on.
Okay, so maybe you're skeptical.
Well, that's fine, but it didn't hurt anything to read and find out some interesting astrological info, that made me do a little reflecting and perhaps in its own way made me more aware of myself.
The info was more than what you would see with a horoscope.
It offers insight to your past, your potential, your character... so much.
Did I mention, it was really cool to read through?

So Cody's business is as an alternative healer, yoga instructor, laugh-meister.
(Isn't this all of my friends on FB?)
I encourage you to check him out.
Plus, his pages are always full of inspirational messages.
Perhaps, have a birth chart done? ;)
You can find Cody on FB, along with his Star Lotus Healing page. 
(click to go there!) 

Friday, 1 August 2014

2 Weeks shy of 4 months post competition.

I was asked by some fellow fitness ladies about my after competition body now. I will admit, having family and folks in visiting, I made excuses to splurge some. I don't always follow my lifestyle as well as I should. There may have also been more goodies than there should be lately. So this is me, almost 4 months after. This also keeps me accountable, and it tells me that I have to tighten up my "treat" schedule and kick it up at the gym some. So, I'm going to re-implement it ~
I can see that I'm started down that slippery slope, and I would like to reign it in before I slide ALL the way down again. 
workout-progress pics
 Keep it Healthy Friends, and Happy! Today is a new start  **** speaking of, I'm off to that place!

For future reference, yeah, photos sometimes make me face the reality...

On a quick side note, I think that I'm going to be giving the blog an overhaul.
I'm thinking tabs to separate Fitness, Books, Smut, "Secret Mission" <-to announced="" be="" hope.="" i="" soon="" span="">