Friday, 30 May 2014

It's Friday Bitches!

Tomorrow is the Mile High NPC & Pro Show.
I'm volunteering.
I love getting to watch the pros.
Plus, girls on my team are competing.
So much fun!!
I guess you can tell that I'm looking forward to my weekend.
Even if I'm not competing, I love being around it all of the time.
It keeps me inspired and my motivation levels up.

I have also discovered that either I don't know how or am incapable of taking a serious or normal picture.
My work has been uber slow this week, so I went wandering around an antique warehouse and snapped silly pics.

I was feeling my animal pants this week.

I have been having some amazing interactions with Indie authors lately.
Here's my most recent acquisition and author love.
Dave Matthes' The Slut Always Rides Shotgun.
I am super excited to read it.
By the way, you can download it for free on Goodreads.
Check out the address it was shipped to:
To: Jen Awesomesauce.
The mofo said he would make it so, lol.
His Sleepeth Not, the Bastard is releasing very soon.
Can. Not. Wait.

I have been getting some exciting information and opportunities.
We'll see what happens or where things could lead.
In the meantime, I am able to enjoy some amazing books and chat.
Lawd, if I could get a job reading professionally, I would be in heaven!
Proof reading could be in my future as my education in English Lit is a hard habit to let die and I do not hold my tongue when I am so distracted in reading by grammatical and spelling errors.
Yes, my blogs are not always up to par in that area, but I am also not trying to put myself out there as an author.

Believe me, my creative writing was always cringed at.
I was told that there was too much aggression, vehemence and violence emitted from it.  Hence, why I moved on to write music reviews, show reviews, and band interviews.  Then, I was promoted to proofing and editing all of the other authors' articles.
Who knows?  My type of writing is becoming more acceptable in this day and age.  Maybe, I'll throw one out there and see what happens.

And I'll leave you with a little bit of tune-age to rock us into the weekend!
Skillet - Monster

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Sordid Hilarity

First off, I get the house to myself this weekend!
~happy dance~
You know that I love S, but oh sweet lawd!
Alone time!!

I had a great workout with coach last week.  I needed that ass kicking.
We also did a bodyfat check.  Pleasantly, I'm only up 2% since my competition and 2lbs up.  Not too shabby. 
She also encouraged and praised me, these are things my fragile ego crave.
She must sense it, haha.

Next weekend going to the Mile High!
It's a mixed NPC & Pro Show.
The first one was last year, and it rocked.
This year, I'm working one of the booths so I'll get to go sneak peek a bunch.

Did I show you guys the tank that I won from
Perfect for me, right?
He has awesome tanks.
I will more than likely order more. =)

If you don't believe what the shirt says, these are the kinds of messages that I get from my friends:

What kind of trouble can you come up with in that beautiful twisted mind of yours lady?  I'm bored with the norm.  Bars and blowhards are no fun. What is there to do on the edge these days?

I obliged by telling this person about a flogging demonstration that I saw a flyer for Downtown.

There have also been topics of how flattery will probably get you everywhere, and size does indeed matter.....

Maybe I should become the female version of Dan Savage?
No, I LOVE having these crazy conversations with my friends and that my friends are just a twisted as I am.
Want to see what I treated myself to?
Seems that I've been treating myself to a ton lately!
I bought this necklace from Creative Galina Dumbbell Couture.

Yep, that's a unicorn on a dumbbell!
Then, my birthday gift from S arrived.
He had this ring made for me.
It's a mermaid wrapped to hold a black pearl.
I really am going to have to start rocking all of this bling that I've been getting.

I finally broke down and signed up for Goodreads.
Actually, it's sort of fun.
I like the interaction with my friends on there.
My reading has been increasing, especially with damn FaceBook and all of the ebook giveaways!
Gotta love that!

I've been inspired to start writing again.
So, I have been.
Sadly, I write really weird, demented, aggressive stuff that people would probably be scared half to death to read.
Don't I look cute on the outside?
Inside it's all black, depravity, nefarious, lascivious insanity mixed with a gentle swirl of sarcastic humor.
That's what's in this little head.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A LIttle HodgePodge

Having a workout tonight with my awesome coach and another teammate.
It's been a while since I did one of these.
It's always scary, but afterwards, I always love how freaking sore I am.
And, I'm going to get a body fat check.
I don't think that I really want to know, though I really want to know!
I know that I slacked some last week while indulging in some goodies.
So, I'll take it on the chin like a champ when the numbers come in.
I will tell you that I'm still only 2 pounds over my competition weight.

Yeah, George is hiding, boooo.
I'll rectify that though.

I am in LOVE with this new flavor protein by Dymatize.
I pretty much only use Dymatize Iso-100.
It just agrees with me the best, and the flavors are FABU!
Birthday Cake!!
And it smells and tastes just like flippin' Birthday Cake!!
Soooooooo, yum!

Look!  I bought myself new treats!
Love me my tanks.

My love of cheesy unicorn stuff has been years long.
A friend sent me the link for that tank.
The second is from one of the books by one of my fav authors, ya'll know that I crush on his stuff hard.
If you ever read those books, there's a definite correlation between the Unicorn and Unstoppable.

Psst, by the way, Scott is having a limited time sale in honor of awesome-sauce Amy over at Snarky Bloggers Birthday! All three in the series are going for 99 cents each?!

Speaking of hot guys (I mean look at those covers!)
I'm going to throw in a little Man Candy.
Have you ever seen the episode of American Dad, Rubberneckers?

Hubs says that I'm a Rubbernecker.
I guess that I can't deny that I'll swipe a glance at hotness!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Yesterday was the birthday.
I really just wasn't feeling it this year.
S kept asking what I wanted to go do because he took the day off to spend with me.
I kept saying "nothing."
I just didn't feel like celebrating.
So, I got up and went to the gym, as usual.
When I got home, he convinced me to go out and eat somewhere different.
So, I showered, put on some makeup and tried to do my version of not gym clothes, haha.
My facebook exploded with wishes, which was crazy.
So many people posted that they hoped that I would eat a slice of cake or a cupcake or something.
Isn't that funny?

We wound up at the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa and ate at one of their pub style restaurants.
And yes, I ate the dessert, or half of it.
S helped me out there.

 Yeah, it was delicious.

We hardly ever go into Downtown Denver anymore.
Next month, though, we have tickets to go see Nice Peter
Haven't heard of him?  Go check him out, he's hilarious and does these picture songs which crack us up.
Then, that same week we have tickets to Comic Con! Woot!!
Hopes were that Bruce Campbell would be there this year.
I so want to do the picture thing, but pose really silly with him, and then send them out as Christmas cards.
And I would do the oh so original, "Give me some sugar, baby."
We're trying to venture out more and not be hermits.

While we were out and about, we slipped into a few shops.
I got a new vinyl buckled and tied corset.
Don't ask me where I'm going to wear it because I haven't a clue.
Back in the day I rocked that type of shit everywhere.
Not so much anymore, haha.

This was me being silly and rocking out my 41 years.

 Needless to say, Sweetums made my birthday wonderful.

I came home to flowers from my inlaws, a tank that I had won, and disappointed by an empty envelope which was from an author that I like, Dave Matthes - The Slut Always Rides Shotgun.
I had won a signed copy of his book, and he was enclosing semi-pornographic (as he called them) polaroids with the winners' books.
He's sending me another book, no polaroids this time, hahaha.

Speaking of books and authors, two things:
Scott Hildreth's Unleashed went live on my birthday! Happy Birthday to me with a little more Mike "Ripp" Ripton! Woot! 
I don't what it is about his books, but the man has me hooked, even his non-erotic stuff is an addiction.
Click the link to buy =)

I have to introduce you to another author.
 I have been really into Erotic Thrillers.
They're steamy, but usually have twists, turns, murder, mystery and if I'm lucky no happy ending.
You know I'm dark like that.

A friend back home introduced me to Kimber S. Dawn's work.
I had to check her out, she's another Louisiana girl, yo.
The bitch is hilarious, seriously, go check her out on facebook.
With the stuff she comes out with, I was like, "If she's like this on here, I'm definitely going to have to see how she writes."

This is the book that I clicked.

When I first began reading That Which Destroys Me, I thought it was going to be yet another typical DOM related romance. What a shocker for me!

First of all, Stell for all of her horrific background is not a weak little whiney victim. She's ballsy and funny as hell.
Even Wes with all of his arrogant, prick ways pushed his way into my heart.
They are witty, well developed characters, even the ancillary characters remain with you.
The sex, well yeah, those scenes are hot and steamy! ~Rowr~

Then, everything turned because I went "Holy Fuck Bubbles."
It turned all like "Seven" with hot sex, but psycho, and gorey, yeah.

Let me say that I have always been a horror, gore, twisted psychological thriller type gal, and am a little disheartened with happy endings all of the time. That Which Destroys Me, shocked me, yet made that dark part of me dance with glee because Kimber S. Dawn delivered anything but a happy ending.

I wish that I could give this more than 5 stars simply because this was anything but a typical Romance/Erotica book. I loved the intertwining of sick, twisted story line and would absolutely freaking love to read more stories like this.

If you are looking for butterflies, rainbows, flowers, this is not the book for you. So, don't get your panties in a bunch when you read this and everyone isn't skipping off in the sunset in the end.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tattoo Tuesday

Since I didn't get anymore this week,
I decided to combine it with a little Man Meat, Man Candy, since I let that slide yesterday.

Let me introduce you to John Quinlan.
Athlete and Model.

Yeah, holy fuck bubbles!
Hubby, I need to use a freebie card!

I'm licking this bad boy, and he's going to be mine for a bit. ;)

Put that in front of me at the gym during cardio and maybe I wouldn't mind it so much anymore if I could ogle that. ~wink~
Course, I have a penchant for bald heads, tattoos, nice bods....
throw glasses on that fucker and I melt.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tattoo Tuesday?

Well, I broke out of my comfort zone and went and got more tattoos today.
Also, I put them where they are not going to be constantly concealed by clothing if I chose them to be.
I have been wanting these.
I like old school, traditional tattoos.
My wonderful friend helped me make them slightly more subtle because she knew that I was still a little nervous, but really wanting to do it.
You have to love having such a wonderful friend who is a tattoo artist.
So, voila, fresh ink.
Please ignore my rough, becoming man, weight lifting hands, lol.