Friday, 21 February 2014

Turn Around!

The universe must have been tired of my pondering and taking up too much time in my own head space, over-analyzing, thinking of straying from plan.....
Strange things have been happening.

Twice I have been asked to spot a guy at two different occasions on the bench press.
Hey, I know that it was because there were no other men there at the time, and I was I guess the best option out of all the women there.
Still, it gave me a little boost of confidence.
Never, in the past three years has anyone ever asked me to spot them.

Then, today  in the locker room, as I was getting ready to leave, a lady stopped me to tell me what a nice body I have.

Guess, I should pay attention to those signs?

I must admit that it did tons to help turn around my thoughts.

And here I was this morning sitting in the vehicle contemplating going in and just trying to get through it this morning.
What a beginning to the day.
 I didn't look all that happy.
But here's something about me, I always follow direction.
Whether someone is there or not, I follow instructions.
I had my orders.
I have my week's workouts and food.
I went in and did it.
Maybe it's from my strict upbringing, including 13 years in Catholic school with the flipping nuns and priests waving paddles and rice mounds in the corner of the blackboards?
I've always found if I follow direction and try not to take control of what I'm not supposed to, try not to over think it, well, then the outcome is usually good.
When I doubt and feel the need to change things, those changes are not necessarily correct.
You'd think by now, that I'd just relinquish some of the thinking and just do!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

My head hasn't been in the game

I've kind of just been going through the motions lately.
I'm following the whole plan.
I'm doing everything that I'm supposed to do as graphed out by
However, I'm just not feeling it.
It's just a low, I suppose.
I mean, I'm leaning out.
She says that I'm where I'm supposed to be.
I'm just in a bad head space and keep beating myself up.
Then, I tell myself, "Stop it."

You know what the problem is?
It's the ass.
My ass is my nemesis. 
And, I'm just not patient.
I want folks to go, "That ass!"
Ya know, I want to be booty-licious.
Granted, I have a mini-bubble butt, however, I want a stupendous one!
Yep, I ask for a lot, I know this!

Dream it, work at it, and it will happen?

In other random thoughts, I've been thinking about the hair again.
If you've followed for a while, you know that I change it constantly.
Thoughts are now in what direction I'd like to go?
Longer, back to dark, stay blonde, keep it short?
Oh the worries in my life, huh?
Haha, I know I have it good if these are my main worries!

Okay, so going to get back to work...........
and to go look at pretty, pretty stuff on pinterest.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

It's the glamorous life

This is pretty much me by the end of the day.
Wanting to just plop watch an episode of "Nip/Tuck" on Netflix, shower, curl in bed and read.

I've gained 9lbs since last year.
At last week's check in, I gained.
Here's the kicker, though.
All of my measurements are still going down pretty dramatically.
How bout them apples?
I did get a lecture about my negative self talk.
It was blunt and exactly what I needed to hear.
 I have to stop picking everything apart on my body through the process.

Posing was fun, though, you know, blah.
Physique poses are hard!
But, I don't have to wear shoes!
Yip, Yip

In case I've never mentioned it, I have a love affair with libraries.
I have been checking out movies like crazy, downloading the kindle books, listening to music, and glancing through magazines on the kindle too! 
I had put "Don Jon" on hold.
I don't remember when I saw the trailer, but it looked like just the cheese that I would enjoy.
And we did!
In fact, Sam says this is totally me.
 Only, he said to replace the "my porn" with "my books."
In all actuality, I guess some of those books could be considered a little porn-y, =P

I have been into really aggressive music when I'm working out lately, especially for cardio.
I've been jogging with sprint intervals.
The music pumps me up.
This has been one of my favorites for my "sprints."

Don't know, just love it.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Time to Laugh & Prep stuff

So, here we are 9 weeks away.
Tomorrow night I have another weigh in and fat pinch to check progress.
It's also beginning of posing sessions after team workout.
I'm horrible at posing.
You would think I would get Quarter Turn to the Right seamlessly by now, but I still feel like I do it forced and horribly.
Though, I have to admit that I am excited to learn the poses for Physique.
I'm sure that I will look like a total dork and out of complete embarrassment of myself that I will pull out some crazy dance move or do something to make the ladies laugh.
Yep, that's how I deal, total self-deprecation. 

Also, my favorite suit maker is coming by to take orders, measurements, colors, etc. tomorrow night too.  I'm only hoping that my old suit still fits and is sufficient.
I really would like to save a few hundred bucks at the moment.
Really, I have just been having an itch to change most of my wardrobe.
It won't happen, but I'd like to do a little shopping for fun.

You know what has been really exciting?
Ladies and gents approaching me at the gym lately.
It's weird, flattering and gives a little boost to the old ego, especially when I'm feeling like a busted can of biscuits.
I've been getting the, "Do you compete?" question, and questions about my lean-ness, and muscles -------- which by the way, I totally do NOT see or get?
But, hey, it makes me feel like I must be making progress.
I tried to snap some selfies, but I can't get a good one without me making a ridiculous face.
Of course, that's never stopped me before...

So, on with the laughs portion (& a little something, something thrown in there too):

Our local news actually showed part of this video this morning.
I laughed so much that I had to go look it up on the interwebs.
It's a parody of a prescription ad called,
"Try Not Having Kids."
I belly-laughed forever this morning.

Want another laugh?
I hadn't been watching SNL, well, for years.
We happened upon their Christmas episodes on Hulu at Christmas.
John Goodman and Keenan sang this song in the opening monologue.
I have been informed that this gift is more than enthusiastically accepted for any holiday or gift-giving occasion!

Hey Valentine's Day is almost here....

I'm hoping the embed shows up, or here's the link

Oh, and now for some eye-candy.
I've been on pinterest, just skimming the people's I follow pages I stumbled across this pretty, pretty man.
Usually, I don't go gah-gah over this type of guy.
I like the goofy, strange-looking, gruff, funny men. 
However, yep, I stopped and gawked.
So, I'm a little enamored with this guy.
Dino Hillas, 53, BB, Fitness Model, former fashion model, business owner, and yeah, not straight, hahaha.
That's probably why he's oh so built.
I normally don't see many straight guys in their 50's that take this great care of themselves.
Like I said, eye-candy.
Go peruse the pictures of him.

Monday, 3 February 2014

9 1/2 Weeks

Well, just a bit over until the Northern.
It seems so close.
I'm pretty much still eating the same amount of food as before the 12 weeks started.
It's weird.
I'm not used to this at all.
I had S take a picture of me yesterday to try and compare and to see if I could see anything different on me.
I just can't tell anymore looking in the mirror.
I mean, good old coach takes measurements and pictures every 2 weeks, but I haven't asked to even see those pictures.
 To keep myself from looking at competitors and physiques online, I've been reading again.
I'm even reading types of books that I haven't read since I was in my 20's.
Good old smut.
Quick, a break from reality, and no thinking involved.
I had forgotten that it was fun to read the cheese.
Sometimes, the brain just needs a break,

As a side note, I'm sore, constantly sore and tired.