Thursday, 9 January 2014

Day 4 this prep & Pinterest is a Dangerous Thing

I'm sitting here eating yet another meal.
Work is slow today.
Most of you know that I am lucky and get to work from home. 
It's kind of nice.
However, lulls in work sometimes leads me astray to Pinterest.
Yes, that evil of all evils and time sucker.
I have learned to avoid the pretty, pretty food photos.
Instead, I browse at hair, makeup, clothes, DIY stuff, and the stuff that makes me giggle.
Today, I found a tutorial for a pixie cut linked to youtube.
 Do you see where this is going?
Yep, immediately following watching that, I jumped upstairs, pulled out the husbands clippers, the scissors and bobby pins.
After a huge mess, tons of hair, and a shower, it's done.
(P.s. I needed the shower anyway.  Don't judge me, but I hadn't showered after getting home from the gym this morning yet.)
I have to say, it didn't come out bad at all.
Yay for new hair!
Well, really, it just looks like it's supposed to look but I've been too lazy to try and schedule an appointment.

So, this is day 4, day 4 of I don't know how many?
I guess that I will have to calculate or do a countdown for the show.
I did find out that the venue changed.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the venue is now only 29 miles from the house.
In 2012, the comp was just at 50 miles away.
This made me happy.

All in all, I'm still continuously full.
I'm sore.
I'm tired.
My weight routine changed, of course, this week.
I thought that I was lifting before, but she really makes routines that challenge me.
It's weird because I feel stronger, yet weaker all at the same time.
For your enjoyment, here is a pic that Kyla snapped of me last Friday night at the end of team workout. 
Sara and Kyla kept making fun of me because I was making so many silly faces.
Kyla kept sneaking around machines to try and snap one without me knowing.
Somehow, instinct crept in and I automatically laughed.
She did catch this and, of course, she had to put it up on the FB.
Sweaty, hot mess!

Oh and T!
You were right! I didn't get to go last night (had a work deadline and the theater is further from my area) but Mr. Phil Heath was there and doing a Q&A afterwards!
I also missed him at Armbrust when I was there but saw someone else posted a pic with him.  One day, one day!!
And when I do get the pic, I'm going to tell him it's for you ;) 
Of course, I won't mind it either.....

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Oh S*%t

Here we go.
I'm 3 days into prep for a show in April.
Part of me is super excited.
Part of me is scared poopless, again.

I have been working with a coach since last March.
Let's put it this way, at the moment, I'm still eating so much food that I really do feel as though I am going to puke every night.
I guess that's good.
We had been increasing my intake over this past year, eliminating my junk, but I had my treats.
The only difference is that now I get no treats.
In all honesty, I'm looking forward to when we begin to cut back some.
Wait, did I just say that?

As I mentioned previously, I'm changing categories.
I'm going to give Physique a go.
This should be very, very interesting.
April makes two years since I last stepped on stage.
I have been working through that time, though only really rigorously this past year.
Still, it should be interesting to see the changes in those two years.
 At the same time, I know that I have TONS to go to have any real chance in the category.

I also really love my coach.  She is beautiful, inside and out.
Truly, you would not believe the stuff she does for her girls/guys that has absolutely nothing to do with the gym.  She helps and changes people's lives and goes out of her way to help the people that she knows.  THAT is truly inspiring.
Yeah, you probably know who she is.
Yes, she competed in the Physique at Olympia.
With that said, she's takes no bull either.
She expects you to do your plan and will call you on your b.s.

I will tell you this.
It has nothing to do with training or competing.
I still question my sanity of it though.
Every morning, I wake up and notice more and more wrinkles.
Under the eyes are becoming more and more crepe paper like.
Lines are getting deeper.
I'm slathering on the creams.
I never thought that I would ever consider getting stuff "done."
However, as 41 creeps up on me, I'm starting to think more and more about just that.
Yes, I'm getting more vain as I get older and have not quite accepted the appearance of aging just yet.
That's something to work on.

As a side note:
I would like to change the name of my blog and some other parts.
Suggestions, ideas?