Thursday, 26 September 2013

Woops, Failed What I Wore Wednesday

Well, I took a picture.
However, my husband got me a new phone.
I have no idea how to get it to the computer!
Hopefully, by next week, he will have shown me how to do this, lol.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Holy Year of the Bodybuilding Documentaries!

I got to see "Generation Iron" today.
I now especially have a soft spot for Kai Green.
I was enthralled the whole time with all of them.
Now, there's a documentary coming out about Oskana?!
Can you say "super excited?"

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Supp' Roundup

I have an insane amount of supplement samples.
Some I have acquired while at competitions.
Some I have gotten at different stores.
I also belong to M&F Hers Jacked in a Box monthly program.

With the baskets of supplements piling up around my house, I am going to try and keep track and notes and give reviews of what I have used during the week.

Week beginning Monday, September 17th, 2013

After my back and bicep workout, I used BSN's AMINO X in their watermelon flavor.

I had put the powder in my Muscle Milk Monster Shaker.

This was also included in one of my monthly boxes!
I added the water, shook it up, and hopped on the treadmill.
It mixed really well, no clumps.  The taste was sort of Jolly Rancher-ish.  It was sweet, but not overly.  Although, I find that I have become sensitive to what I find sweet as compared to what others may.
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by it and would use it again.
I only wish that it had L-glutamine in it too so that I didn't have to mix it or take it separately.
But, hey, I still have a tub of pure L-glutamine powder sitting here that has to be used anyway!
Speaking of, I am a loyal user of BodyTech's Pure L-Glutamine Powder

Yep, I buy it from Vitamin Shoppe.  I began using it when I was starting to train to compete, so the beginning of 2012.
I still use it, that is if I don't space out some days.

I sampled GAT Adenoflex Hematogenic & Mass Enhancing Powder in the Grape Bubblegum flavor.  
I'm not sure that it exactly tasted like grape or bubblegum.  There was a fruity sweetness to it, but I can't put my finger on what I thought it tasted like.  It was a little chalky in consistency.  Maybe I didn't shake it enough.  However, I took it after lifting and when I was starting my cardio.
(I didn't notice it's best taken after eating a meal with carbs.)
Maybe it was in my head, but I felt a little more pumped both physically and mentally.
I almost felt a little thermogenic boost, though they don't talk about that.
I guess if you think about it, though, it is supposed to be a muscle, blood, and plasma expander.  This would lead me to believe that expanded tissues would give a greater area for blood flow which would lead to a little more of a "hyped" feeling?
That's what I'm thinking, yeah.
I read that you have to load this one for the affect.
I have more samples, so I'll have to see if I notice any difference later.

Next was Six Star Whey Protein Plus in Triple Chocolate.

I admit, this was good.
I didn't have a shaker cup clean, so I used an old rubber maid measuring bottle that had a screw on top.  I did mix it with 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk.
For not being in a shaker bottle, I was impressed with the mixing of it after I shook it all around.  The flavor was good too, nice and chocolate-y!

Since this post is getting rather lengthy, I'll wrap it up for now.  I'll add whatever I use tomorrow to next week's list.  =)
As a side note, I'd like to mention that I was not compensated for any of this.
Hahaha, ya'll should know this as I'm a minor, teeny, beginning athlete with only one competition under the belt.
I pay for my monthly Jacked in a Box.
I pick up samples from shows and stores, but I also buy samples if I'm interested in trying them out.  I would rather try it before I spend the big bucks on a huge tub.  This is all just my opinion, and it's a good record for me to go back and see what I liked and didn't without keeping yet another notebook! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

In an effort to be more active here, I'm going to try to do some of the norms.
So, here's a "What I Wore Wednesday" post.
I fear it may get redundant and will mainly consist of workout wear.

This was after the gym when I was running errands.
That's when the idea ran through my head, and I decided to stop and snap a pic in the
ever glamorous aisles of Target.
Of course, most of this outfit was acquired there, hahaha.

I was near the hubs work so I called and asked if he wanted to meet up for a quick lunch.
He bought me this.
I took it home and stashed it.
Hopefully, I can hold off until the weekend!

Coming up, I have other posts in mind and even one drafted for weekly fun.
And just because I'm still on my sriracha kick, I found this little gem yesterday!
Yep, that's kind of how I feel!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hot Mess

That is what I am at the gym

However, it feels so good.
It is especially good after the long days of crazy rain/hail/floods/power outages that we've had here.
I'm super lucky in that our neighborhood was all good.
It was just crazy trying to go anywhere because you never knew what road was closed or under water.
I'm sending good vibes to the folks that I know who were affected.
Hopefully, things will dry out for them soon!

The weather allowed me to catch up on some of the library books that I had checked out.
One particular book struck a chord with me.
(She also has a blog, which I have not checked out just yet.)
There were just so many little quirks that she has that I have and that I struggle with to change.
Also, it was weird because 3 of the books about people that she mentioned using to research the project, well, those are on my shelf too!
Only, I have not read them yet, lol.
Problems of a book hoarder.....

She also had great parts about dreaming the big dream and goals, etc.
It gave me a little boost. =)

The time without power also gave me a chance to clean and organize the pantry.
Oh Mylanta! 
There were things in the dark corners that had expired 2 years ago.
Now, it's kind of nice again.

Ya'll know what's coming up, don't ya'll?
Seriously, it's like my Super Bowl.
I hunker down in front of the computer and yell my head off.
Super excited because I actually know some people going there this year.
Fun, fun, fun!!!
One year, I will actually go and be a crazy, screaming fan for real!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Train Happy!

This may or may not be one of the reasons that when I smile at people at the gym, they either smile back or roll their eyes.
Needless to say, I like the silly wardrobe choices that I make.
It makes me happy and feel fun.
Yeah, you may even see me bust out a dance move between sets or on a cardio device.
I don't hold it in.
Besides, how does it affect anyone else?
Either you'll get a kick out of it, or you can go flap about the weirdo, unfashionable freak that you see at the gym everyday. ;)
It doesn't matter to me because I'm still happy.

Wanna know what else makes me happy?
A steal!
I found this water bottle down the seasonal aisle of our grocery on clearance.
It seems "summer" items must go!
(It's a little sweaty because I had taken it out of the fridge.  I like my water cold!)

A half gallon BPA free bottle for $0.25!
Yes, a quarter, folks, is all that I paid.
It was the only color that they had left, but who cares?

I believe that I'm going to try and start reviewing some of the samples that I receive too.
I get the M&F Jacked in a Box every month.
There are things that I cannot use such as the fat burner samples.
There are, though, so many things that I can and should use - if only I would get my butt back in true nutritional gear....
So, look out for some of those reviews soon!
And go Train Happy!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I'm Spicy!

borrowed from

Right now, I am seriously in love with Sriracha sauce.
I LOVE hot sauces.

These are my two favorite go-to sauces.
Seriously, put them on pretty much anything, and I'll eat it.
Try mixing mustard and hot sauce and then coating your tilapia with it and then bake that!
Mmmmmmmm, mmmmm good.
Same with chicken, or heck, I even sprinkle it on my steamed veggies.

This was your random thought for the day.