Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Thoughts and thinking

I love Jillian.
Not the Jillian that you're probably thinking of.
No, this Jillian I met on FB a few years ago through a fitness group that Allison Earnst started.
She now has her own page, Living Inspired with Jillian.
She's lost like 120 lbs and jumped out of a plane and had her first boxing match and is now gearing up for more of those!
She is, indeed, inspiring.
Jillian posts lots of videos with her thoughts or answering questions.
Today, she posted this one.

She got me thinking, as she often does.
I have really been trying to not be so quick to judge.
And when I am, I stop myself and remind myself of these things.
Coincidentally, these are some things she brought up.

I used to always go to the gym in full makeup and hair.
Honestly, I felt absolutely horrible about myself.
I used that as a mask to disguise how I really felt about myself.
Esteem issues much?
Yeah, I still do, and it's only been this past year that I haven't had to put on makeup to head to the gym.

Right now, well, I'm in P.T.
My workout has been extremely modified right now.
I'm sure when people see me walking on an incline at a rather slow clip, they're thinking, 
"What the hell is she even doing?"
Or my crazy long stretching routine, or my crazy P.T. exercises that all have to be done 3 times a day right now.  I look like an old Jane Fonda video in that room for parts of my workout.

I'm that girl.
The one people are probably rolling their eyes at right now.

So, I'm going to keep these things in mind when I notice folks like this at the gym.

In other good thoughts, I came across this quote yesterday:

A head full of fears has no space for dreams.

What great timing?
Plus, I keep hearing and seeing all of these "believe it, be it" or "dream it, do it" type things.
I'm not too much for "signs", but I have been having little, weird things happen too.

It got me thinking.

Perhaps, I should dream bigger than I have been.
Perhaps, I should face the fears, believe in myself, seek help when I need it, and just pursue.

Friday, 26 July 2013

You can't be scared all of your life to even try.

You know how sometimes, you  look at all of those pictures with quotes trying to find a little inspiration?
You mean, I'm the only person that does that?

Well, sometimes, the words you're looking for come not from the interwebs, but from an actual someone in your life.
I realized that the past few days that I have been repeating,
"You can't be scared all of your life to even try."
Yeah, it's not really grammatically correct, but that's the way it's been rolling in my head.
The best part is that my husband has been telling me this for about the past month.
Though his wording has been a little different each time like,
"You can spend your whole life being scared."
That one is good too!

So this has been my new mantra.
Getting over the fear to try at some more dreams, or bigger, better versions of the ones that I have started.
Why not chase it, no matter how scary it is?

But maybe I should start hiding my phone before "dreaming."
The same man that supports me and gives me inspiring quotes, also does this:

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Owies, but my day was made.

I broke down and went to the doc's yesterday.
It's a place that has chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapy, and they work with sports injuries too.
So, I'm on modified regimens for my lower half and have to do P.T. exercises 3x a day.
I'm also going to the P.T. twice a week right now.
Stupid hip, back.

I am sore as a, well, I don't know, but it's sore.

Enough complaining.
May I tell you how much I love the gym that I go to?
Yes, I absolutely do.
The people are amazing.
There are always competitors there.
It inspires me.
Today, I was approached by this phenomenal looking woman.
She told me she was envious of my strength holds.
(I practice them all the time along with trying to learn new ones.)
I was flabbergasted.
And my day was made.
We chatted as we stretched and foam rolled.
Turns out, she's a Physique competitor.
I figured because, like I said, she looked phenomenal.
I had to tell her how awesome her freaking legs were.

See?  Love this place.
Occurrences like this always make my competing itch stronger.
Then, I start battling in my head "Fitness or take the time to grow and try out Physique?"
Back and forth, back and forth....
Regardless, I need to build and improve.

So, that's what up.
Back to the P.T. tomorrow!

Friday, 19 July 2013

Hey, hey, hey hey

What's up?

We've been having a whirlwind of activity abound!

I was lucky enough to be contacted by a PR firm from Canada, hey.
They apparently listened to our podcast.
They offered to send us a screener of a film that is premiering at a film festival at the end of the month.
We, of course, accepted.
I was so excited to get to review a film not even released yet.
Tomorrow, the gang is getting together to tape the cast on it, yay!
There will be grilling and geek chat a-plenty.
Score for our 46th episode!

Sunday, we'll work on the Peanut!
Speaking of, I now have a bug in my butt to finish it and move it to the beach.
Blame that on watching "Celebrity Wife Swap."
I got all enamored of Nia Peebles' mobile home and little courtyard parked right there on Malibu beach.
Getting one of those "Venus" swimwear, summer, awesome catalogs did nothing but perpetuate the urge.
Imagine, waking up and walking out of your door right onto the beach every morning?
I mean, I have bikinis with the tags still on them sitting in my closet.
There is not much opportunity for them here in ole land-locked Colorado.

So, I've been dreaming of Fitness routines.
I love them so.
After, I re-injured myself a few months ago, my flexibility has been for poops.
This past week, I have been foam rolling, stretching (super slowly and cautiously), and working on gaining that back.  It's coming, just sloooooooowly.
Patience, right?
I think being surrounded by these amazing competitors, from both the national and pro level, has really been inspiring for me.
I absolutely love it.
Plus, they are all so flipping nice, hahaha.
It is making that little itch to compete grow and grow.
Now, I just have to scheme to find ways to save for it again.
Where there's a will there's a way?
I'll take it day by day and see what happens.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.
We had family in so there was tons of running about where ever they wanted to explore.
Isn't it funny how you can get exhausted from "vacation" with family visiting?
Love 'em but so glad to get back to normal now.

I broke out my dehydrator because it's that time of cheap produce, yay!
Unfortunately, my garden this year is not so great.
It seems that my back yard has become the set for "The Birds," and the squirrels are taking part too!
Unfortunately, one of our pups caught a momma bird that had a nest and brought it to me as a gift.
~shudder, eew~
S had to retrieve it for me.
I will saw that R-Dog got a little comeuppance when a group of male red breasted robins dive-bombed him in the back yard.
He wasn't much fazed, but they all came down on him and swooped around him for a while.
I fear, though, that he will always be predatory.
~fears what's next (2 mice and one female red breasted robin)~

I've been switching up my workout routines.
For a while now, I have been doing more circuit style training with low weight and high reps with a little plyo thrown in.
Lately, I have just felt like trying to lift heavy, so that's what I'm going to do for a while, lol.

And on a side note, the roof is almost on! Whoot!

Finally feels like we're moving slightly further!

 We'll be back out this weekend since family has left the building. =)