Friday, 24 May 2013

For all of the annoyances there is good too.

Remember our string of bad luck?
I think the last was another water pipe breaking between the walls and the heater dying on the record breaking coldest night?
Well, at least, the things breaking have been less expensive this past two weeks.
One fan, the lawn mower, and vacuum are the latest casualties. 
At least we have moved past the $500 to multi-thousand dollar repairs each week.

I have been receiving tons of freelance drafting work.
I am super grateful for the money, but it makes me realize how much I loathe being chained to a desk for 8 hours or more a day.
I have just wanted to get out into my garden beds.
I haven't planted anything this year.
I've only turned, weeded and mulched with layers of newspaper.
We do have nice volunteers so far though.

I have to say that I am proud of the progress that I have been making physique wise.
I think there has been great improvement and growth.
The check this week left me at 14.9% body fat.
I know, it's only an estimate. 
I have to say, though, that I feel that I look much better than I did last year at this same body fat estimate.  I even weigh more, but look more "muscular."
I say that knowing that I still look pretty skinny and not in the realm of what muscular really looks like.  It's a work in progress.

I need to look into finding a reasonably priced massage therapist near me.
I absolutely loved my previous one, and she worked me good.
I haven't had a massage in probably close to a year.
For, though I loved her and how she helped my aches, pains and injuries, the cost became out of my budget.  Granted, it's worth it, but I can't push the $100 plus an hour right now.
But, on the other hand, I know that I need it on a somewhat regular basis (even the docs told me if I insist on doing what I do workout-wise and continue to keep trying fitness routine stuff that I need it once a month at least) because my old injury is flaring up and causing me some chronic aches again.  Booooooo.
So, I'm researching and on the look out for someone who even does 30 minute massages or something, lol!

On a fun note:
Here is me forcing my 55 pound Rhodesian mix to cuddle with me.
He hates when I swoop him up off the floor, probably because more times than not it leads to me bringing him to the tub for a bath!
He likes to be stinky dog. 

And you know what we'll be doing this weekend,
working on the peanut.
I have rounded roof rafters to design, layout and put together!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Busy Birthday Week

Yep, I hit 40 this week.
It was busy and fabulous.
First I'll hit the busy.
The weather has been great.
It seems the snow has FINALLY passed!
Our weekends are back to working on the Peanut.
The hubby and I finished the framing of the walls.
 You know what comes next?
Hubby and I had to lift and stand them up on the Peanut floor.
So, we lifted, stood them up and I held them while he screwed them in and together.
That's about where we ended on Sunday.
Sunday when we got home, S gave me my big birthday surprise.
He booked an overnight for my birthday at The Stanley Hotel!!
For those not familiar, this is the hotel that The Shining was filmed at, yay!
This is one of my favorite movies, especially being a horror buff.
(Although, the book is a million times better, as usual, lol.)
Finding this out Sunday night, I spent Monday in overdrive.
I hit the gym.  I ran a few errands.  I came home and took care of the front and back yards.  I did all of the laundry.  I changed my hair and gave myself a trim.
Oh, there were lots of tasks fulfilled that day.
Tuesday was my birthday!
I got up at my usual 5:30 am, fed the pups, did my usual morning routine.
I had my usual Tuesday appointment with my great friend T. and our trainer.
She kicked our asses, really, it was leg and glute day!
Afterwards, I got home, showered, made the husband and myself some nom-nom's, and packed an overnight bag.
We dropped the pups off at the trainer/kennel and headed up to the mountains.
I will have more pictures later.  S took a bunch with his camera, but we haven't downloaded them yet.
Imagine waking up in the hotel that The Shining was filmed in, turning on the tv, and seeing this at 5:30am.  

Haha, they had it playing continuously on one channel. 

 Birthday wine at the hotel bar.

 Back home after a fun stay!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

It's not as twisted as it seems

I mean look at this face.
I'm all sweet, innocent and girly, right?
(I'll start with this little story and then go into the usual stuffs.)
 You know how we've been working on the gypsy caravan?
Well, this weekend I was finally coerced to a 4-wheeler ride.
I forced him (our friend) to go probably 2mph because going straight up rocky canyons and straight down into them, made me pee myself a little.
 Hey, it was a core workout though.
Anyway, on our adventures, we came across scatterings of bones (coyote, deer, antelope, cow, etc.).
I have an obsession with bones.  I mean, my last foray in education was biological sciences with concentrations in cardiopulmonary science.  I had lots of anatomy and physiology in there.  It's only natural that I love to study it.
I've been really into osteology the past few months.
You know where this is going right?
Yeah, I picked up full vertebral columns, hips, huge vertebrae, some leg bones and even a gorgeous coyote skull that was pretty much bleached white and almost looks fake because it had been in the elements for years probably - with the exception of one little patch of fur on its snout.
I was going to post pictures but I figured some folks would freak over it. 
So I'll only post this one of the "cleanest" bones.

I probably should have stayed around and spent the time trying to get all of the coyote that was scattered around.  I would really love to try and articulate it back together.
Well, enough of my twisted side, on to other stuffs.

I am pleased to report that I am down 6lbs and to 15.9% body fat.
Just what I like.
I have not been eating enough though.
Have to work on that, especially my protein intake.
Lovely Awesome Trainer Physique Pro told me yesterday, "Just imagine what you'd look like if you eat right."
It really stuck with me.
So, that's my goal for the next two weeks = get enough protein and food in.
Why two weeks?
Well, because I'm getting one year older.
The big 4-0.
Can't you tell that I refuse to truly acknowledge my maturity?
Dammit, I want this year to be even better than last year.
I want to wear some booty shorts to the gym and not be embarrassed.
I want to wear tank tops this summer and be like "BAM" with my arms without having to flex to see those little muscles.
One day I will be a She-Hulk!
Then folks can bash me even more and call me even more names on the street.
Gotta love random butt-holes. =)
Hell, I'm even going to my scheduled beating the morning of my birthday to start it off right.  Then, I have a hot outfit picked out to spend my day prancing around town.