Saturday, 30 March 2013

What's Been Up?

I'll graze over the chaos.
Let's suffice it to say that I've spent about $4000 in the past week (fridge died, one vehicle out of warranty and big engine woes - basically 1/2 of it being replaced, vet visit with one pooch, wedding gift for bestie - that I didn't mind spending on, by the way).
I guess it's true that it all happens at one time.

I will need a new pair of sneakers.
After logging about 10 miles of walking a day (not counting any gym stuff), my toes have developed blood blisters and my sneaks are visibly worn down.
Hey, they are over a year old anyway!
Then, I don't want to fork out more cash right now.
Tarjay, I feel you in my future for a cheapo replacement right now.

I am loving the new gym.
It's like a little oasis.
It's never crowded, everyone there is so super nice, and like I've mentioned before, I run into all sorts of pro competitors and awesome NPC gals.
It's very inspiring.

I have been playing with my diet, trying to go vegetarian.
It's super hard because I'm not getting nearly enough calories or protein.
Researching, researching, researching still.
Playing still.

Tuesday, I get to do a body fat with the Coach that I've been training with.
This should be interesting, lol.

During last weekend, while we were being blizzarded (my own word) once again, I decided to relieve my  boredom.
I had bought the bleach kit and dye a few months ago.
So, yep, I did it again.
It looks blue in the pictures, but it's actually purple.
Lighting, ya know.
People get all in an uproar about it, but it's hair folks.
It washes out.
It's not a huge deal, nor means that I'm a deviant.
Well, perhaps I am a deviant in some ways, but I can assure you that the hair did not create that!

Oh the pasty horror!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Fridge Down! Fridge Down!

That's what happened.
So I got my granny, roll-y cart and walked up to the grocery to get 30 pounds of ice.
That's all that would fit in there.
I came home, dug out our ice chests and unloaded all that was still good.
I'm supposed to get a call this morning telling me when they are coming with the new one today.
Of course, the less expensive one that I wanted wasn't in stock, so yep, had to go with a choice from in-stock models.
You guessed it, way more than I wanted to spend.
But what are you going to do when you need it?
Once again, c'est la vie!


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

What's new pussy cat?

Not much really.
Today is the hubs and my 9 year anniversary.

Both vehicles are on the outs.  Well, to be fair, one is still running but on the verge of kaput.  Hubby is using that one while the one that is dead is being worked on.
I'm looking on the bright side which means I have to walk where ever I want or need to go.
Extra cardio?
I am pretending that I'm doing my summer semester in Spain when I walked everywhere.
Well, I will be until our snow storms come in tomorrow night.
IF we get all of the snow and below freezing temps that they are talking about, I will be doing workouts at home.

Our new pro gym opened about 2 weeks ago.
I clocked the walk yesterday, 2.65 miles there.
So, I'm getting almost 6 miles of walking, not too shabby.
Plus!!!!  I am actually running into all sorts of IFBB pros and known NPC folks who are on the verge of pro - mainly physique ladies.  
Can you say all star-struck?
They have been super duper nice too.
I have even bought a few sessions from one.
Actually, my workout buddy and I have bought some doubles sessions.
I feel super guilty about it, like I'm cheating on my coach.
My coach has not been around much lately though, out of state with family, which I totally get.  But she is a little more focused on a competition that she's helping with and I'm not really interested in.  
But this Pro is soooo different in a really good way.
She has a different approach, is tougher on me (which I like) and talks about all different things besides the workout and doesn't charge me all sorts of "extras."
Plus, she's been honest with me about my eating habits (which haven't been the best lately) and yes, I have put on more than what I was calling my winter warmth layer.
She's just nice to chat with when I see her not in "hired" mode too about life, whatever.
I like her, a ton.
I'm just letting it ride right now since I have no competition in mind any time in the very near future.


Monday, 11 March 2013

Welcome to AmWay

Okay, not really, but that's what it felt like.
I went to "talk" today about becoming a Person Trainer and possible job.

Flag No. 1:  The person that called me last week no longer works there.
So, there was confusion when I turned up for my scheduled appointment today.

Flag No. 2: First question asked, "Can you get your certification this month? When is your start date after getting it?"
  • Um, what?
  • I have none of the books from any of the certifying organizations to even begin studying.  Plus, the books are expensive and so is the testing.  Also, my BLS is expired too.
Well, you're smart, you have all of this science background with A&P and healthcare and biology.  Yeah, you get your certification, you come begin work.  We give you a 12 Week "Our Company University".  You take a 2 day Orientation.  You take a week bootcamp, but you're working all of this time too.  There's also this workshop of techniques.  You must work every weekend and every day and during these hours ~hands me a sheet of paper with columns~, but you make your own hours and part-time is fine.  
~Alarms going off for every contradictory statement~
  • Stop a sec, do you guys have client quotas and selling quotas?
Oh No!  When you go through this other training for another weekend, we teach you how to grow your business.
We sign you up with your beginning clients.  Then you're expected to have 80 clients a month.  When you don't have clients you walk the floors, call previous clients, try to get resigns.  The people here have no problem getting that.  You know, some make up to $5000 a month!

  • ~So that's not have to push sales or have client quotas?~ Just out of curiosity, what is your entry level pay?

There is no entry level pay.  Everyone here makes the same pay, minimum wage,
you get a 20% commission on the packages you sign up.

  • I asked a few more questions, but left with my head spinning from how fast he talked and thinking this was like being at an AmWay meeting.   When I got home, I did something that I probably should have done before hand.  I checked Glassdoor and Indeed for the company and their current and previous employees reviews of working for them.  It wasn't all bad.  Many said it was a great way to get a foot in the door, you got a free gym membership, most said they liked the people they worked with but not the managers.  There were, however, over 80% bad.  Mostly it was with having to chase sales, long hours with no clients but you had to be there trying to sign up people for training packages, never any raises, they did not accept you being "sick" and you were expected to make it in no matter what, high turn over rates, and many other things that sort of sealed the NOPE for me.  It's a shame because I do like the gym, but it's a large corporate chain, so I shouldn't be surprised.  Now, I feel sorry for the folks who work there that I see.  Well, I guess it didn't hurt to talk to them.  I mean, I was only in there for 15 minutes.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Weird, Out of the Blue, but Good!

I haven't been to the gym the past three days with all of the chaos about. That doesn't mean that I have not been active though.
A funny thing happened today though, and out of the blue. I received a phone call about a front desk position that I applied for at a gym that I go to. They said the front desk position wasn't really available right now, plus it was for the middle of the night. The funny part was they wanted to know if I would be interested in learning Personal Training. They said my resume was impressive with all of my Anatomy & Physiology and biological sciences and health background. Plus, they see me and one person was a judge at the competition that I did last year. They said if I were given a timeline to take the CPT Exam and were willing to pursue it, they would train me with the technicalities of actually training people. Now, who knows where this will go, but I am going in Monday to talk/interview with them about how this would work and what it would entail.

I mean, I have done detailed labs with lots of dissecting and in depth study of muscles and especially the cardiorespiratory system with labs on actual people with those theories. I've been told that I execute with proper form by more than a few trainers. If I didn't, I paid close attention when told how to do it correctly. I have read the books for the ACE Group Fitness Instructor test.

Hhmmmm, this could be the stepping stone that I have been looking for. Hopefully, it won't turn out like every other thing. Nope, don't be negative.
I told myself that it doesn't hurt to go in and talk/interview.
It could turn into something good. I could learn lots, learn things that I have been wanting to learn. It could get me the extra cash to compete more often than once a year, or to get some training that I have wanted but can't afford. Okay, now I have to see if I have anything in my closet that is suitable for interview scenarios since all I own is workout wear, lol.

For a little yum:
I made this soup recipe from the current issue of Yoga Journal.  I didn't have bok choy, kale, arrow root or 2 cans of chickpeas.   So, I used my one can and used just some left over baked sweet potato (not even 3 oz) and subbed spinach for the greens..  I pureed it afterwards with an immersion blender. 

It's delicious!  I've even eaten it in the morning for a meal with a poached egg in it!  Yes, I'm weird like that and like savory more than sweet.

Coconut Kale Curry and Potato Soup

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Mother Nature has been teasing us mercilessly lately.
One day we're sunny and 68 degrees.  The very next day 30 and snowing.
Here we are warming up after snow Monday.
We'll be in the 60's again, and this weekend?
We're expected to get over a foot of snow.
I guess after all of the lovely days, I am just ready for Spring, darn it!

I'm getting my Spring issues of my seed catalogs and gardening magazines.
I'm ready to plant my garden boxes and get explosions of colorful veggies.
I'm ready to sit on out back deck in the evenings.
So close, yet so far! 

Other news is boring.  Both of our vehicles are having issues.  We spent 1/2 the day this weekend broken down in the country.  With the kindness of strangers, we were able to get on the way.  Then, the alternator went out.  This is on S's 79 truck.  The new alternators aren't matching up quite right or something.  So he is using the vehicle that I normally use.  We are very lucky in that our mechanic came here, took the alternators and is able to ream(?) and do whatever to make them work.  He's supposed to come back by today on his way home from work.  So, I haven't been at the gym in 3 days now.

But I guess that's okay because I am trying to transition to a vegetarian diet.
It's not as easy as it seems though.
I'm trying not to go overboard with carbs as many folks do when they transition.
I've spent lots of time tracking macros and such.
I'm eating every hour pretty much because I'm starving.
It's playing right now trying to get it to the point of having the amount of calories, protein that I want to attain my goals using lots of greens and veggies and not a crazy amount of carbs.  It's very easy to incorporate vegetarian into super high carb diet.
Also, I cannot have very much soy due to some issues - but that's another story which will probably be getting rectified this year - another surgery woohoo - but the doctors say that the evil uterus really needs to come out because they are scared that I will probably hemorrhage during my period one of these months - but I won't give you the gory details of what happens every month. 
Needless to say it's a TON of food, but I'm not quite feeling "WooHoo" yet and craving all sorts of potatoes and pasta and crazy fried things.
I'm doing it for my love of the animals.
I was veggie years ago and even dabbled in vegan and raw vegan for a little while.
Yeah, I know, I know about dairy and cheese.
Maybe I'll get to that point eventually.
I've already cut that back drastically too.
I'm spending a lot of time researching vegan and vegetarian bodybuilding and the nutrition.
I'm not saying that I'm perfect or even getting right yet, but I'm trying.