Thursday, 24 January 2013

Oh my gosh! It must be going around! Weirdness at the Gym

about her crazy experience at the gym.
Go, read it!

Well, good lawd, if something similar didn't happen to me this morning!
It's my shoulder day.  My whole routine was going to be done with dumbbells so I headed on to the free weight area, picked out an incline bench, adjusted it, laid my towel across the top, put my workout log down and my water bottle right under the seat, and went to throw my jacket and bag in a cubby on the side of the rack.  Now, it should be noted, there were benches on either side of me empty along with about eight others completely empty down the line.  I go to pick out my first set of dumbbells and this young girl walks up and puts her water bottle and towel down under the same bench right on top of my stuff.
Uh weird.
I sit down anyway and begin doing my Arnold Presses.
She comes and stands directly next to me.  I mean brushing me?
I stopped and kind of look at her puzzled.
She skooches over a bit.  After my first set, she finally goes on the bench next to me.
But this isn't the end, oh no.

I have an older lady who ALWAYS comes directly next to me in the free weight area.
She eyes me up, then proceeds to pick up weights that are always 5 to 10 pounds heavier than what I'm using and thrusts herself about with them.
I really think she's going to throw something out, but whenever she's with a personal trainer they don't correct her so who am I to do so?
(especially because she likes to stare and give the stink eye every. single. day.)
Anyway, here she comes this morning and goes on the bench on the other side of me.
Here I am sandwiched while the rest of the free weight section is basically empty.

Now, here's where it gets even weirder.  

I'm going through my circuits, and the both of them are just sitting on the benches facing me and staring at me, blatantly.
What the heck?
All I can do is do the weirdo nervous grin, 'sup' head nod, and continue to go through my routine.
They eventually each did about three exercises and moved on. 

All I thought about was Chelle's post afterward and wondered if they are putting something in the air vents at the gyms lately to make people creepy.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


I know that you've probably all seen this already, but I'm sort of obsessed with the new MAC Strength Collection Campaign.
I've never even used MAC cosmetics before.

I love that they used  Jelena Abbou as their spokeswoman.

I actually had a vinyl dress very similar to this up until a few years ago, haha.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

There is no number at which you have to stop being fierce!

I love quirky.
I also love those that put it all out there and just be themselves in all of their quirky glory.
While having some lazy time after my workout today, I was perusing Pinterest.
I came across a photo of this most fabulous woman.
Clicking the picture, I was brought to the blog Advanced Style.

I scrolled and scrolled and was so in love with the women featured.
I so want to be like them, not only in my future years, but now!
Time for embracing and rocking out what I feel like even if it is not always in the conformity of everyone else.
I did it for the longest.
However over the past couple of years, I have sort of lost some of my confidence (even though the spousal unit always tries to coerce me into doing it.)
I'm inspired by these ladies.
Not only do I want to continue to get stronger, I want to let my fierce self shine again.
I am adding some of the amazing photos that I saw.
All photos come from the Advanced Style Blog!

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Haaaaay 2013! Woot Woot!

 Year of the Snake!
We were wild and crazy as usual for New Year's Eve.
We both had eye appointments and picked out new frames.
That ended around 6pm so we picked up some food and went home.
 I had 2 cocktails, put on my fav on netflix and was out by 10pm. 
My main man Rod Serling  lulled me to sleep.
I did wake up when I hear the fireworks at midnight.
I tried to wake S up to tell him Happy New Year and get my smooch, but he was loudly sawing logs and dead to the world.

I woke up and hit my regular time at the gym.
Luckily, it looked like this this morning.

(not my actual gym)
I'm sure tomorrow will be a completely different story.
Oh well, bless the hearts of those that stick around past February!
Until then though, I hate the packed muddled mess of folks who don't have a clue of etiquette.  Oh well, I will breathe deeply and push through!
After all, I have Project Rear to Fear going on this year!