Friday, 27 December 2013

Catch up time!

Dum, dum, dum.....
Next Friday is official beginning of new season planning with coach...
Exciting, yet nerve-wracking to say the least, I tell ya.
The past few months, we've been increasing my clean food intake and have changed my workouts to try and keep building.
Really, I hope that come that show next year that I will be able to see great changes.
It will officially be 2 years since I last competed!

Tomorrow, I see her for group working out.
That, too, is nerve-wracking, good but oh so hard.

Oh, I guess the competition gods heard my pleas because I have been inundated with work.
This is good because I can stash away the extra funds.
Yet, I'm TIRED.
Oh well, I can't get everything easy, breezy.

Wanna hear a funny?
There are our gym regulars, you know, you see them pretty much every day.
Many of my regular guys are probably in the late 40's to mid 60s range.
I trade greetings and small talk with them.
They are all very nice.
However, I had to giggle because one of them told me that I looked great, but wait for it....

basically, don't get too big because female body builders are just not attractive, hahahaha.
I only wish that I could get big.
I just thought this was hysterical because there has been so many memes going around with just this sentiment.

Who'd have thunk it?

On the crafty side, I have been playing with making my own posing suits.
It's hard to tell on the fit though because I'm in "improvement" pre-season!

And for some visual fun, I leave you with pics from the country where we are still working on the the caravan between -15 temps, snow, and the crazy Colorado weather!

Garfield, one of the most awesome kitties that I've met.  He is a totally crazy, love muffin, and will climb up your leg and torso just to perch on your shoulder. That actually happened shortly after I snapped this pic!
 Putting on the roof panels.
One side is finished.
 Picking up our pallet of beetle kill siding.
No one was there so we unwrapped it and loaded it up, brought it down to the farm and unloaded.  Yep, it was snowing during the end trip!
I was bundled even more after this!
 Now, we keep day dreaming of the road trips we will get to take!


Thursday, 19 December 2013

It's that time of the year!

I'm not a huge sweets person, but there are a few things that I filp for!
These are Italian fig cookies.
Once a year, at Christmas, my mom pulls out my great-grandma's recipe and makes a batch.
She boxes them up and sends them to us.
S thinks they are only for him, but I have to sneak a few.
They are decadent, I tell you!

Then, usually on Christmas morning, I like to fry up a batch of beignets!
Mmmmm, fried dough with powdered sugar and a cafe au lait....
It's what is for Christmas breakfast for these Louisiana folks.


Then, I will sometimes make a pecan pie from a mix of Emeril's recipe and my own flair.


And you know what?
I will not feel guilty about it.
I do this maybe once a year, so 
nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!!!

Now, the actual food, food for Christmas?
We haven't gotten that far yet.
We're trying to see what restaurants are open.
We're also tossing about the idea of ordering some food and picking it up on Christmas Eve then just heating it up Christmas day.
I have to tell you that I really enjoy not having to worry about any cooking or cleaning on holidays!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Picture Palooza & Some Flashback Fun

I'm going to share a little something with you all.
I have always, always had this desire to be a strong, muscular woman.
However, I didn't have a clue how.
I mean, I grew up in a city with less than 10,000 people in the boonies.
I was surrounded by true coon-asses.
Hell, I'm one.
I remember when we got cable, gasp!
ESPN used to televise all of these bodybuilding competitions and, of course, the Olympia.
I would sit in awe with my dad and watch.
That's when I first saw these two women.

 Carla Dunlap and Cory Everson!
After I saw them, I just knew I wanted to look like that.
I was clueless though.
I remember when my dad got this home gym setup.
It had the square weights and benches and it switched all over the place.
(He still has it sitting in his workshop now, but it's not set up)
I used to watch Cory Everson's workout show and go try to replicate that.
In my sophmore year of high school, my P.E. teacher even allowed me to use the girl's weight room during class instead of playing the team sports.
I tried and tried to build myself some little muscles, but to not much avail.
Hey, there wasn't that much available information back then in the early/mid-eighties, especially in BFE.
I had no clue about nutrition.
Our library did not have much on the subject.
Magazines were not as plentiful.
And the horror! 
There was NO INTERNET!!!

Oh well, better late than never to have started the journey a few years ago.
Heck, I still didn't have much of a clue even then, hahaha.

Anyway, today at the gym, I was super excited because I spotted bumps!?!
Yeah, I'm sure it was the shadows and my positioning, but I was setting up the hanging straps for hanging oblique twists when I noticed.
There was no one else in there, so yep, I snapped these selfies.
I'm giddy.
I know they are not really, anything, but they are something!

I still have a long, long way to go, but progress is progress!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Crazy, chaotic, fun

Well, hello there.
It has been a little chaotic around the LPM household.
Crazy, but good, I should add.
I have been in purge mode. It's not only me, but hubs too.
We've been going through stuff, giving away, throwing away, cleaning.
We've also still been working on the Peanut.
I definitely have to get some updated pictures up of it.

How was ya'll Turkey Day?
Since we had no one come up this year, and we were just us, we decided to have a 
"Fra, ra, ra, ra, ra" Thanksgiving.
You know, like "A Christmas Story."
So, we headed on out to sushi where we were pretty much lone Caucasians in the packed Japanese restaurant. 
Delicious, and one of my treat meals for the week.
 We shared that along with some sashimi.
Yum, yum, yum!

I've been working, working, working, both through freelance work and doing my assigned workouts at the gym.
I hardly ever am out of gym clothes.
Heck, that pic from Thanksgiving?
I was wearing workout leggings, hahaha.

Here was one of my outfits that I was simply giddy over last week.

So, here's where my head has been.
I take pictures and just look skinny to me.
I mean, when I'm actually lifting I can see stuff.
Then, I have to stop and say, "patience."
I think about the spaced out photos that I've seen of Sara Hurrle and Dana Linn Bailey that are like 9 years apart.  I know it will not happen over night, but darn, I'd love it to go faster.
The plan is still to compete next year.
It will have been 2 years since my last competition.
I am excited to see the changes from then.
Oh yea, I'm still eating and eating and eating and it seems every week, the amounts are growing and growing and growing.
I'm sure that I will eventually pop.

I've also started playing with making my own posing suit.
One of the perks of a former burlesque performer?  Many remnants of sparkle-y, stretch-y fabrics to test my skills out.  These test runs aren't too bad either.
I think these would be suitable once they are really blinged out too.
We'll see!  What a great way to save some $$$ in competing, no?

Other ways that I'm making extra for next year?
Yep, collecting aluminum cans and bringing them to the recycle place.
You know what pays really well there?
Broken Christmas lights?!
Yeah, apparently the copper in the wires or something.
I will be hitting up friends for their strands that don't work, hahaha.
I've learned some other little tricks from watching "Extreme Cheapskates."
Like Tim Gunn says, "make it work."

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What's Going On?

Halloween, I got sick.
I thought I could mentally make it go away, but nope.
I put on my Candy Corn,
 and wanted to greet the little monsters.
I pooped out though, and we only got 12?!
We usually hand out 60+ goody bags every year.
Such a disappointment.
 So, I un-candied and plopped down to die.

I've been on a "Pre-Season" diet and workout according to Madame Captain.
Despite forcing it all down and feeling like I am going to explode every night, I have still been losing weight.  So, we upped the carbs each meal even more!!
Never in my life would I think that I would be eating 2500 cals +/- a day and adding more all the time.  This is insane.  
By next year, I plan to look like a beast with a raging metabolism.


Tuesday, 5 November 2013


I admit, I am so far behind on music, especially anything remotely recent.
I don't know what happened but I fall back on stuff from way back.
However, this morning I stumbled upon Kelly Rowland's "Kisses Down Low."
Kind of loving it and playing it over and over.
Maybe it's that naughty-ness of it?
Don't know, don't care, ~hit repeat~

On a side note, never in my life have I thought that I would have to eat so much freaking food.  I am so stuffed at the end of each day and struggling to put the food down.
Yesterday, was the first day that I actually ate all of my meals!
And to think that we'll be adding more.....

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What I Wore Wednesday and some awesome Whey

Yeah, I don't care that it's not Halloween til tomorrow.
Who am I kidding?
I wear this sort of thing all year long!
Train Happy!

Train silly!
There ya go!
Leggings were from Hot Topic, Beanie was a crochet project, shorts are reversible Champion brand from Target, t-shirt was from the First Mile High Horror Fest which I altered.
I'm fighting some sort of funk, blah.
Trying to stop it before it gets me down too.
Off evil funk, off!
Beginnings of sore throat, drip and yuck head feeling.
Vitamin C and Echinacea
are gonna be added to my regimen.

Hopefully, I'll have a Halloween "fashion" edition tomorrow! 

On to some other fun, yummy stuff:

A little while back, Boobs, Barbells and Broccoli 
teamed up with Designer Whey
and had a fun give away!
I was lucky and got their Sustained Energy protein powder to try.
They sent me the
I have been really loving this!
You know the true test is just mixing it with water to see how it tastes.
It passed!
Not only was it good, it mixed easily! Yay!
You know if it tastes good like that, well, it's gonna be awesome with some unsweetened almond milk..........
and it was!
I have been enjoying the container over and over!
I do believe that Designer Whey products will be in my future, and yep, I will definitely buy it!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

What I Wore

Because I was not going to take a selfie at Armbrust Pro with all of those folks around, lol.
So, I took one today when it was stretch time at my Armbrust.
Cookie Monster tee.
This was super tight, and now it's loose, yay!
Champion yoga pants.
Told ya'll, I'm class-ay

What did I get myself into?

Yesterday, I trekked to the Meca of the Midwest, home of Olympian athletes!
It was only my second time there.
The gym that I haunt is the little sister, if you will, of this bad boy,
a branch of it right up the street.
Why did I go there?
Well, I got my cardio on, stared in the mirrors while I was doing it so I could check out the eye candy of both the male and female sorts.
I say many IFBB pro familiar faces.
However, the real reason that I was there was that I was meeting up with someone who I have trained with before.  We were chatting about me competing again, next year.
We discussed her coaching me for it.  I know people coached by her and have asked questions during the time that I was getting personal training from her.
I've grown to feel comfortable with this person.

Anyway, now I'm a nervous wreck because it looks like I've made some commitments.
We have months to work on building me more, symmetry, feeding me tons more, getting my head in the game and changing categories.
My IT band, SI joint and sacral joints are just not up with the high impact routines for Fitness.  It is my first love, but having chronic pain from it just isn't worth it for me.
From here on through next year will be interesting, challenging and scary for me.
It will also make it officially 2 years since I last competed. 

It's time to start socking away the money for next year and taking on some odd jobs to make a little more for it too!

Oh what an adventure it shall be, indeed!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Supp Roundup

Ya'll know I'm intrigued by the vegan lifestyle.
I like to dabble with recipes and read about it, a ton.
Yep, I feel guilty when I think of where my food comes from.
I still haven't taken the plunge, but maybe one day I'll make the switch completely.
I decided to quest for some plant-based protein powders.
I was super lucky a while back and won a prize pack over at Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness.
I believe a shared a photo of the plethora of goodness that it included a while back.
I read the forums there too.
The first and only one that I've tried so far was the 
 Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan.
There is something about the consistency that I just don't like.
No matter how I have used it (shaker, blender, ice, added fruit)it just seems chalky.
The only way that I can drink it is to blend it with frozen fruit and lots of ice.
Even then, I have to down it because if it sits, it has that weird feeling.

I felt guilty thinking that I didn't like it because I really, really wanted to.  Then, I read other people over at the Vegan Bodybuilding forums stating pretty much the same.
 I will, however say that the two protein bars that they sent me by Vega were very tasty!
So, I would not buy that protein powder, but the bars, yep.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

Men's Fruit of the Loom spousal abuser that I embroidered with my "Train Happy".
I bought a pack of 4 and embroidered one for my gym buddy too.
I think the 4 pack was like $8.
Danskin leggings from Wally-World.
They were a whole $11.98.
(V8grrl Wally-World = Walmart)
Glamorous, no?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

What I wore Wednesday

I'm still getting used to the settings and how to use this new phone and camera, but I got one for today!

This is my elegant gym ensemble for Wednesday!
You're looking at the frugal wear of moi.
Shirt was from Wally-World and cut by me.
Pants are from Kohl's about 3 years ago on super duper clearance.
Shoes are the high end Tarjay.
Bandana also $1 from Wally-World.
Socks were from the $1 section at Target last Halloween; they're Snoopy & Woodstock.

And there ya have it, 
What I wore.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Woops, Failed What I Wore Wednesday

Well, I took a picture.
However, my husband got me a new phone.
I have no idea how to get it to the computer!
Hopefully, by next week, he will have shown me how to do this, lol.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Holy Year of the Bodybuilding Documentaries!

I got to see "Generation Iron" today.
I now especially have a soft spot for Kai Green.
I was enthralled the whole time with all of them.
Now, there's a documentary coming out about Oskana?!
Can you say "super excited?"

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Supp' Roundup

I have an insane amount of supplement samples.
Some I have acquired while at competitions.
Some I have gotten at different stores.
I also belong to M&F Hers Jacked in a Box monthly program.

With the baskets of supplements piling up around my house, I am going to try and keep track and notes and give reviews of what I have used during the week.

Week beginning Monday, September 17th, 2013

After my back and bicep workout, I used BSN's AMINO X in their watermelon flavor.

I had put the powder in my Muscle Milk Monster Shaker.

This was also included in one of my monthly boxes!
I added the water, shook it up, and hopped on the treadmill.
It mixed really well, no clumps.  The taste was sort of Jolly Rancher-ish.  It was sweet, but not overly.  Although, I find that I have become sensitive to what I find sweet as compared to what others may.
All in all, I was pleasantly surprised by it and would use it again.
I only wish that it had L-glutamine in it too so that I didn't have to mix it or take it separately.
But, hey, I still have a tub of pure L-glutamine powder sitting here that has to be used anyway!
Speaking of, I am a loyal user of BodyTech's Pure L-Glutamine Powder

Yep, I buy it from Vitamin Shoppe.  I began using it when I was starting to train to compete, so the beginning of 2012.
I still use it, that is if I don't space out some days.

I sampled GAT Adenoflex Hematogenic & Mass Enhancing Powder in the Grape Bubblegum flavor.  
I'm not sure that it exactly tasted like grape or bubblegum.  There was a fruity sweetness to it, but I can't put my finger on what I thought it tasted like.  It was a little chalky in consistency.  Maybe I didn't shake it enough.  However, I took it after lifting and when I was starting my cardio.
(I didn't notice it's best taken after eating a meal with carbs.)
Maybe it was in my head, but I felt a little more pumped both physically and mentally.
I almost felt a little thermogenic boost, though they don't talk about that.
I guess if you think about it, though, it is supposed to be a muscle, blood, and plasma expander.  This would lead me to believe that expanded tissues would give a greater area for blood flow which would lead to a little more of a "hyped" feeling?
That's what I'm thinking, yeah.
I read that you have to load this one for the affect.
I have more samples, so I'll have to see if I notice any difference later.

Next was Six Star Whey Protein Plus in Triple Chocolate.

I admit, this was good.
I didn't have a shaker cup clean, so I used an old rubber maid measuring bottle that had a screw on top.  I did mix it with 8 oz of unsweetened almond milk.
For not being in a shaker bottle, I was impressed with the mixing of it after I shook it all around.  The flavor was good too, nice and chocolate-y!

Since this post is getting rather lengthy, I'll wrap it up for now.  I'll add whatever I use tomorrow to next week's list.  =)
As a side note, I'd like to mention that I was not compensated for any of this.
Hahaha, ya'll should know this as I'm a minor, teeny, beginning athlete with only one competition under the belt.
I pay for my monthly Jacked in a Box.
I pick up samples from shows and stores, but I also buy samples if I'm interested in trying them out.  I would rather try it before I spend the big bucks on a huge tub.  This is all just my opinion, and it's a good record for me to go back and see what I liked and didn't without keeping yet another notebook! 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

In an effort to be more active here, I'm going to try to do some of the norms.
So, here's a "What I Wore Wednesday" post.
I fear it may get redundant and will mainly consist of workout wear.

This was after the gym when I was running errands.
That's when the idea ran through my head, and I decided to stop and snap a pic in the
ever glamorous aisles of Target.
Of course, most of this outfit was acquired there, hahaha.

I was near the hubs work so I called and asked if he wanted to meet up for a quick lunch.
He bought me this.
I took it home and stashed it.
Hopefully, I can hold off until the weekend!

Coming up, I have other posts in mind and even one drafted for weekly fun.
And just because I'm still on my sriracha kick, I found this little gem yesterday!
Yep, that's kind of how I feel!

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hot Mess

That is what I am at the gym

However, it feels so good.
It is especially good after the long days of crazy rain/hail/floods/power outages that we've had here.
I'm super lucky in that our neighborhood was all good.
It was just crazy trying to go anywhere because you never knew what road was closed or under water.
I'm sending good vibes to the folks that I know who were affected.
Hopefully, things will dry out for them soon!

The weather allowed me to catch up on some of the library books that I had checked out.
One particular book struck a chord with me.
(She also has a blog, which I have not checked out just yet.)
There were just so many little quirks that she has that I have and that I struggle with to change.
Also, it was weird because 3 of the books about people that she mentioned using to research the project, well, those are on my shelf too!
Only, I have not read them yet, lol.
Problems of a book hoarder.....

She also had great parts about dreaming the big dream and goals, etc.
It gave me a little boost. =)

The time without power also gave me a chance to clean and organize the pantry.
Oh Mylanta! 
There were things in the dark corners that had expired 2 years ago.
Now, it's kind of nice again.

Ya'll know what's coming up, don't ya'll?
Seriously, it's like my Super Bowl.
I hunker down in front of the computer and yell my head off.
Super excited because I actually know some people going there this year.
Fun, fun, fun!!!
One year, I will actually go and be a crazy, screaming fan for real!!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Train Happy!

This may or may not be one of the reasons that when I smile at people at the gym, they either smile back or roll their eyes.
Needless to say, I like the silly wardrobe choices that I make.
It makes me happy and feel fun.
Yeah, you may even see me bust out a dance move between sets or on a cardio device.
I don't hold it in.
Besides, how does it affect anyone else?
Either you'll get a kick out of it, or you can go flap about the weirdo, unfashionable freak that you see at the gym everyday. ;)
It doesn't matter to me because I'm still happy.

Wanna know what else makes me happy?
A steal!
I found this water bottle down the seasonal aisle of our grocery on clearance.
It seems "summer" items must go!
(It's a little sweaty because I had taken it out of the fridge.  I like my water cold!)

A half gallon BPA free bottle for $0.25!
Yes, a quarter, folks, is all that I paid.
It was the only color that they had left, but who cares?

I believe that I'm going to try and start reviewing some of the samples that I receive too.
I get the M&F Jacked in a Box every month.
There are things that I cannot use such as the fat burner samples.
There are, though, so many things that I can and should use - if only I would get my butt back in true nutritional gear....
So, look out for some of those reviews soon!
And go Train Happy!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I'm Spicy!

borrowed from

Right now, I am seriously in love with Sriracha sauce.
I LOVE hot sauces.

These are my two favorite go-to sauces.
Seriously, put them on pretty much anything, and I'll eat it.
Try mixing mustard and hot sauce and then coating your tilapia with it and then bake that!
Mmmmmmmm, mmmmm good.
Same with chicken, or heck, I even sprinkle it on my steamed veggies.

This was your random thought for the day.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Coming clean, facing fears, acknowledging accomplishments

Here I am freshly showered, sans makeup.
Any makeup.
I don't think that I've ever posted one without moisturizer or powder.
So, there you have it.
Facing one of my little fears.

Speaking of facing fears, I made a step in stepping back on that stage.
I'm talking about my concerns, goals, fears, and other issues to a certain person, once they are finished with a certain event.
I am trying to remain positive, face my fears, and pursue my dreams.
As a little exercise, I made a list of the things that I can already do, routine-wise, even if I cannot do them perfectly.
Then, I made a list of the things that I would like to learn to do in the near future.
Surprisingly, my accomplished list is a little longer than my want to list.
It's little things like this exercise in seeing what I already have accomplished that make the scary future seem okay.
Piddly compared to other competitors, but I'll get there eventually.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Animal Print Pants, Outta Control!!!

I had a friend back home ask me for more pictures for her daughter.
I figured, "What the hell? It's been a while."
I asked my friend to snap these after we had finished up our stretching and foam rolling.

See, this is me with no makeup =
no visible eyebrows!

There they are!
Sexy and I know it, bow, da bow bow....
Yeah, I love that song still!
I love those leggings too!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Thoughts and thinking

I love Jillian.
Not the Jillian that you're probably thinking of.
No, this Jillian I met on FB a few years ago through a fitness group that Allison Earnst started.
She now has her own page, Living Inspired with Jillian.
She's lost like 120 lbs and jumped out of a plane and had her first boxing match and is now gearing up for more of those!
She is, indeed, inspiring.
Jillian posts lots of videos with her thoughts or answering questions.
Today, she posted this one.

She got me thinking, as she often does.
I have really been trying to not be so quick to judge.
And when I am, I stop myself and remind myself of these things.
Coincidentally, these are some things she brought up.

I used to always go to the gym in full makeup and hair.
Honestly, I felt absolutely horrible about myself.
I used that as a mask to disguise how I really felt about myself.
Esteem issues much?
Yeah, I still do, and it's only been this past year that I haven't had to put on makeup to head to the gym.

Right now, well, I'm in P.T.
My workout has been extremely modified right now.
I'm sure when people see me walking on an incline at a rather slow clip, they're thinking, 
"What the hell is she even doing?"
Or my crazy long stretching routine, or my crazy P.T. exercises that all have to be done 3 times a day right now.  I look like an old Jane Fonda video in that room for parts of my workout.

I'm that girl.
The one people are probably rolling their eyes at right now.

So, I'm going to keep these things in mind when I notice folks like this at the gym.

In other good thoughts, I came across this quote yesterday:

A head full of fears has no space for dreams.

What great timing?
Plus, I keep hearing and seeing all of these "believe it, be it" or "dream it, do it" type things.
I'm not too much for "signs", but I have been having little, weird things happen too.

It got me thinking.

Perhaps, I should dream bigger than I have been.
Perhaps, I should face the fears, believe in myself, seek help when I need it, and just pursue.

Friday, 26 July 2013

You can't be scared all of your life to even try.

You know how sometimes, you  look at all of those pictures with quotes trying to find a little inspiration?
You mean, I'm the only person that does that?

Well, sometimes, the words you're looking for come not from the interwebs, but from an actual someone in your life.
I realized that the past few days that I have been repeating,
"You can't be scared all of your life to even try."
Yeah, it's not really grammatically correct, but that's the way it's been rolling in my head.
The best part is that my husband has been telling me this for about the past month.
Though his wording has been a little different each time like,
"You can spend your whole life being scared."
That one is good too!

So this has been my new mantra.
Getting over the fear to try at some more dreams, or bigger, better versions of the ones that I have started.
Why not chase it, no matter how scary it is?

But maybe I should start hiding my phone before "dreaming."
The same man that supports me and gives me inspiring quotes, also does this: