Sunday, 30 September 2012

Olympia Weekend

always inspires and motivates me so.
Then, I think, maybe I will plan a competition again.
Why do my motivations waiver so much?
Maybe because I am just in the beginning, and I know that I have so far to go that it seems incredibly daunting?
Maybe because I am on the verge of 40 and cannot fathom trying to learn even more than I have this year, physically for routines?
Perhaps, I am too intimidated by all of the younger competitors in the Fitness Category.
Yep, there is a ton that daunts me and fogs my dreams.
I will continue to make myself better.
I will continue to go with the flow and try to learn more.
Who knows?
I mean, Adela is 40 and a 7x Olympia Champion.
Maybe there is a little hope for this girl.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Holy Inspiration Olympia Fitness Competitors

I just sat and watched the 16 Fitness Competitor's routines for the Olympia.
I do it every year, but wow.
I always have favorite routines which never place in the top 6.
I know why they don't, whether it be wobbles and fumbles in routine or their physiques just don't match up.
Still, I admire them all and wish that I could look a tiny margin of how they do and perform how they do.... fumbles, wobbles, mis-steps and all!
Olympia fitness routines link

Friday, 28 September 2012

Fun Stuffs

I finally took the plunge and got all my hair chopped off.
I love it and am feeling a little sassy.

Now, I'm kind of yearning to go back to lavender!
I think I'll probably chicken out with that though, lol.

(from a few years ago)
That was fun though, so who knows what I may do next?
I'm into leaning out right now.
I want to get to the point that I would like to be at all the time.
I'm still debating whether competing will be in my future or not.
I think I'll just roll with it and if the urge hits, I'll go for it.
I like not planning things right now, or having to be so stringent.

In fact, not feeling obligated has made my workouts more enjoyable.
I think the past year, I have been on such a plan to lose weight, gain muscle and then prepare to compete and then gain muscle again afterward that I lost my passion for working out and food prep.
I still have never stopped gym days.
But now, I am looking forward to them again.
I just had to get out of my rut.
So, I won't be competing next month.
And I'm okay with that.

We are finally getting some fall weather here.
It is my favorite season.
With the drought this summer, my garden produced sparsely.
But now, I'm planning on getting some container vegetable gardens going indoors this winter.
I found this site with some great tips that I plan on trying.
Plus, a friend gave me this great metal plant stand to hang pots from.
That will be great to keep nosy puppies from eating my greens this year!!
I also went and picked up my library holds today.
May I just say that I love being able to search online from the different area libraries, request holds, and being able to go pick them all up at one location?
Is it bad that they are all recipe books?
Some raw "cookbooks" and a vegetarian one.
I like getting different ideas for my veggies. 
So, I guess that's all that is going on...
Except for the weekend work on the Purple Peanut!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Gym Bags

I have been looking for a gym bag.
I just never fall in love with anything.
Plus, I'm a cheap-skate.
So, what did I do?
Make one.

The tote, I had gotten years ago after the holidays on super-duper clearance.
I had embroidered the sugar skull, and off it went to sit in the darkness of the craft closet.
I decided to add a pocket, flap closure and the bow.
Luckily, years of burlesque have left me with vast quantities of both velcro, notions and far too much whimsy fabric.
Is it perfect?
Is it normal?

It's even still a little too plain for my own liking.
Who knows what I'll add to it?
For now, though, I have a new gym tote.
The best part?
It was free.

Friday, 21 September 2012

In my own back yard.

I normally do not carry my phone when I am in my back yard.
However, this week I have been trying to remember to bring it out with me
because I have been seeing some beautiful things.
I did miss a most gorgeous and huge butterfly on top of one of the zinnias yesterday.
See, I have to remember to bring my phone out with me every time!

And just as a score, I found these Monday when I ran into Target.
I ate two.  Pretty good, but I believe I like the regular Oreo's better.

These are not the best thing for me trying to lean out, but I could not pass up buying them!


Sunday, 16 September 2012

Weekend Stuff

It's been nice taking some time to just do the stuff that I want.  Not being on the computer is super awesome!  I've only been on for emails and my contract work.

As I've mentioned before. we've been working on our little side project, Petite's & El Sammy Beasto's Purple Peanut.

We spend pretty much every weekend down there, in the country.
I love it.
It reminds me of my youth with the farming, animals, space and quiet and relaxed folks.
We banged it out yesterday.
We left the top strip because we were scared the whole thing would collapse before we came back next weekend.
The frame is so shoddy and rotted out.
Ya know what's on the roof?
Just cloth, yep, that's right, not even canvas, just cloth.
Weird, but whatever.
We'll have it all down next weekend.
Plus, other exciting news, El Sammy Beasto got a 1979 GMC doolie truck.
It's a beast, but will be sure to be able to tow this sucker when we're finished.
We're trying to decide on some basics so that I can draw more plans and get better materials lists going.  We're thinking a murphy bed.  Just an idea but it would give us so much more space during the days!  I actually took out a Sharpie and drew outlines on the floor to give us ideas of space with what we do have planned so far.  It's nice to walk around and "see" what space and storage will somewhat look like, even if it is just in black marker lines.
But here's what we did this weekend (just Saturday).

This is what all of that aluminum siding looks like taken down and after I have folded and stompted it.
Off to the recycle center again tomorrow.
We're hoping to give away the 3 windows that actually have glass left in them to whoever needs them.
 Close up.
There it is, skeleton, future Purple Peanut.
Afterwards, we hung out with our friends who own this awesome place.
El Sammy Beasto got taken on a tour, where there was an old, stone, falling down building that was a Pony Express Stop, a ravine where horse smugglers used to hide the horses, and a few other cool sites.  I'm going next time!
We sat, had a brew, and I got to feed Curly!

She's awesome and does the happy calf dance, much like a ferret who does the happy ferret dance!
Right now, she's about the size of our German Shepherd, and she's only 2 weeks old!
She did wind up slobbering all over the front of my shirt while we were snuggling.
What a love muffin!
Then, all four of us headed up the road to a going away party.
Another friend of ours also lives down that way.  We ran down to her basement, jumped in the shower and changed before the festivities.  I gorged on grilled stuff and a few Oktoberfest brews.  Lucky for me, El Sammy Beasto was DD.  Nice change for me, haha!
Though, looking at these pictures I do realize that I need to lean out.  I think I would like to just lean out right now and work out and stay in one range for a while. 
I don't want to feel obligated to hit the gym  6 days a week to do cardio and weights.
I don't want to have to stick to a stringent plan.
I want to enjoy the whole process again.
I think having some time to just "play" was fun, and now I'm ready to do it more for me than for competing or thinking about how I look to others.
Stupid for an almost 40 year old woman to think about, but that's how it goes.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Have a nice day.

Allergies are kicking my booty this week.
Other than that, things are good.
Working out. 
Doing lots of cooking and experimenting with recipes.
Working on the vardo on weekends.

I have been trying to stay off the web for a bit.
As I talked about before, I have a love/hate relationship with it.
I know, I put myself out there so I should be ready for anything that comes with that.
However, I think the web has created super monsters who grow balls and say things they perhaps would not just walk up to someone and spout out.

Recently, I was messaged on FB.  I was told, "Yeah, great transformation, but sorry about your boobs. You need implants."
What? Nice.
That was a mild interaction.
Here, before I changed my settings to where no anonymous comments are allowed, I was told
"I hope you choke on your stupid recipes and die."
"You are a horror to all men, and I feel sorry for those who ever have to look at you."
Oh, and there's more - quite a few about my looks and those out there in cyberland who would prefer me to have a tortuous demise.

I get slack also because my coach used to be a NPC competitor and later changed to natural competitions.
This was not taken well.
In my critiques, and just normal interactions, I have been told on several occasions that I need to change coaches. I have always been suggested another coach who "will always have the winners here."
Then a few snide comments about my coach.

Unfortunately, I'm not very thick skinned.
I take things to heart.
Logically, I know that I shouldn't.
In my head, I tell myself, "These are people who you don't even know.  Don't allow your validation to be from other peoples' comments or judgement."
It is quite easier said than done though.

So, I'm stepping back a teeny bit.
I'm taking some "me" time off of the web.
Getting my head straight and my heart back on my path.
I want to make my blog back into something positive and enjoyable to write and read.
I want to give out chuckles and smiles.
Yep, I want to inspire and give fuzzy feelings.
I am that cheesy.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Woo Hoo!

My coach called me today and asked me to assist in teaching her strength move and flexibility classes for fitness competitors.  How fun is that going to be?
Basically, for tomorrow, I'll be helping to teach straddle holds and exercises to help with that.
Then, I'll teach stretches that will help to do splits.
We're starting there.
I'm excited.
Plus, I'll learn more and it will offset some of my costs too.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Body Stats

This was this morning at my coach's gym.
I know these jeans are huge, but I love them.  I should have lifted the shirt so you can see the sailor style, double button details.
I still have not committed to the show in October.
However, I am still working out, eating to gain muscle, and going to my coach every week.
Good news was muscle was up, body fat was down, weight was up by 1.5 pounds.
I may start trying to lean out some and see where I stand.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekend in Pictures

We spent the weekend down at our friend's property working on the Purple Peanut.
The sad part is that I neglected to take pictures of it at all!
Instead, in my breaks of demolition, I snapped photos of the cuteness of the country.
I'll have to remember to shoot it this coming weekend!
But here is the awesome-ness that was just a tad of this past long weekend.

Snapped this on our stop at the hardware store.

He just came in from the pasture to say "hey."
They have like 5 horses and a mule.

One of the barn kitties.  He was a super purr-machine and just hung around for pets and holding.
We did spot one of the older gals after she caught a wild baby bunny.
Even with all the cat food available, I guess their "wild" instincts still take hold!

This was one of the momma cows and her new baby.
They have miniature cows!
So freaking adorable.