Friday, 31 August 2012

I got nothing.

This is good.
The only thing is that I have been extremely tired, but I have no real clue why.
Yep, I really just want to sleep, a ton.
That, however, does not happen.

Otherwise, it's been the usual.

I have gained more muscle at the last check in with the coach.

I have been purging around the house more.
How in the world did we acquire so much crap?
I mean, we have like 4 artificial Christmas trees in the crawl space.
Finally, I am able to get rid of all of my college notes, tests, papers, and text books.
I know that I won't need them so why have boxes of them wasting space?
Bagged up about three bags full of trashy paperback romances, but I have to add they were read, heh.

I have been trying to abstain from spending mindless time on the computer as much.
Damn you pinterest.
I did spend the past couple of days glued to the wwl tv site though watching Hurricane Isaac.
It flooded the town that I grew up in, my old hood too.
So many friends and family lost everything.
Then it moved on up to where my parents and grandparents are living now.
So I kept watching and calling everyone to check on them, when I could get through.
A little harrowing, but everyone is alive so that is a wonderful thing.  Things can be replaced, they can't!

We FINALLY have veggies producing in the garden boxes!
This is the first year that I'm not begging people to take veggies off of my hands because it took forever for stuff to produce this year.  I mean, I saw our FIRST zucchini this week!
I'm also excited because I saw our first heirloom tomato!
It's just been a weird year because by now, I'm sick of all the veggies and am trying to dehydrate, freeze or do something with our plethora. This year has definitely made me not take it for granted now.

Other than that, we got the RV moved.  Sam has been spending all of his spare time demolishing it.
I'm going to spend this weekend down with him helping and taking measurements to make some plans and materials lists.  We're also looking for some land for sale in that area.  Lots of ranches, farms, trees, rural, small town qualities.  Love it.
It would be awesome to find something.  Especially because down there it means we could have chickens and nubian milking goats!
The suburban area that we live in now has restrictions on EVERYTHING - good, but bad for folks like us who like to "farm."


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I am so ADD with things!

I think that I have overstimulated myself with perusing the darn web.
It is clearly a wonderful thing with all of it's DIY ideas, recipes, colorful photos, critter cuteness and so much more.
It crams my head with far too many ideas!!!
I have so many half started craft projects.
I have magazines and, probably, hundreds of bought and unread books piled up.
On a side note, I have made a concerted effort to turn off the computer when I'm finished my contract work for the day and to spend my time when I finally get to bed trying to read those magazines, comics, and books.

We are very much on a path to simplify and reduce.
I am still trying to remove at least one, but hopefully more articles each day.
We are hoping to move the future vardo this weekend.
When that happens, we plan on spending every weekend and maybe more time if we can squeeze it in to go full force on working on that.
But in the plan of simplifying, I keep taking on more projects, more ideas, more commitments.
I really, really want to dig old Betty Blue out from beneath the tons in the garage and begin riding her again.  Slowly, but surely, I want to be adept at riding uphills. 
S bought me a back rack for her, and in the future, I see panniers for her.

(back rack not yet installed - that will be a fun project for me)
I blame my reading of far too many biking blogs for my dreams of just wandering the country biking and camping.
 Then again, that's what the vardo will be for!

I have begun a "pen pal" project with ladies that I've met on Facebook and friends from real life.
Nothing major.
I plan on randomly sending out cards, postcards, just silly things because I miss the art of correspondence by snail mail.

I am planning on doing the natural competition in October.
With that, I have taken on some more roles with my coach in hopes of offsetting costs.
It's good stuff, exciting stuff.

I go today for body stat update.

I have been playing with new strength moves.
It's funny that I will randomly stop where ever I am, drop to the floor, and become a pretzel.
I am working on "new" burlesque costumes and routines for next month.
The good part is that I'm making them from fabric and notions that I already have = saving money.

I KNOW that I spend far too much time perusing competitor's sites, blogs and photos.
This is both good and bad for me.
I find it inspiring.
I am also weak and find it intimidating.
This is yet another reason that I am trying to dwindle down my computer browsing.
I begin the "negative" talk about never reaching that level of bad ass, awesome.
In actuality, I want to reach "MY" level of awesome.
I want to continue to enjoy my working out and eating and not feel deprived, completely drained or make myself feel like a failure because I'm not cut and ripped to no end.
I do not want to eat crazy restricted diets, work out 2x a day, use weird supplements, or things that I read many other competitors do.
THAT is my goal.
Luckily, I have not had to nor been suggested to do that.
I love eating a variety of foods with no food group completely eliminated from my diet.
Of course, I'm a pig.
I guess that I'm not "hard core" either in that I don't care if I ever go "pro" or get sponsored or win every competition.
My coach asked me "What's your goal for competing?"
I want to enjoy the process, not dread it.

We plan more and more about our gardening and how to increase that during the winter.
Hence, I have tons of heirloom gardening, back to basics (really old) farming and organic gardening magazines and books.  This stuff really excites me.
From there grows my thoughts on a more plant based diet in the future, if I can get an abundance to grow, hahaha.
This leads to me thinking of vegetarian body builders.....

Now, you see the random, crazy thought process that goes through my head daily.
Jumping back and forth like a grass hopper on crack.
And this isn't even the half of it!!


Thursday, 16 August 2012

And here we go!

It looks like things may be falling into place, and I will be entering this competition.
Had a wonderful lunch with my coach yesterday.
We spent time talking, brainstorming, coming up with ideas for classes - some of which she plans on me teaching.
Also, she's planning more group stuff for competitors to try and cut costs.
So far, things are exciting and looking completely do-able.

Luckily, I haven't let myself go to poop since my last competition.
Though things have gone up and down, I have consistently kept working out.
I should be fine with this shorter prep.
In fact, I still have time to keep building muscle until it's time to lean out a little.

Time to get seriously back on it!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I got sucked in...

~points to the updated ticker ----->~
It's weird how things just happen and work out.
I have a lunch meeting tomorrow which may lead to some exciting things.
We shall see, cross fingers, and will blog them later.....


Friday, 10 August 2012

So, when ARE you competing again?

This has been the most common question of late.
How often do they have these competitions? Quarterly? Monthly?

It seems that "normal" folk don't quite understand this whole competition thing, lol.
I try to tell them that it's hard to maintain a competition body to be able to compete for every show.
NPC here has quite frequent events.

When I list the reasons why I have not signed up for another competition yet:
1.) I need to work on my physique and build more muscle. Right now I have a little fluff and am not competition ready.
2.) My routine needs improvement, and I need to learn fancier moves.
3.) It's expensive!

Now, some of the responses are funny.
"But you look perfect?!"
"What you dance?"
"Do you strip down to the blinged out bikini during your routine?"
"Your bikini cost what?"
"You have to pay to compete?"
"What costs so much?"
"Do you win money?"
"If you don't win money or prizes, what do you get?"
When I explain, they are in utter amazement.
I loved that one friend said, "So it's like burlesque?" because we put in so much effort into our costumes and making up our own choreography, yet we get paid very little.
Many people want you to perform for free.
I had to giggle, though, because the funny part is performing burlesque gave me the money for my competition.
Unfortunately, it's getting harder and harder to get decent paying gigs with the saturation of troupes and shows in this recent year.
Luckily, I have a few reliable monthly gigs.
If I could pick up a few more, well, that would be awesome!
It also gives me inspiration and allows me to play with my burlesque routines by incorporating fitness routine moves into them.

I am grateful that I have picked up some contract work drafting.
It's bringing in some extra cash too.

I have been thinking of other ways to earn a little extra cash as the part time job hunt has been futile and a little crazy - in the psycho way of the folks I've interviewed with.

My lovely friend has given me an opportunity to teach a monthly class at her burlesque school.
This I am extremely excited about.
Tonight is the first class.  I know I have one person signed up, haha.
And it's a friend, hehe.
Next month, I will have to do more creative advertising other than facebook blasts.
Shameless plug here:

I'm almost tempted to do a bake sale, lol.
How contradictory is that?
Although, the folks at S's work love when I make lunches for them.
Maybe I should start charging them?
Maybe just a delivery fee, lol?

Isn't it a conundrum?
Wanting so badly to compete?

On another note, I've given a friend (also another burlesque performer and one of my besties) the bug.
I love that she asked me to help her around April.
I told her why not start by trying the Jamie Eason Live Fit 12 Week Trainer.
She would send me side by side pics, beginning, half-way and end.
She did so amazing!
Now, she's moving on to get even more serious with weight training and changing her eating lifestyle more.
It makes me so proud and happy for her and her accomplishments!
Go, Joey, Go!!
I'm hoping that she will one day want to compete, and then, I will have a partner in crime and misery, lol.

In the meantime, I'm just going with the flow of things.
Everything always has a way of working out.
This just proves that I need to work on my skill of patience more.
After all, I am not in NEED and we live comfortably.
We have extra to work on the dreams that we have together.
For this, I am extremely thankful.
If nothing else, I'm given opportunities to perform!
 Plus, El Sammy Beasto (that's my pet name for my husband, yes I'm a weirdo) and I have been bringing another dream to life.
We're building a gypsy vardo!
Eventually, we will live the tiny life and be able to do crazy things ALL the time.
I need to update there because, yep, another option has poked it's head out!
See, this is what I mean, we have wonderful things happening that we do together.
Competing is just a cherry on top of that sundae.

Have an awesome one!


Friday, 3 August 2012


We got an old table and chair set a few years ago for free when old neighbors put it out for trash.
Yep, I'm that person.

Sam has been working on the table, as it had some pretty deep scratches.
We really wanted to keep it wood.
However, it's all been sitting in the garage for a few years now.

Well, it has an odd number of chairs.
Here's what the chairs look like.
Yesterday, I had a wild hair.
I mean, it's all just sitting there.
I had a leftover can of spray paint that we used to paint a nightstand/shelf that we put in the bedroom.
Plus, I've been all into crazy colors, gypsy vardos have been my inspiration since we have been working on our little vardo, tiny house project.
 Then, I went through the bin of fabrics that I have hoarded away in the closet.
I found some fabric that is whimsical and semi-thick.
So, this is what I wound up with for free.
 Now, I'm thinking of redoing another in green with a different fabric on the seat.
I'm thinking Chocolate meets who knows what.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

August, I have decided that you will be my bitch.

(from Nicole Wilkins FaceBook page)

I liked it, so I'm using it.
Gonna work on me.
Small steps again.
I know I'm not bad, but I want to be better.

I am really admiring Physique physiques lately.
Will I ever get to that level?
Who really knows?
I would love to look like I'm flexing and not be though.
At least, my butt still looks decent, even with the little fluff.
I know because I made the hubby take a picture of my back pose and he captured my tush.
I just wanted to see if my back still flared!
Now I know what my rear looks like too.

Also, one day, I will get one of these tanks
because It's SO true!

I love carrot and red velvet with cream cheese icing.
No lie.

And on page 26 of the Oxygen Glutes special there is a recipe for no bake chocolate brownies.
Guess who happens to have all of those ingredients in the house.....
even pitted prunes?!
Yeah, you tend to keep those around as you get, ahem, older.

What's Up?

I have kind of hermit-ted myself away the past few months.
With all that has been happening, I had not felt up to doing much of anything nor socializing.
I have not been a good friend, daughter, nor wife.
Luckily, my husband is granted with the patience of a saint.
 Poor guy has dealt with my myriad of changing emotions and my withdrawal from society.
I am super lucky.

In light of all of this, I have found my way to make it to the gym for scheduled workouts.
No matter how much I want to stay buried in the cocoon of my bed every morning, I crawl out, go water the garden boxes - which were destroyed by a surprise hail storm yesterday - have my protein shake and coffee and struggle to just walk into the gym.
However, once I am there, it's all good for that hour.
With my trusty ipod cranking out angry metal or hard rock, a ton is released with lifting of ever tiny increases in the iron and the sweat rolling.

I am ever grateful for my friend Traci too.
We've been trying to meet at the gym twice a week.
It's a little like free therapy.
Plus, we harass each other to try to pull out just a few reps with some weight that we think that we cannot pull off.
It's good.

There are a few positive things about being stuck in my own head for so long.
I have been contemplating life overhaul.
I have been getting rid of just about one thing a day, usually to the donation bag.
However, it does not help that my husband likes to surprise me with gifts of tees, fun socks and workout pants, hahaha.
I am spending less time on the internet and more time fixing things around the house or reading or paper journal-ling.  I'm trying to start writing cards, postcards or short letters again to send out randomly via snail mail.  
I am accepting some contract work in AutoCad, even though it's not what I wanted to do with my life.
Colorado has not been great with job offerings, salary, or actually paying me.  Let me tell you, I have been on some super weird interviews.  One I left chanting, I will not drink the Kool-Aid Jim Jones ~ crazy!!
 So I may as well work for the company in New Orleans via email and FedEx that I have worked for the past 20 years.  They may not be consistent with regular amounts of work, but they are reliable in their payment, and their checks don't bounce, and I do not have to chase after them for months for payment. 
I'll take that.

I will not be competing any time in the very near future.
I feel that I need work physically and mentally to prepare.
I cannot afford the financial aspect nor the time needed to get my physique in shape, my routine improved by learning more types of dance, choreography at this moment.
I will take this time to continually progress toward my goal though.
This way, when I am ready to get back up there I won't have as much to do or as far to go.
It's consistency and working forward.
I'll also take this time to learn more about nutrition and bodybuilding.
There are hundreds upon hundreds of resources that are out there - gotta love the libraries!

I am going to make a concerted effort to socialize.
Another part of what had been eating me is a loss of people we thought were folks we made friends with up here.  I would say 90% have turned out to be completely fake, or as we call them "oh darling" friends. Let's just say that after 5 1/2 years, it's sad to find out that they were not who you thought they were.
It's my own fault, but I still feel used.
 It has made me come to cherish the few who are real friends though.
Real friends who I have not been the best to in the past few months.
I will somehow try to make it up to them and show my appreciation for them though.

And there you go; that's what's up.
Just because I hadn't done it in so long, I decided to do a locker room shot this morning.
Been awhile!
Those thighs are back too.