Friday, 27 July 2012

Body Stats

I went yesterday to see my coach.
I got my body fat and weight done to get a baseline of where I'm at.
It's been over a month since I saw her last.

Dum, dum, dum.....

112 lbs
20.25% body fat

It's better than where I was at last time I was 3 months out from a competition.
We used an upcoming show in October as a theoretical comparison.

I'm not ruling out doing the competition, but the odds are not in favor at the moment.

Oh well, at least I know that I'm gaining muscle and progressing in other areas.

Now, I'll sound like Martha Stewart and say

That's a good thing.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Awesome #1

There is nothing like finding out you still have one paid for massage from a package you bought in March.
Especially when you are pinching pennies.
Definitely, YaaaY!!!

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Back to....

regularly scheduled blogging of nutrition, workouts, building muscle and,
future competitions.

Made an appointment for tomorrow to find out what my measurements, weight,
and current body fat is to have a new baseline to work from.

Sing It!

I don't care who knows it, but I love Journey.
This little comic from a friend really hit me this morning.
It made me giggle.
As cheesy as it sounds, it made me remember to, well, don't stop believin'.

I know that I have gotten stuck and sucked into the mire of tragedy lately.
So much death....
Now, I won't exaggerate the situation.
We were not "besties" with any of the people that I told you about.
We were of those that have a great acquaintanceship with them.
Bartenders at two different places that we frequented.
So it was one of those things where we went in every week to two weeks, sat and discussed movies, life, fun stuff going on, getting to know them though.
One of those were a victim who died.
The other two, I am very happy, are on the mend. 
It affected me all weekend.
One minute they are there, next, gone.
It's haunting.
We hung with mutual friends Friday and part of Saturday, trying to get over the shock.

For some reason, this silly, little comic rocked me back to earth.
I have goals.
My husband and I have dreams.
We will pursue as many as we can.
We will work toward them.
If we believe and want them enough, well, we'll make them happen.
We will also cherish and make more time for family.
We will cherish moments and memories.

So, here I go trying to get back on track and make things happen.
Good things.
And no, Steve Perry, I will not stop believing......

Friday, 20 July 2012

A Little Rambling

My heart is heavy with the horrible tragedy at the theater a few miles from my house last night.

I found out a little before 6am this morning when my mom called to make sure that we were okay.
I was baffled, and she told me what happened and to go turn on the news.
Our nerdy status must precede us because the texts, calls and emails began flooding in to make sure we weren't at the premiere of Batman last night at the Century 16.

My gym is about a mile from the Century 16.
We frequent that mall whenever we do decide to go to a mall.
The road is basically closed off today.
It was nice to get out for about an hour and get my head out of the constant news.
I met Traci down at the gym by her house.

I'm still crossing my fingers that I didn't know anyone there, though some friends of friends were.
It's horrific.
Even though I wasn't there last night, it hit close to home as I pass it daily.
I'm having anxiety and mild panic attacks.
So, I went outside and tried to get my thoughts away.

Oh, the vehicle (our only one) is giving heck.
So, it's being worked on.

My gym put out an announcement that the shooter was NOT a team member there as it was incorrectly announced on the news. Honestly, that freaked me out when I first heard it.

Maybe I'm a little freaked out because the movie theater right around the corner from our house was held up a few months ago at gunpoint.  Thankfully, that instance had no one hurt.

This should make everyone think to live each day to its absolute fullest, appreciate everything and everyone in your life.

As an update, I found out that 3 people that we know (servers from 2 of our favorite haunts have been shot/injured).  Sadness...

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

There's good, there's silly, of course it happened!

The place that I've worked for the past 20 years in Louisiana, sporadically sends me contract work.
So far this year I have worked 12 hours.
I think that I have told you that before.
Well, today, woohoo, work!!!

Well what do you think happened?
My AutoCad will not work.
I re-install.
I take other versions from years ago.
One.... this version has expired.
Your computer is lacking "x, y, & z."
The version that I've been using since the 90's.
Something installed has caused it to be kaput.
I have 2 versions from the company, but now AutoCad has gotten smart.
The serial numbers and keys are invalid.
Yep, because they only want them on one computer....
avoidance of piracy.
I know, I know, can't fault that.

This is the way my life goes.
My 14 version, I'm thinking it will work on my laptop.
That one shouldn't be infected.
Right now, I'm working in the 30 day versions.

Shouldn't panic as they may not send work again for another 5 to 6 months.

I cannot help but laugh.


I was asked about a month ago to maybe do a class for a burlesque school.
In fact, it was my mentor/teacher.
How exciting?!
So, it's been there in the back of my mind.
She brought up what she would like me to teach.
I've been pondering it, hoping it would actually come to fruition.
Now, I have dates!
I'm emphasizing not changing gals bodies, as burlesque is about accepting all shapes, sizes, ethnicity, styles.

It will be strength, fitness, stretching related.  I want to help make them have more endurance during performances, make movements bigger, give them more flexibility.
I'm super excited about this.
In case you're new to the blog, I've been a burlesque performer for 5 1/2 years.
Though, this past year, with competing, my shows have been fewer.

Once again, YaaY!

Monday, 16 July 2012

A Funny

And that happened.
Did a quick leg workout and jumped on the stepmill for a while.
I had not been on the stepmill in probably a month or more.
I should have known what would happen.
Not only was there boob sweat, it looked like I had pee-d my pants too.
It was good, though.

Not sure what exactly made today different.
I mean, I have been continually working out even though I have not felt like it.
I feel better.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

It's Been A Roller Coaster

Yep, it's just been a roller coaster lately.
Unfortunately, there have been more downs than ups.
The most recent being this past weekend.
We were due to leave Sunday for a work thing-y for S.
I got up early going about getting things done, taking care of things, preparing for taking our critters to different sitters.  I took out our stinky-minks (ferrets) for their morning playtime.
But something was wrong with Ichabod.
(He was our rescue given to us by our vets who had been hit by a car and nursed to health.)
Long story short, I spent 5 hours with him in the Vet ER Sunday with him crawling into my lap or arms and whimpering.  After much, much $$$ they believe he had a prostate abscess that ruptured, something common among older male ferrets.  We could elect to spent an additional $1500 to keep him alive overnight and have a specialist come in in the morning to see if it was that.
Even if it was, there would be nothing they could do.
I called S, and he rushed up.
We elected to put him down.  He was in pain and could not urinate or deficate or eat or drink.
So, we said our teary goodbyes, and I was an emotional mess.

He loved to spoon with Boopie (the white one).

No sooner had we gotten home, and one of our pups made a mad dash out of the house.  Off went S running and me hysterical after crying and screaming toward the busy street after him.
Luckily, some neighbors up the way stopped me with me blustering and got in their car to help Sam, waving traffic away.  Though, the dumb mutt did stay on the sidewalks except to cross the busy street to get to the green space toward the lake and the ducks.  
The neighbors drove Sam and knucklehead back home, to my blustering relief.

After, all the animals got to safe sitters, and we left.
The drive away was fine until the flipping patches of storming and water.
By this time, my nerves were shot, and I became white-knuckle-grandmaw-driver.
Oh, we had to bring two vehicles - S's work car and ours, but that's another long story.
A few hours later and we had made it to the hotel.
I admit that all I wanted by that point was some alcohol and a bed.

During our stay, I did manage to go to the hotel gym everyday.
I also brought food.
Two of my friends also had a parent who died while I was there.
My heart wrenched because I was not around to hug either - one in Colorado, one back in Louisiana.

I'm trying to climb on up and out.
Needless to say, the past few months, things keep breaking, going wrong and just suck.
I know, though, that others have it far worse than me.

I'm trying to stay on track and eat clean, build muscle, work out.
I had wanted to do the Muscle Mania/Ms. Fitness show in October.
But even with the 15 resumes and applications a week that I put out, a couple of interviews, nothing has happened.  I take it that that may be a sign.
Thankfully, I was only looking for part time work to support this hobby that I love.
So, I'm just going to take what I have learned so far from my wonderful coach, do more research on my own, and just work on it.
I am super lucky that we have a good relationship and she talks outside of appointments and such.
I don't need to actually compete to have the aesthetic that I want -
but it is fun.
Right now, it will be lots of trial and error.
I will be watching lots of youtubes to try and learn some new moves on my own.
Maybe the future will eventually come back to competing.

Going to keep trying to find the silver lining and the good things and focus on those.
It seems since I turned 39 in May that it has been a downward spiral of things that keep going wrong.
I don't think that I am completely over what happened last month.
I've also been having a lot of tests done.
Most of the time, I look like a junkie from all the poking.
Maybe I'm just a little too emotional.
I really am trying to and working to get back to happy.
I'm actually really looking forward to turning 40... =)

I know things will be back to our "normal" soon.
I have spent too much time on Pinterest looking at silly stuff to make me giggle.

Yesterday, I picked up Ichabod's ashes.
I cried.