Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sometimes I need a little inspiration

I know that I have been absent for a bit.
I have a TON going on and am planning many different upcoming blog updates.

Sometimes, I lack patience.
No, most of the time I lack patience.
It's something that I really need to work on.

By the way, I turned 39 on the 14th.
I think this messed with my head a wee bit lately,
along with a few other bumps and turns in the road, lol.
But, that tends to happen to everyone, right?

Then, I see pictures like these.
It helps me realize that things take time.
Hence, where my patience needs to kick in!
I also get inspiration when I see these.

This is Erin Stern and....
an 8 year difference.

Here's a side by side that Nicole Wilkins posted on her FaceBook page.
The left is from 2003 and the right from 2011, 
another 8 year difference.

It makes me realize just how hard the work is and just how far I can go.
So, where will this go in 8 years?!


Friday, 11 May 2012

Happy Dance

Oh I hope that shows up!

Remember my last post about letting things just happen and trying not to plan?
Well, interesting things are afoot.
I'm excited and curious to see how things twist and turn and what may happen.
Next week will tell many things.
So far, this was something unexpected.

Perhaps, new and delightful discoveries that will only enhance my goals...
and may offer me more opportunities.
Perhaps, I just jinxed myself.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

New Product Love!

I have been enjoying this product for a while now.
I have no clue why I haven't shared the love.
Of course, you have to be a fan of Tiramisu and coffee flavors.

It's MaxPro Tiramisu Roll Protein Powder.
So freaking delicious!!!
I have been enjoying it daily.
Also, I throw a tablespoon in fat free Greek yogurt, nom nom nom nom.

Here's the link for it too.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I have all these plans and goals.
Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned or as smoothly.
I won't go into it, but I have to get over a little frustration, disappointment and discouragement.
Things will work out.
I'll just have to find another way, plan or path to the end goal.
I am going to open up to letting what is supposed to happen, well, happen.
That's the way it's supposed to be anyway, right?
Maybe someone is trying to point me in a different direction, and I'm just being head-strong and resistant.

So, to change my 'tude, I will post some pretty pictures.
There all swiped from Pinterest, so there's links upon links upon links of where they may have come from.

Monday, 7 May 2012


I love experimenting.
For some reason, Pecan Pie has been haunting me.
I'm not sure why as I only make it at Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Maybe it's because I didn't make it this past year?

So, the experimenting began to make this a protein bar/snack.

First attempt....
eh, it's okay.
If  I had no clue what real pecan pie was like, I'd probably really enjoy it.

Experiment #1 in a Protein Pecan Pie Snack with a "chocolate" crust.... 8 slices ~ I think I can make it better and with more protein and goodness

Per slice
117 calories, 9.14g fat, 4.3g carbs, 1g fiber, 1.75g sugar, 15.94mg sodium, 5.63g protein
I will be tinkering again, or maybe just making it into a muffin...
Garden stuff.
I have been waiting, rather impatiently, to begin my gardens.
I've started before this time in the past, all to have my little seedlings get the wrath of a late season snow.
This year, I'm doing as everyone says and waiting until after Mother's Day to get all of the seeds, seedlings and plants outdoors.
With that said, I'm making a big pot of red beans and rice and French Bread to send with the husband to work tomorrow.
I soaked my red beans, and when I was rinsing and sorting to put in the pot this morning, I found 3 little guys like this.


Yep, sprouted!
I normally grow bush black beans, but since I have these sprouts, I threw them in a little pot and let's see what happens with them too!
I am a gorilla gardener of sorts. 
I throw seeds from anything in the ground and usually have great success.
We have lots of "volunteer" plants every year.
In fact, there are quite a few things out there just randomly sprouted from plants gone to seed last year.
In fact, part of my back lawn is now spotted with random lettuces, mint and green onion just from the wind blowing seeds from the plants that I let go and did not yank until the very, very end of fall.

Oh, now if I could only get a simple green house for winters!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

I like it savory

I eat a lot of oats.
I have a shake with ground up oats after I wake.
Meal 2 has oats and eggs and such.

I'm not much on sweet for breakfast.
However, I love savory.
In experimenting, I came up with this.... a sort of jalapeno type custard/bread.

1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1/2 cup of egg whites
1 whole organic egg
1 diced jalapeno, seed and all - I like it spicy!
Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle - I pour it liberally

I spray a ramekin with olive oil and pour in my beaten egg whites and one whole egg.
I mix in my diced jalapeno and Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle.
Lastly, I mix in my oats and about 2 T water.

Now, sometimes, I do add a slice of "cheddar veggie cheese" for a cheese jalapeno flavor.

 I use my handy dandy toaster oven and bake at 350 for about 25 minutes.
Sometimes, I also bake them the night before when I'm making dinner and throw it in the fridge for the next morning.  My ramekins have covers and then I can just throw them in my cooler for eating after the gym in the morning.

Nutritional Info:
286.5 calories,  7.5g fat, 28g carbs, 4g fiber, 1g sugar, 258.5mg sodium, 24.5g protein

If adding 1 "cheddar veggie slice" ADD :
40 calories, 2.5g fat, 220mg sodium and 3g protein!

326.5 calories, 478.5mg sodium, 27.5g protein

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Love this...

Physique = Symmetry, shape, proportion, muscle tone, poise and beauty flow
Fitness = muscle tone, symmetry, femininity, flexibility, demonstration of strength
Figure = muscle tone, definition, symmetry, femininity
Bikini = muscle tone, symmetry, femininity

All = commitment, drive, perseverance, persistence, consistence, and self love ♥


This is what I've done for the past five years....

(thank you Tamera Halbiesen!)

Nope, not just randomly sit on a sofa on the street in sequin under-things.
I've actually been a burlesque performer.
I haven't performed for the past few months while I was prepping.  I was always far too tired to try and make it out to the late night shows, but I am sliding back into the groove.

This was from my monthly girls' brunch this weekend.
What?  You and your girlfriends don't get dressed up all hootchie-like and take pictures in a crowded area of town?!

I'm taking on a few shows.
the cash is nice.
Plus, I get to do crazy stuff.  Now, I can incorporate Fitness moves into my routines!!
I'm not your typical performer anyway ~ I've grown to love flesh toned bras with "pasties" sewn on too.
My persona is going to be doing more fitness-like routines rather than classical stuff.
We'll see how it's perceived...

Other than that, it's GROW time.
I am SO loving the food, the little bit of cardio and all of the lifting, heavy lifting!!!
If things progress, maybe I'll compete again later in the year.
I'd love to go in not as lean, with the right amount of muscle, and with some new moves incorporated into my routine.

Also, my coach and I have been scheming.  Maybe not scheming but planning.
She's helping me in a path to a new career.  She's hooked me up with some licensing organizations to see what paths I should take to begin.  I don't want to get my hopes up, but we've talked about me sort of interning and shadowing with her at her gym too.
Me becoming her student to learn, 
wax on, wax off Daniel-son.
We've also come up with some fun ideas concerning teaching healthy cooking, recipes and such.
Keeping my fingers crossed that things work out, or work out as they should and perhaps even more fun adventures will be on the horizon.

Just for fun, here's the re-do of the shirt that we got at the competition.
Got to make those big boys cuter!

Making some everyday cloth napkins!
(Some are going out as gifts.)

And hubby sent me just because....