Saturday, 31 March 2012

What I've Read, Am Reading~ while you're waiting for updates!

So guess what?
Yes, I do love to read.
I also have discovered a love of audio books.
Those, I love when I suffer my bouts of insomnia.
Download on the iPod and listen without waking up the hubby to turn on lamps and read.
Oh, I also have an obsession with The Twilight Zone.
Luckily, I get Twilight Zone Radio Dramas for every occasion.


And I have many favorites, that I can listen to over and over, as well as watch over & over!

Currently, I am reading this.

 I have followed the comic book since the beginning.
I have since began watching the series -
still get the comic in my folder.

Yes, I am a geek-a-zoid-nerd-o.

I JUST began this book.  I am hooked.  I cannot wait to find out what happens.

My wonderful friend sent me this.

 I can tell you that I picked it up and did not want to put it down.
It is different.
It is not as girly as one would expect.
I LOVED it, hardcore.

Then, I just finished this.

I mean, Chuck Palahniuk.
Fight Club, Lullaby, Haunted, Diary.....Rant.....

This, however, was a little different.
Think Are You There God, It's Me Margaret.

Then, he combines it with many references from today's and 80's pop culture.
It's twisted, yet, has more comedic undertones than any of his other books that I've read.
I giggled, a lot.
But then again, I'm sick and twisted, soooooooooooooooo......

This is what I also do
other than
or GARDEN...

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

16 Days?!

Wowsa, it's getting close!
I got my most magnificent posing suit yesterday from Laura Richards - Suit Yourself Posing Suits.
Is it so fab and bling-y or what?


I couldn't get the bottom on my dress form pretty, but trust me, gorgeous!
Soooooooo sparkley!

She also gave me the pink 12 Pack Cooler with her company logo.
Shweet!  As I have been eye-ing those things up big time.
I'm sure backstage at the show, though, there will be many, many of them.
I'll have to personalize mine with my name....... in bling!

These are a few pics of me being silly from yesterday.
Notice, I have lost all boobs.

Now, below, I'm looking all mad and boooooo because I want my arms to look better.

Now, here I am saying, "Are you guys going to grow or what?"

Though today we had posing practice (after my arms and cardio at the other gym I workout at), and coach says my Model T and Back are nailed and I'm "there" up top and my calves too.  That was music to my ears.... now if my stupid quads would keep up the pace, and my derriere. 
At least, I still have a little time to work it hard!
She's been bringing me out to the other weight rooms to practice too.
Gotta not care about people staring at you in a rhinestoned teeny, tiny suit and clear stripper shoes.
Plus, she would rather me practice now without a mirror so that I can "feel" the poses and just fall into them.
Ninja training, I tell you.

We took new progress pictures today.  Then I got to practice for the first time in my new posing suit.
I loves it and didn't want to take it off.
We were going to do my routine, but poor coach got a call and her place flooded - busted pipe.
So, I practiced some moves there, then came home and added an intro blip to my music and just got done mixing it back and burning it.

Now, off to practice more!

Here's a pic I snapped while waiting to take more progress pics.
Doesn't everyone walk around the gym in a bikini?
If you look on the floor, you can see the tons of stuff I bring, including my Buffy stake for my routine, lol.

Monday, 26 March 2012

18 Days! Newest Body Stats

Only 18 days.....
and all I can think about is this

(Photo from here)

The funny part is that I really only eat them one time a year,
which happens to fall right around now and 7 days before my competition.
At least, I'll be able to get them on sale after!

But, I've found out that, for me, I get to have fun foods during the day of my competition.
I thought I even heard Snickers mentioned.... 
We talked a little about that because for Fitness, you need to be lean, but you need the energy to perform your routine twice that day and to do posing twice....
Honestly, I kind of stopped hearing after I heard "Do you like Snickers?"

We talked after competition maintenance.
I get my cheat meal after and my brunch the next day, then it's back to my previous diet.
By previous, I mean the one that got me to the point of before last week, before we began tweaking.
We'll get it all ironed out because I'll be seeing her everyday the week of my competition and then I'll see her sometime during the week afterwards.
By the way, more food this week, huzzah!

I'm probably going to go light the week after my competition, in terms of exercise.
Not as much cardio and maybe a little less intense on weights to give my body a little break.
we're going to start planning nutrition to pack on more muscle for future competitions.  Plus, I just want to get better and learn more moves.

For those interested, I found out that my coach does online coaching!
She'll do nutrition, workout plans, even posing all online!
So, get in touch with Tiffany Yee at Body Statement Gym if you're curious or have thought of competing, whether it be bikini, figure, fitness, whatever!

Still a little bummed that my body fat only dipped a little, but I lost nearly 4 pounds.

Body Fat = 16.4%
Weight = 102 pounds
Chest = 31.5"
Waist = 24.5"
Hips = 31"

We're trying to keep my muscle up and maybe grow a little in the next 18 days.
I am also practicing my routine daily and posing.
I foresee me being very tired, lol.
It's a.o.k. though, because for some masochistic reason, I'm loving it.

Oh, and now, this is in my brain....

(borrowed from here)


Friday, 23 March 2012

21 Days ~ 3 Weeks and counting

So, yeah, there were no changes on Monday to my weight and body fat.
So, we're tweaking the diet.
Starting a little carb depleting, then some reloading later.
Really, though, it seems like I'm still getting a decent amount of carbs, so
I'm not feeling it ...yet.

I saw her again on Wednesday for more posing and routine practice.
We're changing some of the moves.
Just when I think I'm getting it down, hahaha.

I'm borrowing my suit next week from my designer to let my coach see me at posing practice.
My designer is basically done, but she saw me at a show that I went to watch this weekend, and she would rather do alterations the week of my show because I have and am leaning out so much.
That's good, no?
Then, I'll bring her back my suit the next day.

I've got some swvardski (?) rhinestones to begin embellishing my routine costume.
Though, I'll be making alterations on that too.
Coach thinks I should pad my top a little (floppy English muffins!) and shorten the front of my skirt.
I know that I'll be buying more rhinestones but I bought al the store had yesterday.

I also booked my spray tanning for the night before and the next morning.
I have my entry form all made out, check filled out, and in the envelope.
Now, I just have to mail it.
Why am I not throwing it in there?
Putting it in my gym bag to pass by the post office this morning.

Tuesday was our anniversary.
Funny, we didn't do anything, though I know hubby wanted to go out to eat.
I think he's a little disappointed that I'm actually completely sticking to my diet.
Though, we've still gone out to eat.  I've just gotten some protein plain and grilled or broiled and either plain salad or steamed veggies - no butter.
It's kind of good in a way that he has to work this weekend.
No temptation.
Even though I'm meeting girlfriends for brunch Sunday, my plan is to order something to go and bring it home for the hubby.
It's my plan, besides a plain side salad.

See, there has been nothing too exciting going on this week.
Hopefully, next week things will be more interesting.
I'm really looking forward to more changes.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

29 Days & Counting Down!

Well, I thought if might be time for a few progress pics.
I know I won't have the muscular definition that I would like when the competition comes, but I'll keep trying!
Actually, my body stats didn't change much this week.
I lost 1/2 a pound and my body fat percentage stayed the same.
I go again on Monday.
We're going to see if I'm still stalled and re-evaluate the diet.
Coach has a sneaking suspicion that I need more protein and carbs before and after my workouts.
So, we'll go over my food logs and workouts and tweak from there.
I'd love to lose more body fat and become more defined.
And really, I don't need to lose more weight.
So, we'll see!

Just as a reminder, 
From Left to Right -
August 2010, July 2011, November 2011

Now, here's some I snapped today.
Yikes I need a tan!
(It's hard to snap and try to hold a pose, lol - which also still has lots of practice to go)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

31 Days Out!

I felt like it was time to start counting down!
It's getting closer....
I don't have body stat updates yet this week.
Yesterday's schedule got all chaotic, so it didn't happen.
I'm going to try and get in there maybe tomorrow around my massage.
Yep, loving getting a massage every few weeks right now.
I think my poor muscles appreciate it.

Right now, I'm waking up every morning telling myself,
"I'm happy with where I'm at right now."
It helps my mindset, especially getting my tired butt to the gym and pushing myself harder.

I want to get a new picture up.
I'm apprehensive to do so though.

I did splurge on a Groupon.
It was $25 for two VersaSpa Spray tans.
I have fallen to the draw of wanting to see my body tanned.
I will be Nacho Cheese Jenny.

I have to give a shout out for the most excellent customer service!
National Physique Committee office, you are most amazing. Long story short: Another friend posted that she received her NPC card. I all of a sudden panicked because I had not, and my check cleared in January. I looked up a number for the main office in Pittsburg. Let me tell you so nice. I emailed copies of the front and back of my canceled check, and they have already sent me an email version of the card and sent the hard copy out yesterday...... all of this in less than 20 minutes.
Now that, my friends, was awesome and made my day.


See, I'm now official!
Oh!  And I asked Adela a question on FB... well, sort of a question, more of my concerns.  Guess what?   She answered me on YouTube, along with others questions.  I don't know why I have been needing so much validation on this journey, but it helped.
I'm also super excited because one of my bestest friends from home is going to come up for my show too.  I love that I'm going to have her, my hubs, my wonderful friend up here Traci, and possibly a few more friends there too!
It makes me super happy.
Now, I'm off.  Gym time!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Day 138 & Officially 5 Weeks Out

Hmmmmm, where to begin?
I feel good, yet, I am apprehensive.
Had posing and routine practice today.
My coach thinks that I have the perfect Bikini Category body.
That's great.
I don't want to switch categories.
Yeah, I'd probably be better off because Bikini has age categories.
Yep, I'm going to be lumped with all those youngin's...
And I will be weeks away from 39.
Granted, I don't think of myself as old.
Far from it, as I still try to chase youth - whether that be good or bad.
So now, I'm on a quest to build bigger.
This may mean that in my first competition, I will not place well.
I can accept that.
I want to have that physique though.
I know now that I'm not ripped enough.
What does that mean?
It means I have to dig deep.
Work harder.
Lift more.
Lift heavier.
Will I be perfect come April 14th?
Granted, my routine will be awesome because (according to my coach) I have the strength moves and flexibility moves down.
Hopefully in 5 weeks it will also be flawless.

So, what now?
I'm looking for future competitions.
So that I can compete with a ripped body.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Product Love

Hubby bought this for me last year knowing my love of all things retro.
Little did I know how handy it would come in.
During my injury time where I had to ice and heat my lower back, I used this little sucker constantly.
I even just kept throwing it back in the freezer to re-freeze without emptying its previous contents out.
Loved it!

Gal Pal Ducky Ice Bag

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Day 135 ~ Body Stats & happiness over kids' jeans

Yesterday was body stat day!
I am 16.49% body fat!
I'm hoping that by next week, I can make it into that 15% range.
I will not deny that I'm a little excited by this.
I may do some bikini pictures soon.

In other news, I did buy a new pair of jeans....
At GAP Kids, hahaha
It was a little weird going in and having the sales people ask to help and me having to tell them that I was there for me.
They looked a little weirded out and told me they didn't carry Kids 16 in the store, that I should go online, but feel free to look about and try things on.
Wound up with a size 14 flare leg jean -
(I could fit in the 12's but they were a wee bit tight. Though in two weeks, I'm sure they would fit!
I'm thinking that where I'm at about now, is probably close to what I'll be off-season - give or take a pound.)