Saturday, 31 December 2011

Thank You & Goodbye 2011

We had a good run.
Many wonderful things happened.
Changes for the good were made.
But it's time to say Au Revoir.

I have new plans, new adventures, new goals.

(Wouldn't that be fun to have in a living room?)
I'm debating WHAT exactly I would like to achieve this next year.
Well even if we have MayanCalendarApocalypticZombieBrigade on 12-21-2012,
that's pretty much the whole year to accomplish things, right?

All I do know is that I want to be happy.
I want to achieve things that I would like to achieve.
Hell, I may even be a little selfish this coming year.
In the same instance, I would like to do more for others.
I would like to achieve a good balance..
I would like to spend more time with friends.
I've already been planning dates, including yoga on weekends with one gal pal, then coffee or tea afterwards.  I have a quite a few girlfriends who have memberships at one of the same gym chains that I do.  This means hooking up & working out, YaaY!
I really don't want to hermit myself up in my house, as I have tendencies to do all too often.

I don't know.  There are many things that I would like to do.
Maybe I will sit and make a list.

Like, clothing and remaking it ~ Pop-in-law just bought me size 2 Petite jeans & they're already too big, along with many other things~  Woe is me right? 

Tonight, however, I will spend a relaxing evening with family, enjoying my last sips of red vino until after my competition in March.  Watch a little "Grimm."  (Haven't checked it out yet)
May have to pop in a few Twilight Zone episodes because it's just tradition.
(Um, and I'm a little obsessed.)

So, I will wish 2011 goodbye and welcome 2012 with open arms.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Lucy Love

Okay, I don't normally have love for a particular "brand."
However, being a petite (a/k/a super short person, vertically challenged, can't reach my cabinets), I have found a place that actually fits to their size chart and the length is awesome!
I have fallen in love with 

Their stuff is adorable.
Their stuff FITS!!

I think that I have found a "brand" that I actually may be loyal to?!

Plus, I've even found their stuff at my local thrift store too!
Who threw it out?
I don't care because it was like new and fits perfectly!!

So, whenever I do actually earn some bread, I will be spending it there.
I've only purchased on their SALE items so far, but
DANG so so worth it.

And that's my 2 cents of love.

Bringing My Mojo Back

I've fallen into the trap ~
workout wear all the time!
Now, granted, I'm not wearing makeup to my workouts.
I used to.
However, it's not good for my complexion.
Sweat + Makeup = clogged pores and breakouts!
I do however wear tinted chapstick.
I am a lover of Burt's Bees.
If I have errands to run after  the gym, I do splash my face and 
try to swipe on a little mineral powder on my face.

I really don't want to look like a shlump all the time.
I have upgraded my workout wear.
I do not to wear huge, baggy t-shirts or pants anymore.
It's nice to trade those in for workout tanks and a little more fitted yoga pant or crop pant.

I have to say, I was inspired by
Well, I'm always inspired by her gorgeous posts, but this one she posted a while back has really stuck in my head.  I had to go look it up again this morning.

Ideas For Comfortable Yet Glamorous Outfits

She has great pictures of Dita Von Teese leaving her pilates classes and looking adorable.

Her polyvore collage is on that post too.

She's wonderful at doing these.

It gave me some ideas to make my workout wear look a little cuter when I'm leaving and running to stores after the gym.  I'm going to add a little cardigan, maybe a little lipstick.

Maybe I'll switch out to some ballet flats, as long as it's not snowing or crazy icy out.

Yep, it's a little petty, but I miss feeling cute.  Although my wonderful husband always tells me that I look pretty no matter what, I don't always feel it. I don't think there's any reason that I can't look cute and a little stylish while working out..... or really after!  Plus, if you did not know, I have a really deep adoration of vintage.  Before getting on my journey to fitness, I dressed in vintage or vintage-style most of the time.  Now, all my vintage is too big.  I have put off buying new clothes because I know my body is still changing.  I'm challenging myself to change/upcycle what I currently have to become "new" and fun for me.

Here's a couple of cute images and ideas.

Here's Dita leaving her pilates class.  Just the jacket adds flare, besides a hoodie (which I love hoodies, lol)


Simple, yet adorable!

So let's see if I can step it up and look cute and fit this year.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Day 66 ~ Indulgences

Today was my last day of "member classes" in my paid instructor training.
I did pass my certification to be an instructor.
I will now begin shadowing.

So today was one our boot camp, run home, shove meal 2 in face, drink big cup of 1/2 decaf/1/2 regular black coffee, brush teeth and head to gym to meet friend for steady state cardio.
Fun, really!

So, I'm writing about indulgences.
I found out last night that my regular trainer is leaving for a new (you know, real more reliable job).
I was really comfortable with him.
I LOVE all the other trainers, but you know how it is when you workout with someone twice a week.
It's just like a friendship.
Good for him, but still booooooo.
So, I know that come next week it will become hard core mode.
It's wrong, but I'm indulging.
Indulging in....

Oh yeah.  You see, I'm always about 98% clean on food.
but oh, oh, vino, you tempt me.
Is this not the perfect name of a wine?
It's zin-ful!!!
So kill me, I like a good pun!

I'm not expecting to make great progress next week, but I'm already a month ahead of schedule.
(She should have never told me that!)

and once again, I'll miss St. Paddy's celebrations....
hey, but I have to skip that every year due to work and school or whatever!
oh, the night of the 18th, I think it will be AWESOME & EPIC!!
I don't anticipate to place because I know there will be others there who
are more experienced and talented, but
I will be there with game face on!!!

Oh, and just to add....
No guilt at this point for enjoying a little bit of holiday cheer!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Day 59 ~ Some pics

I should have taken pics in the gym locker room in good light before I ran out of there this morning.
But you know, it was early and I still had to hit the grocery for a few last minute things before they get insane with shoppers considering the incoming snow and holiday.
(I woke up in the middle of the night getting up to write a list of things we should have for my pop-in-law.)

I decided to take pictures when I got home this morning.
Our office (nor any other part of our home) has good lighting, except natural light.
I was trying to get my abs, but I'm not sure that I captured much of anything, lol.

I really need a tan!

So, I did break down and buy some lotion that gives you color.
We'll see what that does, lol!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Day 58 ~ Body Stat Update.

These are based on the same scale, calipers and such that we use every time.

December 6th
Body Weight = 113lbs
Body Fat = 26.04%
lbs in Body Fat = 29.43
lbs in Lean Muscle = 83.57

December 20th
Body Weight = 111.5lbs
Body Fat = 24.34%
lbs in Body Fat = 27.14
lbs in Lean Muscle = 84.37

We've met my January goals.
So, we've made new goals to lean out and will 
then work on my physique a little more.

I was just excited when I got undressed and she said,
"Look at your abs!"
Then, she pointed out that she could clearly see my triceps too.

Breakfast Redo

One of my morning meals is
oats (amount depending on what I'm doing that day)
1 T ground flax
1 whole egg
1/2c egg whites
(can add cinnamon or whatever)

Most of you know this can get repetitive.
I have been playing with ways to vary it up -
muffin style.
It makes them great to have in cooler with a boiled egg, ready to be munched after my morning cardio.
(I usually have a protein shake 30 minutes after waking and then hit the gym.)

I should note that doing this you can always pour this into a non-stick (or sprayed) pan and make them into a pancake form.

Now, I'm sure many folks out there who have been competing for a while already know this,
but I was all excited to figure it out.
Better later than never!

I grind my oats in the coffee grinder,
 add 1/2 packet raw stevia, cinnamon,1 T flax and 1/2 cup egg whites and mix.

Recently, I've been adding in little extras.

1/2 t Lemon Extract and lemon zest, sometimes a squeeze of fresh lemon juice for a lemon-y treat.
When I'm craving savory, I dice up jalapeno and put in the seeds too, 
add some chili powder, cumin, cayenne and get a southwestern-y treat.
(I also have been known to throw in 1 T low-fat shredded cheese.)

I think that I'm going to invest in these stevia syrups that I've seen as well.
I keep thinking they could liven up some stuff.

This morning I was in the mood for some lemon!
Here's the little guys pre-baked.

Here they are after and ready to be devoured!
With a few a huge cup of Dunkin Donuts Mocha Mint Coffee! (black)

Look they're even Christmas themed.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Day 57 ~ Bah Humbug, but hey there's abs!

Just call me Ms. Grinch.
I have never been a super Christmas girl.
(I am all about Halloween.)
I think it's because of the way people change when out and about during this season.
They are anything but what Christmas is about.
I tend to observe them.
I see more road rage with tight pursed lips.
The same face exists in the stores as they try to run me over with their buggies
while I am perusing navel oranges, nudging and pushing at me as though the
pile of hundreds of sunny fruit in front of us will somehow disappear before they get one.
God help you on the baking aisle.

I send out cards.
I have more sentimental gifts that I send out to very few.
For instance, since I live about 1300 miles from my parents, we do not get to see them often.
I cannot travel down as much as I like.
Both, due to years as hard laborers and accidents at jobs and so forth, are not in the best physical shape to travel long distances.  My mom is bed bound at the moment with one leg not working and is looking toward
back surgery after years of trying to get around it.
So, I made them a photo album of crazy pictures of myself and hubby and fur babies.
Sweet pictures, nutty pictures, costumed pictures.
They loved it.
Other than them, I send my two godchildren cash.
And hubster, gets really weird items that other folks would think are just crazy for Christmas presents.
I try to stay out of stores from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas, going at really odd times to
get necessities.  Heck, I'll even go to a drugstore and pay more just to avoid the
insanity of pushing and shoving over a 50 cent made in China toy that I'm not going near, but will be tripped in order for someone to make a leap to swipe from the end of the aisle.
Yes, it's happened.

But that's how we are.
I am not into gift exchanges and such.
That's not what it's about to me.
I like to relax during the holidays.
Sure, I cook and make fancy things.
We're having a duck this year and probably a rabbit as well.
I'll bake.
We'll have wine.
My father-in-law will be with us.
No craziness. 
Maybe some Christmas music, the lights on our 4' silver pre-lit tree, fire in the fireplace,
conversation and laughs.
Phone calls to our family back in Louisiana.

I guess I'm not a complete grinch.
I'm just not so intertwined in the mass commercialism of the holiday.
I'm a bad consumer.

I am, however, super excited because we are starting to see my abs!
Merry Christmas to me!
I think that I'll have the six pack eventually afterall.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Day 52 ~ Becoming More Diligent

I am trying to become more diligent in my cardio.
Yeah, I skip it A LOT.
So, I'm trying to make it a habit and do it the requisite number and length that I'm supposed to.
Also, last night, after coming home from my training session, I began dinner.
Husband was drinking a dark, foamy Guiness.
I broke down and had 2 Stella Artois.
However, they didn't have the wonderful taste nor satisfaction that I would normally feel from them.
In fact, I was quite blah about them afterwards.
What the hell is wrong with me?!
Maybe completely cutting out the alcohol from after New Year's until my first competition won't be all that bad.

So, I'm making an effort to do my cardio, correctly from here on out.
No half-arsed attempts.
All in.

Now, I must continue to work on flexibility and strength moves too.
Need to make those look effortless eventually.

Here are two of my favorite fitness routines from the 2011 Olympia.
Tanji placed 2nd.
Jodi wasn't in the top 5, but her routine just stuck with me as a favorite.

Now, on a crafty side note. 
I tried making some t-shirt yarn from old tees.
I just starting cutting and continuously spiraled up cutting until you reach the arms.
I wound up with a big pile of ribbon.

So I began to roll a ball, stretching the fabric as I rolled it.
It tubes up and becomes skinny.
I gave it a try and made a little chain stitch.

I worked!
Now I know that I can use it to make other crafty things
rather than just cut them into rags to use for cleaning around the house,
which we have TONS of.

Monday, 12 December 2011


I believe I have found another craft project to try soon.
Knitting or crocheting old t-shirts into dish clothes!
Talk about a great recycle project.

They also have a link for making area rugs too.
Of course, you can just search all over for fun crafts and tutorials.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Day 49 ~ Theme Ideas

My nerdy side always wants to prevail. 
And with my admitting that I am, in fact, a girl of geekdom, it
should be of no surprise that I have a deep love of 

So, as I was re-watching, from Season 1, I thought
"This could be my theme!"

Totally cheesy!  Totally fun with a foam Mr. Pointy!
The moves could totally work in as I kick invisible vampire butt.

Maybe I could work in a bedazzled top like this?

Perhaps I could get someone to add in memorable quips and quotes from the show during the theme song?

Oh too much fun thinking of ideas.

Oh Joss, you fill me with happiness.
Now, if this could work.....

Friday, 9 December 2011

Day 47

I'm not sick, my nose is just overflowing with awesome.
Barney Stinson

 (ok, I just discovered this show and am obsessed with love for it)

Yep, that's about right.
I've been fighting against getting sick for a week now.
I think it's getting the better of me.
I decided to make today a light day.

I'm so awesome that it's overflowing down the back of my throat into my stomach and making me feel queasy.
I didn't think that I could handle boot camp this morning and chancing all that
awesome hurling out onto the gym floor.
I will be dosing up with vitamin C, echinachea and such to try and knock it out.
Instead, later today I'll spend some time stretching to work on my flexibility moves and then
my strength holds.  It seems I can never work too much on that.

Speaking of those, the fun stuff is about to begin.
Tiffany says my physique is coming along and once we get that,
um ~cough~ fat layer off, I'll be great.
My check this week had me at 113 pounds and 26.04% body fat.
That's not too shabby since I began at 121.5 pounds and 29.73% body fat on September 14th.

Things will definitely be tightening up with my diet and
~cough, cough~
I should begin to try and start losing 0.5% body fat every week.
I'm sure it will get really serious after the first of the year because I will
only have about 10 weeks....

I'm going to be entering the
Denver Novice BB/ FIT/FIG/BIK/PHYS Championships
on March 18th.

This leads me to the fun stuff.

Fitness Routine Planning!

Tiffany and I are planning on beginning with it in January.
I'm supposed to come in with my theme ideas, song ideas, any choreography (if I'd like to tackle some), costuming ideas.
We threw around a little the other night.
Now, my mind is spinning and the ideas are too numerous.
I was thinking of a flashback to the 80s/90s.
Something fun, silly, goofy.......
just like me.

If you have any fun ideas for songs, feel free to throw them my way. 
I may be handling this all wrong because I'm handling it
as though I were preparing a burlesque routine.
I listen to songs until one just hits me and I have visions of costuming and dance moves.

Oh and I do believe that my trainer Justin has taken it upon himself to kill me.
After coming in and telling him that I wasn't bad after our last workouts,
he has been coming up with some killer workouts, always changing with moves that make me tilt my head, arch an eyebrow and look at him with a 
"What you talkin' bout?" face.
This week, he was successful
I have been S.O.R.E.
It feels great though because he makes me attempt things that
I would never think that I can do.
Great trainer! 


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Day 44 ~ Enjoying the Ride

At times during this journey, I become obsessed with what the end result will be.
I mean, that is part of it definitely!
I worry if I will fall far from what others will be on stage.
I worry if I will be able to pull off a flawless routine, 
including all of the required moves plus some.
I worry if I will make a fool of myself.

Then, I came across this blog at Muscle & Fitness Hers.

written by Cheryl Brown.

Here's the main part of the title:

Where to begin and guidelines for how to enjoy the journey! 

Here are her basic rules, and you can click the link to see how she gives tips about each.

  • #1 Recognize the Positive on a Daily Basis

  • #2 Compete with Yourself

  • #3 Choose Your Expert and Ignore Everyone Else

  • #4 Plan Ahead

  • #5 Always Get Feedback 


    I am definitely going to begin implementing some of the advice that she gives.

    I am going to be keeping a journal, hand written.

    I definitely need to plan ahead and so much more.

    After all, it's all about enjoying the ride.

    The end results are just gravy!!....

    or cupcakes, or cheesecake....


    This evening, fat check, weigh in, cardio and training.



Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 39 ~ Random, Scattered Thoughts

Today is a gloomy, snowy day.
I am being quite unproductive,
as I have been the past two days.
I have not been feeling quite up to par, but that's the way it goes.
I have training this evening and probably body assessment.
I am not looking forward to the assessment as I am a cramping, bloated mess,
but I'll just keep that in mind when the results come out.

So, I'm being super lazy right now browsing the evil web.
I'll get to it in a few and go jump rope, clean and cook dinner so that the husband can heat up his dinner while I am gone and I can just come home to heat mine up.

Random note: I forgot how much I enjoy farm fresh eggs.
I grew up with chickens.
We never ate our chickens but did eat the eggs.
All of our chickens were like pets and there were many buried in our back yard when they died of old age.  Heck, my parents now have 5 acres and still have chickens and one looney duck (a rescue).

I recently, got some fresh eggs and am back in love.
I will definitely shell out the extra money for them and not feel guilty in the least.

Switching Thoughts Again
Well, I'm trying (the key word here is trying) to not buy new clothes because I know that my body and shape are going to continue to change.
I have way too many articles of clothing anyway.
Sometimes I wish that I were like my husband.
He has probably seven of the same shirt that he wears to work, same with pants, same with weekend wear.  He never thinks about what to put on.

In my constantly swirling mind, I'm thinking of my small ways to make a difference and declutter my life a litttle.
I'm wondering if I can go the year without buying new clothes.
(Now, this would not include a posing suit or fitness routine outfit because I do not think that I have the skill nor patience to make those!)
Now, for a few years I have been intrigued with the Uniform Project.

I am wondering if I could do a version of it?
I could mix and match it with the clothing I have and as I out grow, my wardrobe would decrease, yet I would have a staple piece to accessorize.

Not only that, you can raise money for a charity too.
I think that's killing two birds with one stone!

I am really loving their LBD Classic.
Of course, right now they are out of it and the pattern, booooo.
I shot them an email asking if they were going to get it back in stock and if they would please notify me when they did?

I figured that since my workout wardrobe is pretty decent, I can just up-cycle to create
new items when other things wear out.
That sports bra that I made in Getting Crafty
is pretty darn comfy and supportive, believe it or not!

Heck, maybe when I need it I can get people to donate their old workout wear, and
I can create new funky styles from them?

Plus, I never did do my Days for Girls/ Project Thrive project this year.
I really want to do that as well.
I'm feeling very altruistic.
Since I am limited in my income of actual currency, maybe I can provide in other ways.
So far, these are some of my ideas.