Monday, 31 October 2011

It's the Great Pumpkin!

Every year, S and I exchange "Great Pumpkin" gifts.
I slacked this year and did not even think of it.
We barely even decorated, since we were out of town and such.
In fact, I feel blue because this is usually my absolute favorite holiday,
and I slacked.

Any how, S gave me my Great Pumpkin gift all wrapped in haunted house ads from the Westword.
This year I got

An art nouveau paint/ craft kit.

Here's a shot of our treat bags we traditionally make every year.

We make up bags with creepy toys and Halloween themed pencils, erasers, notepads and such.

Waiting anxiously to be handed out tonight.

And now, I must go to the trainer.
Two more paid for workouts.
May have to take what I've learned and workout on my own for a week or two until
I can somehow make enough to pay for some more, lol.
Learning experience, learning experience.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Side note

I think one good side of all of this training &
having to get rid of my current vintage clothing.
I'll have a smaller waist.
Then i can get new, tinier vintage spice!

Etsy will have different items all the time.
There are just some things that I'm too attached to!

I can't totally give up one of my vices.

Feeling guilty & selfish

I'm only just beginning this journey, but I'm feeling guilty and selfish.

You see, I usually am pretty frugal.  I research things on my own.  I bought a gym membership last year, but I got a deal - $15 a month.  I use it too, as I go a few times a week.
I shop at thrift stores.
We cook home, almost the whole week.
We eat out maybe once on a weekend.
I make many things that we use.
We garden.
We upcycle.

So, when I decided to looking into competing, I knew there would be changes.
It's something that I have wanted to do for years and years.
It feels extravagant to me.
It's not a "need."
It is most definitely a want.
I am having feelings of guilt and selfishness.

I wonder if others have felt this way when they first struck out to achieve this goal?

I am trying to push those down.
I know that I will learn a lot through this as well -
even though it's a pretty penny, lol.

This is going to be one hell of a ride.

Me being a dork - Sluttin' It Up

Just because this makes me happy.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Day 2 & 3 to the Goal

Yesterday, I met up with my friend and workout buddy, Traci.
I decided to hit shoulders, biceps & triceps then do my cardio.
I did have my first fall in diet yesterday 
2 11oz beers.
Yep, fell off the wagon.
Sad part was that they didn't even taste that great.
I think I said screw it after choking on a tiny fish bone in my dinner.
After that, I was annoyed and wanted to indulge.
I mean, I have til March.
Besides that, I was craving something sweet -
chocolate, a cupcake, anything.
I just drank tons of water and ignored it.
Tomorrow, I will ask for my trainer's magic muffin recipe that I keep hearing about.

Today, I woke up, strapped on my heart rate monitor and hula hooped for my designated times in my HR zone.
Fun cardio.
Today is just a cardio day.
This is good because I am sore all over.
I know I need to stretch more today,
especially since I have a show tonight with 3 acts.
A show that I won't get home from until after midnight.
I am losing my night owl status.
I am dreading getting home that late and having to shower all of my zombie makeup off and
then try to get to bed and fall asleep after being hyped up.
I'm supposed to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.
Unfortunately, due to my internal alarm clock, it doesn't happen even after staying out that late.
I'm always up, the latest 7am.

I'm taking an advil pm when I get home tonight.
I have afternoon training with Tif and another late night show tomorrow night.
Sleep must happen.

Contract work has not come through yet.
Etsy has no bites, lol.
(I was given some new advice to try and will be listing things more frequently during the week instead of a big lump once a week)
Burlesque does not pay great.
I'm still applying for part time work.
Unfortunately, I'm not what most part time jobs are looking for -
older, over-qualified.
Such is life.
I have confidence that things will eventually work out.

After all, I have until March.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 1 to the Goal ~ hopefully

Today I went back to training after being sick.
(Still have residual nose leakage, but feeling good.)

Tiffany trains me, and I LOVE it.
She works me until my muscles quiver, and I pretty much collapse.
Today she brought in another trainer with her just to give me a few really crazy, weird and hard exercises.
It was the first time that other people were there being trained while I was.
This is a small gym where they train people to compete.
I know this.
I knew this going in.
This is why I wanted to go here.
They make transformations.
(On a lesser note, most place in there competitions - though that is currently not my goal, it is a testament to the work they do.)

I have seen great improvement in the few weeks that I have been going to Tiffany.
If you knew me, you could tell the changes in my body.
At least, that's what everyone tells me, even those who are not aware that I'm working out.

I have been feel pretty good about myself.
I've had a little boost of confidence even.

Yep, seeing two other ladies who are on the road to competing made me feel like I looked like this:

Womp. womp. womp.

Now, granted my tummy does not look like that.
Rationally, I know it, but damn, seeing those other girls knocked me right down to old insecurities.
I also know that I should not compare myself to others.

I am me.
I will be the best me that I can be.
Maybe, I can learn a little something from them once I am around them more.

I am shaking it off and moving ahead.
My diet is on track.
I haven't cheated with a cocktail in a week.
Hell, I haven't even had a cheat meal.

If I focus and keep the plan, I know that I eventually will look like this


Saturday, 22 October 2011


Thankfully, I feel like I'm almost over this.

Besides just feeling tired, I'm down to just the annoying runny nose.
This is good because by Monday I want to start doing this again.

I'm totally stoked for this.
I know it will be hardcore.
I am worried about cravings, but I'll need to buck up that willpower...
Wait, do I even have willpower?

I just keep thinking about getting to the end product.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Here We Go

I met with my trainer yesterday for my newest body analysis.
We didn't train because I'm like this right now.

She's also told me that I have to rest in order to get 100% before we begin training again.

Because she envisions me on stage come March.
Yeah, wow.

I'm scared and excited all balled up in one.

So, I'm resting today because honestly, I feel just wiped out.
I'm pretty sure that it's just a head cold.
You know, the snot is still clear, it's mainly my head that's just congested.
We want my immune system to be up to par as we start
ripping this body apart, lol.

So, until next week (we're tentatively meeting for another workout Monday), 
we're concentrating on getting the diet down.

I guess I'm still a little in denial.  I've always thought about doing this.
I went in saying, I was thinking about it, maybe, didn't know if I could.
She says I can.
I'll have to get the confidence that she has in me.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Good Stuff

Oh vacation!
How I need a vacation from my vacation!
Just kidding,
because it was glorious.
We went home to New Orleans for a visit.
I miss the place so much.
The first night there,
well, I indulged in an

Lovely Green Fairy.

Walking to the bar that Hubby and I met at,
we saw this in the window.
What a mix, right?
Steampunk, religious, blasphemous - means I loved it.

This was a place on Royal that I have always loved.

Sunday we went to Gretna Fest.
It was quite impressive from what it used to be.
I think there were six or seven different stages, an ampitheatre that
was built by the Mississippi River down the levee and
blocks upon blocks of food, rides, crafts and lord knows what else.
This is me sitting outside the German Beer Garden listening to music and wishing that I had brought my sunglasses or a hat.

All in all, I kept my diet pretty darn good.
Lots of grilled, raw or boiled seafood and salads.
We stayed with my most wonderous girlfriends.
They're sisters and I keep saying that if hubby dies before me that I
am going to move in with them so that we can be the crazy old ladies together, lol.

Look at what she had set up in our room.
Yep, that's a bar menu too!

There are tons more pictures that S downloaded.
I'll have to go through and pic some to post.
We went fishing the day before we left.
I have the farmer's tan/sunburn to prove it.


Now, we're home and somehow when we collected all of our pets we wound up with one additional.
This little brown ferret was a stray that was hit by a car and nursed back to health over the past few weeks.
What can I say?
I'm a sucker.
Besides Boopie (our white little girl ferret) adored him.

Welcome new fur baby that has not yet been named.

Today was back to good, hard workouts.
I have a weigh in and measurements on Thursday.
We'll also be going over more nutrition and workouts and plans.
Funny, I was wondering how I would pay for this.
My old work that I contract for happened to contact me today.
They were wondering if I was interested in helping out again.
They tell me they are like a bad rash that I can't get rid of.
Well, at least they come at the most opportune times!
Things do seem to work out when they need to!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Song Love

This just makes me smile and giggle.
It's the song that I'm obsessed with at the moment.
It is going on my workout playlist because
it just puts a little hop in my step, lol.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Trend the Past Week - Blowing It!

I follow many blogs,
especially ladies who compete.
In case, you didn't notice my new obsession.

summed up the latest of what I have been reading,
diet meltdown.

Actually, had an article called


There were more as well this week.
I have to say that this weekend, I blew mine!
There were far too many cocktails, food that I have not been eating, bad processed food late at night, cheese!

So, reading all of these stories while I was hungover Monday morning, 
(by the way, it was the husband's birthday this weekend, lol)
I am getting back on track again.

I am trying not to feel too guilty, as the past two weeks I had done really well with
great changes in my body.
So, it's back to the regimen.
Heck, this is the first time EVER that I am packing food in my suitcase for vacation!
And we're going home to New Orleans?!
What the hell am I thinking?

I did tell my trainer that I planned on having beignets at least once and
a freaking Port O Call Burger (best burgers ever, ever, ever!)
because I haven't had one in over 5 years, lol.

She was totally cool with that, YaaaaaY!

Plus, the best-est ever happened last night.
My trainer called me to check in (because I won't be seeing her for 2 weeks) and to thank me for referring someone to her.
She's giving me tons of referral cards to hand out because she said
that she could tell that I was going to become a walking billboard for her, woohoo!
What a great compliment!

Because I have dreams of this:
(linked from Crazy Concepts Blog)

and this:


On another note, I am setting up an etsy store.
I've begun the works, but have not listed anything yet since
we will be out of town.

When we get back, I am planning on listing a bunch of vintage clothing that I have hoarded
plus, handmade items that have a vintage/mod/kitsch feel to them.
My handmade items will be useful besides just cute too.
Depending on how my skills progress in the clothing department,
I may begin reconstructing and up-cycling garments to give them new homes too.

 (me in a vintage wedding dress photographed by

Monday, 3 October 2011


I am getting old.
Even worse, I am getting crotched-y. 
(My made up word for grumpy.)
I do not, however, want to look old and grumpy.

I suppose this is why I am trying to get hard-core into this healthier life-style.
My trainer, former Ms. Fitness USA 2008, is 42 and looks barely 30.
Yes, I know part of it is genes.
Nonetheless, I have noticed many of the ladies who lead the said fitness, healthy diet lifestyle
appear far younger than they actually are.
I guess I am thinking more and more about this because I am approaching the old
I mean, I still have a year and a half, but I want to turn 40 and look like this:
and not like this before my time!