Friday, 29 July 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah

Here was today's workout.
Lame, I know.
Only a few leg workouts, and a lame timed teadmill workout.
I have no clue why, but I was tired.
My legs just wouldn't go.

Look how sweaty I was after this workout.

Here's my typical locker room shot..
Tired and done.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bad Ass.....

is Sesame Street as Star Wars!
after a 5k jog
indoors at the gym on the treadmill
because I am not bad ass enough to run outside right now.
In fact, I am quite lame ass with that one.

Today, I have a hair appointment.

My theory is always
It will grow back.
So, I think I'm going to go with something even shorter
with a little bad ass kick to it.
I'm debating changing colors again too.
We'll see if I chicken out.
But it'll grow back, right?

And this for me is just exciting.
We, as in the ladies of Immundo Burlesque, are booking more shows, perhaps on a monthly basis.
Woo Hoo!
 ~points up~
That's me!
With a flying chicken wing arm.
That pic was taken a few months ago.
I checked today in the mirror, and the arm is not flopping anymore - 
YaaY gym work!

And this show is sure to be a blast.
Burlesque infused in the middle of drag?!
Especially with these ladies, love them!!
They are uber fun and talented and

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Recipe hit

Like I mentioned a few posts ago, I finally broke down and bought some protein powder.
I like it blended with water & ice.
Satisfies the sweet craving.
Feels like I'm being treated.

Today, I delved into cooking with it.
I really wanted to try it in hopes that I can do something with all of this zucchini in my yard!
Now, I looked high and low at the stores around me for coconut flour.
Unfortunately, I was not able to find any.
Instead, I substituted some Bob's Red Mill Garbanzo Bean Flour that I had bought a while back.
I figured that it has lots of protein and is better than regular flour.
I also didn't have the Capella Flavoring or coconut oil, so didn't use them.
I used my silicone muffin pan since I didn't have anything but olive oil around and without oil in the recipe, I knew they would stick to cupcake papers.
I don't think my muffins came out as fluffy as Chelle's look.

Here's mine with the frosting waiting to be put on.

Like I said, no coconut oil so I just added water to the frosting.
I even licked the fork, yum!

Here it is ready to be eaten.
It was good, though not as sweet as they smelled baking.
I think that I still have to get used to eating things that are not sweetened to hell.
It hit the spot though, and I will definitely make them again!
I may cheat and put a little stevia in though next time.
or maybe I'll just get my tastebuds reoriented!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Cooking Gadgets!

I love to go thrifting.
Quite often, I come up with nothing.
This past week, though, I found some fun kitchen stuff.

I found this group of 12 mini bundt pans for $1.
They are a little bigger than a cupcake.
Sam & I thought they'd be perfect when I make rum cakes for parties and gifts.
Plus, I can just play with all sorts of other recipes that I have been wanting to try with them
- clean and healthy, perhaps-
Then, there were these two iridescent Fire King Oven Ware bows.
Perfect for us because I like to make side dishes in single serving bowls for us.
Plus, I use out little toaster oven to heat up leftovers for us.
We're those weird people who don't own a microwave or dishwasher.

Then because we have never been to the fancy
Cherry Creek Shopping Center, we went Saturday.
We parked by the "mall" part and walked around all the outside stores across the way, had
awesome sushi lunch with some refreshing gin/ginger/mango cocktails
(so much for me avoiding alcohol while trying to shape up).
Then, we headed back across and perused the stores inside.

I'm a sucker for the kitchen stores so we popped in
That's where I got a French Taper Pin and two awesome cookie cutters ($1 each).

I feel some baking coming on!

Later that evening, I had girlfriends come up to visit from New Orleans (home).
Needless to say, I had 3 beers over the course of five hours that night.

Just because, here was this morning's workout and a piece of my Meal 1.
Oats with cinnamon (just waiting for me to pour the water over and cover) and
fresh canteloupe!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Water, it stays cool & tastes of the well...

This is what my husband was told when he bought this.

So I boiled and filtered water and poured it on in.
The cup acts as a lid.
Well, you know what?  We leave it on our kitchen table, with all the
heat and sun making its way in through our sliding glass doors
and the sucker does stay cool!

So, I do like our new water bottle.

Here's my morning gym workout.
P90X Core Synergistics will come later.

And you may need sunglasses or to just look away.
My locker room shots have me in shorts.
The first time in 9 years that I've left the house in shorts.
What's the big deal, you're in burlesque costumes?
What's the big difference, you ask?

Well, in burlesque, I am one of those who wear hose & fishnets.
You know, illusion folks, illusion.
My legs are "covered" and given some color by those nylon miracles!

So, here goes.

Yep, definitely thinking of risking the cancer and wearing shorts to do yard work the rest of the summer.
These little stubs could use some color to detract from the glow.

Well, I'm off!
Lots to do
I must enjoy my cool water that tastes of d'well!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Screw You Yoga X and other delightful thoughts

So, I'm on week 2 of P90X - Lean Program.
My only complaint is Yoga X.
Really an hour and a half of flippin' vinyasas of Downward Dog series.
After 45 minutes, I can't be upside down anymore.
I'm sure it will get better over time, but blah.
I'm still hitting the gym too.
I should have, but did not, take a rest day this past week.
Here's yesterday's gym pics for ya.

Here's a quickie of my Meal 3 today.
I skipped on the baked sweet potato because, really, I was full.
I still am and don't see how I'll fit in three more meals.

So, the salad is lettuces from the garden, pea shoots (growing in a bowl in my fridge),
grape tomatoes.
Then, we have a scrumptious 4oz turkey burger on a bed of lettuce (guess where from),
with some mustard, a few slices of avocado, grape tomatoes and thin sliced zucchini from
the garden as well.  I was thinking of picking some fresh dill and seeing if it
would give a little pickle flavor to the sandwich.
Oh! The bread is whole wheat slim slices - the store brand because they were better
in the nutritional values than the name brand.
Go figure.

I have taken the plunge.
I bought my first protein powder.
Well, I'm tempted by all of these amazing recipes that I see with them as the ingredients.
Muffins, ice cream, cakes....
All using other clean ingredients that make them less calories and fat, 
but can be eaten as a recovery treat or breakfast or one of my mini-meals.
I mean, check out the spread in Oxygen Magazine this month, all those "treats"?!

And then there's Recipe For Fitness' blog.
She has amazing recipes!
You should go check out her blog to see her transformation.
She's training for a competition right now, too.
So, go cheer her on!
Oh & she's also one of Oxygen's success stories in this issue!
Go Chelle!

I am no connoisseur of  such things.
So, I just went to Tarjay and read the labels.
Looked for one with lots of protein, the least sugar and compared them.
I wound up taking home EAS 100% Whey Protein Powder in Vanilla.
I haven't tried it yet, but maybe I'll try the shake tonight, then begin
experimenting with baking with it.

And for your enjoyment, my morning D'oh, I'm so freaking lazy.
For some reason this morning, I got out of bed and decided to go downstairs and do the Kenpo X.
I threw on some socks and tennis shoes.
What I did not do, however, was dress.
I mean, I had on a tee and underwear. That should be good enough for my living room.
Uh, dorkus, remember a sports bra next time.
Nothing like an hour of of Kenpo free-boobing.
I was not stopping to go back up and put one on either - my own darn fault.
I wanted that hour to be over, lol.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Gym Stuff

So, I finally cracked open the P90X that I got for $30.
I watched the "Watch This First!" Dvd and
decided that I would start with the Lean Program.
It's a little more cardio based.
This way, I feel more obligated to go to the gym and do my weight routines.
Yesterday, I did the Core Synergistics Dvd.
It wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but don't get me wrong.
There were quite a few of those weird pushups that I still have to work one.
And I definitely feel some soreness in my core area today.

Later today, I will be partaking of his Cardio X Dvd.
Wonder how that will be?

But this morning, I headed to the gym (after eating a banana) armed with a list of exercises that I wanted to knock out.
Before I left, I went on
and searched through their exercise base.
I specifically wanted bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises.
I picked 6 and made a list in my handy little notebook.
This way, I had a routine down when I got there and could knock it out without thinking.
I filled in reps and weight as I went.

As I was doing my Upright Rows and Lat Raises, well, I noticed something in the mirror!
So, when I headed back to the bathroom to do my full body pic,
I had to try and replicate the movement in the mirror to catch it.
It's not as defined as when I'm lifting weight, but 
check. this. out.

There's a little something sneaking up on me!

So, I'm finishing my oatmeal and my egg whites right now.
Then, I'll have to head outside to weedeat and mow the lawn.
All of this rain has made my lawn -
I use the term "lawn" loosely, it should be my weed yard -
grow like crazy!

Then, snack time and probably a  date with me and Tony for our
Cardio X.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gym Day

Sad, I actually dated all pictures today as yesterday.
Brain off some?

Here's my log that I bring to the gym.
I write down everything that I do.

And I decided to take part in Allison King Earnst's
Next Level Challenge 2 on the FaceBook.

She supplies example weekly menus and support and exercise and advice.
The whole group is wicked awesome and supportive.
I had to take a pic of my Meal 5 last night.
4oz grilled shrimp
Mixed greens - from my garden!
Grape tomatoes
a little Balsamic vinegar
and there were steamed green beans (not pictured)

Friday, 8 July 2011

Burlesque Dorky Excitement!

Today I get to take a class with the

She's teaching an Ultimate Self Confidence Class
and I have heard nothing but great things about it.
An added plus is that many of my Burly Girl friends are also taking the class.
So this should be a super fun day!

Tomorrow I signed up for 
Theater for Burlesque with Tigger!

And Structured Playtime with Trixie Little & Evil Hate Monkey!

I may get to go to the Colorado Burlesque Festival Spectacular tomorrow night too.
A friend of mine has two tickets, and if her daughter can't go, I'm in - WooHoo!
Then we have a show on Sunday night.
Said friend and I will both be debuting new acts, both with a cirucus theme!
Mine's a flea circus and hers clown oriented!
Let our weirdness begin!

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Gym Stuff

My sneakers are shot.
I tried for one more day today, but nope.
I didn't post it yesterday, but here's that little workout.

Wednesday July 6th, 2011

Upper Body - Mix

Dumbbell Flys: 2 sets of 10 with (2) 10lb dumbbells, 1 set of 8 with (2) 10lbs
Hammer Curls: 1 set of 8 with (2) 12.5 dumbbells, 2 sets of 10 with (2) 10 lbs
Bent Over Dumbbell Rows: 1 set of 10 with (2) 15 dumbbells, 2 sets of 12 with (2) 15lbs
Seated Press: 1 set of 10 with (2) 10lbs, 2 sets of 12 with (2) 10lbs
20 minutes of 2 minutes walking/ 2 minutes running
at 1.5% incline

Today, July 7th, 2011
Butt-Boosting Inclines on the Treadmill.

I used the Advanced circuits.

Time (minutes):                             Speed:                      Incline:

0-5                                                  3.0                          0.0
5-10                                                3.5                          2.0
10-15                                              3.6                          4.0
15-20                                              3.7                          6.0
20-22                                              3.8                          8.0
22-25                                              3.7                          5.0
25-30                                              3.0                          0.0

Then I came home and did about an hour's worth of yard work.

On with the day!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Hitting it & Cooking

Hit the gym this morning.
Upper body & a little run/walking.
My hamstring near the glute on my left leg has been annoying me.
My sneaker wore out on the inside during my run, balling up foam
on my heel and leaving me with a nice blister.
I'll have to settle for a cheap-o pair from Target or something until I can
save up the $$$ and get the time to go get a nice pair.
What did I expect anyway?
I mean I've worn this pair for probably four years -
far past the mileage that I should have.

I did make these today.

I had not made them in a long time.
We had a bunch of baby zucchini in the fridge that I did not want to go bad.
Plus, our green zucchini plants are beginning to do their magic.
I subbed all natural applesauce for the oil.

Unfortunately, I was in the middle of something else when the timer went off & 
I forgot about them in the oven.
Needless to say, they are a little well done, hahaha!

Since the oven was going, I also made these little loaves.

I only had some 93/7 ground turkey on hand, so I used that instead.
I haven't tasted it yet, but they smell delicious!
And you might as well check out Chelle's blog too. 
It's amazing to see her transformation.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

My Love ~ My Garden

My favorite thing to do is garden.
I mean, you get to enjoy the actual fruits (& vegetables)
of your labor, literally.
This is a view of most of our garden boxes. 
Oh & our solar lights strung up on our fence.
Next year, we'll add even more boxes.

We have so many things growing.
Squash - zuchinni, yellow & delicata & Amish pie pumpkin
Corn - tri, sweet & strawberry
Beets, radishes, carrots, fennel
Chard & kale
Tomatoes - Purple Cherokee, Purple Calabash, cherry
Black beans, peas, red beans,
Pak Choy
onions, garlic, chive, shallot
Potatoes - red, blue & russet
Blueberries, Blackberries
Brussel Sprouts
An artichoke

Check out my lettuces & spinach!
We also have a self-pollinating smooth kiwi vine,
concord grape vine,
and baby plum tree
and I'm sure that I'm forgetting things.
But this is what makes me happy.