Thursday, 28 April 2011

Book Mania

What I've finished:

Then books that I'm into right now:

To go with our summer garden and this one too:

then just for my own personal reasons:

Though mine isn't normal endometriosis, mine is adenomyosis... and I eat/drink ALL of the things 
that cause more inflammation and pain.... but I love them so.

For Future Reading:

& because we've found a goat farm not far that also does raw milk & you can buy shares!

Then there are piles of comic books and magazines that I haven't touched either!

Monday, 25 April 2011


I had an order at work for a few dozen vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream icing and Easter decorations.
This is the result.
I took melted white chocolate, food coloring 
and created away.
I thought they came out cute for a first attempt
at free handing chocolate.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


My mom had this 45.
Oh, I can remember it reverberating through the house.
Sadly, or maybe not, I can still sing the whole song word for word.
Too bad I never kar-y-o-kay.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Unconditional Love

LOves me even after a long day.
That or he's just licking off residual
ganache and whipped cream.

Monday, 18 April 2011

T-shirt Extravaganza

Oh yes, I'm that girl.
Though I love dressing up and being vintage and pretty ,
I adore tees.  
Did I mention that I also shop in the little boys section?
Oh my nerd side was jumping for joy when we found these in the little boys 
section at Tarjay.
Clearance too!
Now washed and dried, they will undergo neck alterations to look a little more feminine.
 Then, I got the anchor one in the women's section on clearance.
Sam also got me the Mile High Horror Film Fest tee at 
Star Fest. 
That one will also undergo neck alterations to become more
girly too.
 Don't know what I was thinking when I saw this on clearance, but I needed to have it.
I also bought it smaller than my current bikini in my "fat/before" pics.
I mean, my gym chain does have pools.
Maybe at some point, I'll indulge?
Well, today is my Sunday.
So, housecleaning, laundry and cooking will take up my whole day.
Listened to a little STP earlier.
Now, my boys, TON!
Makes me all buttery in the nether regions... TMI?

On the daily walks


Saturday, 16 April 2011

My nerdy side

We went to StarFest today.  We knew that Jeffrey Combs was going to be there, but had no clue where his panel was going to be held.  (If you don't know who he is, check out his IMDb.  You'll discover that you do recognize him.)   We actually stumbled across his room right when his panel was beginning.  WooHoo!!  He was great!  Afterwards, we were able to get him to autograph Sam's ReAnimator #1 comic book. 

So my nerdy side is revealed even more.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Random Stuffs

I will just touch on the negative & poopy:
another busted pipe, so no cold water in the kitchen at the moment - 
hubby has to get to Lowe's after work.
Too bad it could not wait til next Monday when we actually have a plumber coming to 
fix a cracked, overly patched by previous owners, we've had the water turned off to for a year pipe.
doggie is still having explosive poops, besides puking too all day yesterday - 
back with doggie docs.
guess he will be on gastrointestinal prescription food forever, since
every time we try to transition to others, this happens.  
Who would have thought that I would pay over $100 a month
for one dog's food - It would probably be over $300 to feed them both that. 
Besides the other dog doesn't have these issues.

Now, on with the good.

Our anniversary was two weeks ago.
Since I complain about not having actual pictures anymore,
husband got me a polaroid camera and film.
Yep, I will be snapping and shaking and have actual physical photos, YaaY!
It's not an original size one, but I'm still excited.

I sort of want an old typewriter next, but only if I can find one in the thrift stores for supa cheap.
I definitely cannot afford to pay etsy prices, even though there are some awesome machines there.
Then again, you never know, sometimes etsy surprises me with goodness.

We got rid of cable.  Honestly, I really don't miss it.
We got rabbit ears for the tv.  Heck we are getting about fifteen channels with that.
We also got one of those boxes and just got
Netflix streaming. Wow.

In one of my other favorite departments, Bust magazine was a foodie edition.
I picked up a Clean Eating and my Oxygen had some yummy looking recipes too.
So, I'm in heaven with food porn.  
Here is my only day off, so I may act like a slug for an hour and drool, then it's off to do
housework, steam the carpet one more time and laundry.