Monday, 31 January 2011

A recipe and two pics and embroidery

 I have been going through my old magazines looking for different recipes, healthier recipes.  I made this recipe from one of my old Clean Eating Magazines.
It actually has really good flavor, though I may add a little more of the spices next time.  I did not put in the leeks, well, because I did not have any.
Needless to say, the mister did not want to even try it.  C'est la vie.

Here is the beginning of the embroidery of the sketch that I made last week.  This is going to be an apron when I'm done.  I have tons of black linen that can be used up.  It's going to be just a basic half apron with some trim and such.  I'm winging it to look like what I am envisioning.  When it is finished, I may just give it away as a gift. 

This is from Saturday morning's workout.
It's just too cold and snowy to walk to the gym today.
I know, I'm being uber wuss.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Monster Tee Upcycle

This is my Bride of Frankenstein tee.  
I love it, but the neck is too tight.

Here it is after I opened the neck line and added button accents.
It's a little more girly.

This picture is just a hair pic from Wednesday the 27th.

I have a photo shoot tomorrow.   I hope to go to the gym in the early morning.  I think that I am feeling my age.  My hip joints hurt after my runs.  I stretch after all my runs, but maybe, just maybe, my age is catching up with me.  Boooo.  I think I'm going to do lighter runs for a while.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Embroidery - Making My own Patterns

15 minute sketch for thoughts.....
She will be embroidered on to a tee, or something.  Thinking that I may make my own patterns to put onto clothes and perhaps, just perhaps, sell.

Another tee up-cycle, gym pic and blahs

This was a small men's tee (Walking Dead!) that I altered to be off the shoulder with a little girly detail.  It actually fits me more form-fitting than it does my dress form.

I actually think it looks cute on.  It especially will with rolled up jeans and wedges!  ~Come on spring!!

Here's today's gym pic.... early morning squeeze in.  My Ipod + Nike gadget needs to be calibrated.  The treadmill had 2.01 miles and my little Ipod said 2.87 miles.

And, I just went into our bathroom downstairs/laundry room.  There is water trickling from the light fixture above the medicine cabinet and the medicine cabinet was filled with water.  Upon inspection in the bath directly above, neither the sink nor toilet are leaking.... Pipe broken in wall, ugh!!  First new roof, then new hot water heater, now this? Poop, poop, poop....

Monday, 24 January 2011

Crafty stuff, suggestions?

I decided to spare you the rabbit pictures and recipe today.  I'll go through that another day. 

Remember my Recycle and Old Tee post from the other day?  Well this time my mum-in-law sent hubby a XXL tee... wowza!  Seriously, he's just a large tee because he likes them roomy.  I have no idea why they think he would wear shirts this big.  I finally told her that the shirts are way to large, lol.   But anyway, this one I am thinking of upcycling into a dress or tank dress or something.  I'm still debating on what style I would like to go with.  I have been browsing the almighty web for ideas.  If you have suggestions, please let me know.  This tee has the Guinness logo, woohoo!  I am going to try and save as much of that as I can, and I would like to use the darker colored trim, as well.  Here's the shirt currently.

Just as a fun picture, here is the little cart that I use for my trips walking to and from the grocery.  Today was a light load.  I'm thinking of decorating it with fake flowers and such like I did my bicycle.

Today, well, work sent a few things, but I'm tackling cleaning the oven with a natural recipe - basically baking soda, salt and lemon.  Also, going to bake the weekly bread and make breadcrumbs out of last week's loaf to throw in the fridge for later use. I took leftover boneless turkey breast that I had roasted, shredded it, and made a turkey salad using my homemade yogurt instead of mayo.  It was yum! 

Thinking about what I want to make for my "pay it forward" people to send out this year.  I have so many ideas swirling through my head.  I have three folks, and I'm thinking it may be something quirky but useful....

I need to get started on Crafting for a Cause for Project Thrive soon as well!

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Birds & Blooms inspired craft

I was reading my most recent copy of Birds & Blooms magazine.  There are always tons of homemade things and craft ideas.  One blurb was how one lady takes her pieces of thread, yarn and little scraps of fabrics and puts them in a container for birds to come and take for nest building.  It got me thinking, and I came up with this idea.

I took an empty grits cardboard container, cleaned it out and cut random openings in it.

Next, I took some old craft paint in bright colors and painted away.  I am taking some twine to pass through the top openings so that I can hang it in the back yard. 

I am going to place it by my sewing, crafting area right now so that I can fill it will little bits and then put it outside in the spring.  We'll see if it works.

Here's todays gym pic.  I did 5 miles, stopping 3 times for 2 minute breaks, and I played with the incline on the treadmill during my run too.  Beware, no makeup!

I made the Lazy Way to Make Yogurt  yesterday.  It was a little runnier than I like my yogurt, but I think it's because I made it too late in the day.  My 'warm' spot got cold when I went to bed.  Next time, I'll start it in the morning that way it can thicken better!

Lastly, I am photographing cooking today.  Rabbit stew, so vegetarians may not want to read tomorrow.  And Sam informed me that a guy he works with may be bringing him squirrel, intact.  Um, that cleaning will be left to Sam.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Gardening - weeds to edible treasures

My yard is hopeless with trying to have that lush green grass. Our yard is full of dandelions and this bugger.

This is the common mallow. Invasive, hard to get rid of and full of edible parts. I have been researching this bugger since we moved in three years ago. I have come to find out that the leaves are edible, they say somewhat like spinach. The little seed pods are nibbles. The flowers as well. The root can be boiled and whipped like egg whites to use as a substitute. The leaves can be dried and made into tea or cooked, but have a slimy texture somewhat like okra. All I have to say is that come spring, yes, I will be trying it out. I will post things that I try out whenever they begin their journey to take over the yard. Maybe I will not hate them as much if I can actually use them.

Then as I mentioned, there is the plethera of these babies,

photo borrowed from http://www.vintagesavoirfaire


I know the leaves are also edible, and teas can also be made from them and the flowers. While perusing Vintage Savoir Faire, I came across a recipe for Dandelion Syrup! Oh yes, this is on my list as well when they begin to bloom in spring and summer. I have also found recipes for Dandelion wine......

Heck, if I cannot get that typical manicured backyard, well, I'll take advantage of what's growing. Hence, also why we are making so many garden boxes and growing areas. We are also looking for practical ways to collect rain and snow to keep for watering. I use alternative dish cleaners and sometimes use rinse water and water from rinsing veggies and hands to water as well. (We do not have a dishwasher, and I place a bucket in my sink to wash dishes). I try to use baking soda instead of soaps when I am going to use it as "plant water". I have read that it is good for plants, and it is not like I'm pouring an entire box on the garden.

Today, I am somewhat tempted to try to make my own yogurt, the Lazy Way to Make Yogurt. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I am kind of thinking about changing some of my beauty products like in those links I showed yesterday. Maybe I'll try making my own bath bombs or toners or moisurizers to begin with. I think I'll have a hard time finding alternatives to my beloved liquid liner though...

And here's a pic from yesterday, in my bathroom. And yes, I am wearing a "Walking Dead" tee. I freaking love that show, and have read the comic since the beginning! ~hearts~

I have not been to the gym since Monday, booo. I will probably go tomorrow morning. Slacker.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Recycle an old tee

I originally read about this in Bust magazine. I could not find the instructions on the site, but I probably just didn't look enough. Besides that I gave away some of my older issues, so I am just doing this from memory.

First I took a tshirt that was way too big. It's one that my mum-in-law got for my husband, but it's an XL and too big for him. I was wearing it as a sleep shirt, but then I had seen the article in Bust and put it on the side for this project.

I took a tank top that I like and placed it on top of the tee. Then, I took a sewing marker/pencil and traced with dashes around the tank. For the front neck line, which is lower than the back, I placed pins around it.

Then, I pulled back the tank and marked where the pin was through the shirt, removing them as I went.

Next, I took my handy dandy hem ruler and went completely around adding a little more than a half inch to the outline that I traced.

Cut that baby out around the outside set of dashes.

Turn it inside out. When I cut, I actually cut to where the tops of the shoulders were still attached by the original seam. It makes it a little bulky, but oh well. I then pinned over around the neck line and arm holes and the bottom seam. I sewed those areas first.

finally, I pinned the sides together and sewed those up.

Here's the finished tank.

The issue had how to make a pair of knickers from the same tee. I have not done that yet. I may see what style I want to make and sew those up too. I probably would take my time to make the inside areas prettier/neater next time, but for sleep ware, hey it's cute!

Crafty McCrafterson 2 ~ some cool links & inspiration

I found this new site with TONS of cool blogs and information, some links to really nifty online magazines. It's called Vintage Savoir Faire. I signed up so that I can get emails and such.

There are all sorts of homemade recipes for beauty products, food and just general crafty-ness!

I'm currently intrigued by the blogs included in My Handmade Beauty Routine. I think that I may have to try a few things out!

Also, my new issue of Bust came in the mail yesterday. Check out their downloads section. It's not up yet, but the new issue has this fabulous cloak/coat pattern that is going to be available soon!! I just may have to try to make it. In the meantime, browse what's up there now!

I think that I am becoming more obsessed with trying to make my own products and clothes and useful things. It doesn't help that Husband brings home pages that he has found on the web and is building me a folder of things to make yourself like cheese, yogurt, soap, candles and such.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Just waiting on spring

My husband has been busily toiling on our new garden boxes. We currently have 3 boxes.
Here was our beginning boxes last year. I also had onion and mint just growing willy-nilly in the ground. Here is what will be some of our new boxes. You can see the dried up onions and mint - which never fail to return every year. They will be dug up and put into one of the new boxes. We are adding three more of the plain ones. Then, we are adding 2 of these horse-shoe shaped ones with cold frame tops. We bought two of these kits at the end of summer at Lowe's on clearance for $60. This was way cheaper than just buying the amount of wood that came in the kits, cedar at that. They will each have little storage stools too. You can see one of them on top of our delapidated picnic table.

We have been getting more varied seeds as well. We'll be able to start our seeds indoors come March, YaaaY! I'm looking forward to trying my hand at canning too!

We have plans for building a sitting area with arbors so that we can either grow grapes or vining kiwi plants. Do you know what this means? Yep, trying to make our own wine!

We have found recipes on making your own cheese and yogurt. We'll see how that turns out sooner or later too!

I so need a mini farm.

On a side note, I am downsizing my burlesque time. It's fun, but I need to scale back a tad. Doing too many shows, so many late nights, so much costuming just wears my butt out. I need to reign it back so that it does not begin to feel like a job and continues to be fun. =)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

I can really work it out.

Yesterday morning, I woke up bright and early. So, I decided to go to the gym. I ran my 1.5 mile and then did lower body weight work. Here's my obligatory locker room shot.

I had planned on getting up early this morning and going for a run or work out as well. I felt really good about doing that. I even had the vehicle so that I didn't have to walk up in the cold morning and slip and slide on ice patches. My butt is even sore this morning, that good after workout soreness!

Unfortunately, my plans did not come to fruition. We wound up going to brunch yesterday with a friend, then moved to a bar that we like to hang out in. I will not even tell you how much I drank. As we walked back, we even stopped in the pizza place and ordered a pizza to take home. It's a shame; I don't even remember eating a slice when we got home. I woke up from my drunken slumber at 11pm and spent the rest of the night tossing and turning and listening to hours of Twilight Zone radio shows on my ipod. Needless to say, I did not go to the gym this morning. I did cook a good breakfast for the husband and myself. So, tomorrow, back on track darnit!

I did get invited to perform at Panties At the Bar tomorrow night. The theme is international night. I will have to make a trip to JoAnn's to get some fabric and trims to make some additional pieces for one of my existing costumes for this new idea for tomorrow night. Yep, I'm going with Frank Sinatra's "Brazil" and dressing with a Brazilian Mardi Gras/Showgirl inspired costume. I do love being inspired! However, burlesque has taken up a TON of space for costuming in our extra room! Shame, shame on me. At least all of my costumes are done for our final Too Sexy for the Stock Show show Thursday!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Friday Fetching Figures

And just for fun, this sketch that was on the wall backstage last night. I love unicorns!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A little more of this & that

Every month or so, my husband comes home with goodies of some sort. This month, it was a mixed bouquet.

and yummy chocolates. Um, yes, there are some missing. We've indulged the past two nights.

Today, in lieu of going to the gym, I bundled up and walked to the thrift store. I'm so happy that I did. I scored this sequinned bonanza for $6.99. It's modern, but oh so sparkly!!

Next, I found this vintage beauty. The old tag says 100% pure silk, and check out those sparkly sequins! This score was only $4.99!

Here's a close up. It looks more red than it actually is because of being on my red sewing manequin, but it's all sorts of tones of pinks, reds, magentas...

This is what I had on under my coat. I clicked a pic in one of the thrift store mirrors, snazzy with my snow boots! Hey, at least it's different from my bathroom pics. And don't giggle too much, I needed those for the three miles of trekking through the snow that is still not cleared.

I was admiring all of the bags of old yarn behind me, specifically the thick rug yarn! Oh, and the little hat I'm wearing is one that I crocheted a few years ago. YaaY

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A little Burly

These are two pics from Sunday night's show. I look a little evil, me does think. Though, in the rest of the pictures taken, I look even more nefarious!

A little of this & a little of that

This was my path today on my walk to the gym. Even the public walking trail/bike trails are still funky. It made my walking time go down. What the heck, extra calories burned, right?

This is me on arrival, minus my gloves. I was bundled like a burrito. I packed my running shoes in my backpack to change into when I got to the gym. Needless to say, I had worn my snow boots for the walk there and back. (I love my leopard fuzzy hat!)

Now, here's me thawed out and workout ready!

Sadness occurred, though when I accidentally hit 'end workout' instead of pause. So, there was a mile and a half walk home that was unaccounted for on my nike+ipod. Booooo!

I did discover that my new iPod nano (Christmas present) has a pedometer. When you plug that into Itunes, well you can visit yet another Nike + ipod site called Nike + Active. So, now, I may have to try using my built in pedometer and see how that works.

Now, I'm working on icky contract work. I'm also thinking that I want to look up some seafood crepe recipes. I think that may be what's for dinner tonight.

Plus, I've been perusing the seed catalogs online. Oh what fun new veggies, fruits and herbs I have discovered! I feel an order coming on!!

Monday, 10 January 2011

Craftiness - Crochet

I learned the basic crochet stitches from my Nanny when I was young. For those of you not familiar, "Nanny" is the term for Godmother in Louisiana. "Paran" is the term for Godfather. So to clarify, I was not raised with a Nanny, as in Governess. Since moving up here to Colorado, I have been asked that on quite a few occasions.

But back to my point, my Nanny taught me the basics of crochet. She also knitted. So did my father's mother and my mother (crochet). I have been wanting to learn to knit, but I decided that since I already had the basics of crocheting, why not just expound on that hobby?

I got myself this highly recommended book for beginner crocheters. It also came with some yarn and needles and markers. I figured that would just be langiappe since I already have skeins of yarn and some needles tucked away in a huge rubbermaid of crafting supplies.

Hopefully, I will be able to take some time to get crafty and make something granny-tabulous!

Progress Photos

Since we have ungodly cold temperatures today and about a foot of snow outside, I will not be walking to the gym today. Besides, I have some contract work to do. I will get in a mini home workout later today. I feel like I am lacking some pics, so I decided to show some old photos that show how I am progressing.

I swore that I would not post this photo, but I feel that it helps show my progression so far. This is taken from August of last year. Oh my, right?!

So, I started making small changes to eat more clean. You know, eat whole, pure as unprocessed as possible foods. I will not lie, I still have my days where I binge on sugar and fries and beer. I feel, though, that they are getting fewer and further between. I just feel like poop afterwards.

Here's one that I took in November. Gratuitous skivvy shot! I can tell where I'm starting to lean out and am looking less puffy, especially in my pumpkin face.

Then, here is the pic from last week, after my workout. Getting a little better, though my thighs will always be my biggest area. Slowly but surely, I will get those big boys down.