Monday, 25 October 2010

More Shameless stuff about Me

I was super lucky to do another Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School. I get exceptionally excited to see all of the artists' sketches. I don't know why, but I love to see how other people see me. Here is a link to some of the wonderful drawings that were done of Anabella LaFontaine and myself.


Halloween - themed Dr. Sketchy's

The insanity that is my life, but it sure is fun!

Weekend Stuff with a Bum's butt too

Friday nigh was Scream Scram 5k. I am proud to say that I jogged the whole thing, 39 minutes and some change. I know it was long, but my goal was to not stop jogging. There were great costumes from families, teams, pets. My one complaint is that when people run with their doggies, please keep them near you and don't let them run all willy-nilly so that their leashes trip five people across from you.
The t-shirt line was madness. I lucked out and got the size on my bib before they ran out! Here I am in my costume before the race and before I had gotten my bib. Sam went with me and called to me as he was moving the truck toward the finish line. He surprised me and stayed and caught a picture with his cell of me crossing the finish. =)

I also got this in the mail from my Aunt this weekend. So cool. She got me the nun so that I could call it Sister Germaine. She was a wicked nun who was the principal of my grammar school and was as mean as all get out. I, though, think the statue is too cute and has too good an aura to curse it with her namesake.
Saturday we went to the Mile High Horrorfest at the Starz Film Center. We walked around for an hour looking for it, haha. It's tucked between an alcove in a building. Once found thought, it was pretty nifty. We saw a 17 minute short called Love Me Tender and a German Zombie film Rammbock. It was pretty darn impressive for a 60 minute film, even if many parts were predictable.

Yesterday was filled as well. I had practice with the girls from Ooh La La burlesque for their Halloween show this coming Wednesday. So, an hour of Thriller rehearsals. It should be a fun show.

Finally, last night was Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. My friend Anabella and myself put on the crazy gore (body bags, us covered in cobwebs and a glittered blood Y incision, crazy marionette, autopsy scene & I was the victim with intestines all over which felt like vomit when they slid around on my stomach) as models in the new space at 82 S. Broadway. I think the best part was during our posing people kept passing by and staring in the windows. One old bum looking guy kept walking past and staring. Finally, he dropped trou and stuck his butt against the window. Too funny! but I didn't break my pose. Hahaha!!

Friday, 22 October 2010

Only for today

If you go to Westword and let the top stories scroll, well, it's me for Zombielesque!!
So cool!! and it's a funny picture!


We made the Westword Slideshow!
Here's the Link - Warning though it's not worksafe cuz there's pasties and blood and booties!
Thanks to Kate Levy at the Westword for the great snapshots.
Here's one of my new favorites. Who knew a urinal could make a shot sexy?

I feel bad for the folks at Benders. There were lots of drops of blood and smears of blood all over, including the bathroom. I can only imagine that they are going to think that we are some nasty chicks!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

We're Baaaaaack

Sketchy's is moving to the Illiterate Magazine gallery space at 82 S. Broadway!
They'll have beverages and plenty of seating, plus there's tons of pre-sketchy's food options nearby!
First event is 10/24 (the 4th Sunday) mostly because Vivienne VaVoom doesn't want to miss the amazing horror spectacle Anabella Lafontaine and La Petite Mort have planned! Be there!

Next Sketchys:

Sunday10/24 7:00 PM / $8 / doors @ 6 PM Illiterate Magazine gallery space at 82 S. Broadway.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Gym Day 4, the Personal Training Day

Gym Day 4 - no changes in the photos yet.

It has been a couple of years since I trained with a trainer. Nice thing is that I'm with the same trainer that I had a couple of years ago. It was like I had never left. True to his word, he kicked my ass. He made me do super sets. I am spent and exhausted, but it feels good.

I actually admitted my "goal" to the trainer, to have that figure/fitness model bod - well how they look when they're not on a cutting diet for photo shoots or competitions. You, know, toned, lean with some muscle showing. ~sigh~

Yes, I wear tinted chapstick to the gym. I wear it almost ALL the time. Without it, I resemble the walking dead.

I am feeling a little better about myself, but not as good as I would like to feel considering there is a show on Thursday night. I'll be performing in four acts. I would like not to feel self-conscious, but whatever. I'll figure it out.

Food stuff:

I have found that I really love to eat my oatmeal in the morning with a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter and a small organic nanner cut up in there. I think it has become my breakfast of choice!

Who knows, if I keep all of this up consistently maybe I'll win a prize in the ECD 3rd Challenge.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

New reading obsession

While I was reading Rowdy Kittens (social change through simple living) update, I clicked on her link to The Path Less Pedaled. I have to say, I'm now hooked. It's the adventures of a couple who got rid of their belongings and apartment and have been riding their bikes everywhere. They spend nights sometimes with blog readers and visit bike shops and different interesting places. Heck, just go read it because I cannot tell you about it in an interesting manner.

Friday, 15 October 2010

The Quest for Hotness continues...

Day 2 at the gym

I'm taking a que from Bitch Cakes and doing bathroom pics. This is after I cooled down from workout 2.
  • biked 1.5 miles to the gym
  • ran 1.96 miles - no stopping for 17 minutes, yaay me!
  • upper body weight routine - 2 sets of 12 with 5lb weights, lame but I couldn't lift my arms anymore & I'm sure that I'll work up from that
  • biked 1.5 miles home, thank goodness the ride home has more downhills than uphills unlike the ride to the gym!
So maybe recording through pictures I'll be able to see the changes when I look back.

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Look I was on a poster! Psst, the picture is actually from last year, but they used it for the flyer anyway. I wore that dress in a number in the show too.

I am on this quest for a tight bod. You know, here I am 37, and over the past year I have kind of let things go. I in no way, shape or form want to resemble those women that you see on tv that have let themselves go. I mean, I have no reason for it. I don't even have kids to blame on my shape.

The past month, I have been hitting it hard. This past week, though, I have been hitting it harder. I wanna be smokin' hot. Those of you who know me, know that I kind of enjoy exploiting myself. Hell, if I had a smoking hot bod, I'd parade around naked or in a bikini all the time. I would even take some of those nude photos to have, but more of the kind that didn't actually show the bits and pieces.

Yes, I am slightly insane and have an extremely optimistic view of what I hope to accomplish, but I really don't care.

Random about horrid people

I had this Anonymous poster about two years ago post something along the lines of this:

about my burlesque: I feel bad for anyone who has seen you - you are the horror to all men blah, blah, blah
All your shitty recipes, I hope you choke on them and die.

That's when I decided to monitor comments. I would like to say that it did not affect me in the least, but obviously it has stuck with me all of this time. Since it was an anonymous poster, I have no clue who this person was. I often ponder whether it was actually someone that I knew but they did not have the balls to tell me to my face.

I guess I may not be everyone's cup of tea, but hey, I still get booked. If you don't like the things that I post, then move along. Maybe now that I have talked about it, it will leave me. And touche' to you anonymous because you got under my skin for this past time.

And that, my friends, is a random post about horrid people.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

First Day back in a Gym

Day 1

My cute new shirt - cereal monsters!

I walked the 1.5 miles to the gym, got my gym membership up and did a quick little workout :

1.75 miles on treadmill - I actually ran for 17 minutes without stopping, miracle!
10 minutes on the elliptical

then I walked the 1.5 miles back home. I also got one free personal training session set up for next Monday. I believe it is the same trainer that I had years ago.

I also cleaned up Betty Blue and checked the air in the tires and my lights. Tomorrow, I may take her up to the gym and back. Now, I'm having a raw green smoothie and will continue on with the rest of the work day.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Because I am over run with zucchini

I made Tosca's Eat Clean Zucchini Muffins today. I made them without the nuts or chocolate chips so only 73 calories per muffin! I will definitely be making them again because, like I said, I'm over run with zucchini.

Now, to find new ways to make my spaghetti squash besides with spicy shrimp or a marinara sauce. We have about 50 of those suckers.

Saturday, 2 October 2010


image from VelvetStraberries/

I have really, really been wanting to ride my bike again. Betty Blue hasn't seen very much action since moving to Colorado four years ago. I used to ride her to work back home, but I could get there through residential neighborhoods and only a short portion was on a busy road, where, yes I rode the sidewalk (there was definitely no bike lanes & no shoulder in this area).

I think that I have strayed from biking here very much because in the area where I live, I was not sure of all of the bike trails. I am not afraid to admit that I am petrified of road riding where there is no bike lane or shoulder. The roads around my house are super busy, six lane roads. I have rode the sidewalks, even though it's not legal. Many others do it too along these roadways. Yes, I have visions of getting splatted by maniac drivers who swerve in and out of traffice going 20 mph over the speed limit on these spans.

I think though that I may have found a solution to my fears! Our RTD website has a neato google application. You put in an intersection where you are going to begin and a destination intersection and voila! It gives you bus routes & which to take, driving directions, walking directions OR bike trail directions! Cool beans for me! I may have to begin small and work my way further to check this cool little gadget out. If poor Betty can make it up and down this hills and such and I work up leg strength, maybe in the far future I will eventually get a lighter weight bike with gears! I would love to be one of those folks who thinks nothing of biking 70+ miles a day. Then maybe I could be like Rowdy Kittens and have a bike as my main means of transportation & the bus for freezing winter days. Plus, as you all know, I have a little obsession with BitchCakes and her Hello Kitty cruiser. If she can ride about 100 miles on her cruiser in heels and looking fabulous, then I should be able to suffer through five in normal shoes and look way less fabulous. It's like running I guess. It takes a little while to build up endurance and distance.