Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Now, I have to

I did it. I filled out the form (ECD Challenge #3), took horrid pictures in a bikini and sent them in. It was sobering to look at those and take the measurements. Yikes

The new book is actually supposed to be delivered on Thursday. This gives me one more wing/beer Wednesday. I do have the recipe book to get myself started. I want the book to look at the Cooler 1, 2 & 3 meals. Basically, it's all of the six meals to eat during the day. Then it's on to clean eating and figuring out what sort of exercise regimen that I will love. So far, yoga is in there. I will probably try the yoga sculpt class next week. I am giving myself this week to do the C1 still. I will probably even go back to C1 at times. I plan to rotate through all of the classes. Then, I will work on my walking to running plan as well. Luckily, I have a small set of free weights here plus, videos (I have the Eat Clean Diet workout video and have never put it in =\ ) and other equipment. I will probably pull some of the home training programs from Oxygen too. It is one of the magazines that I have kept. So, here we go.

I'm walking

I like to walk. To me, it's therapeutic. I really should do it more. I actually enjoy it much more than trying to run, but that's another story.

This morning, I had some things weighing heavily on my mind. So, I walked.

This is the path near my house, and there's my shadow.

This is the little reservoir that I go around. There are usually ducks, some otter-type creatures and sometimes pelicans.

These are the geese that are always around. Lots of goose poop.

I went on a longer route today. I hope to keep increasing my length, as I go. Maybe, I'll just keep walking.

Monday, 30 August 2010

Garden of the Gods

This past long weekend, my in-laws came in. We had so much fun running all over the place. We headed up to Boulder and ate at a restaurant called Salt. They had wonderful food all of the organic & local variety.

Friday, we headed to the King Tut exhibit. I had seen the King Tut exhibit when I was little back in the late 70s, early 80s home in New Orleans. It was beautiful this time, but I was a little disappointed that it had been so scaled back. The exhibit seemed to be more just Egyptian artifacts in general and less to do with Tut. I do realize that many of the artifacts have gotten to a state where they cannot "tour" but I was still slightly disappointed.

Saturday, we headed down to the Springs. We basically did the driving loop around the Garden of the Gods because my in-laws were not up for walking/hiking. Sam and I have decided to go back though and do the hiking trails. Look how gorgeous just this area is.

Ok, this tee was just too funny to pass up not taking a picture of.

Afterward, we headed to the Cave of the Winds. We did the short tour with the in-laws, and yet again, Sam and I want to go back and do the longer lantern tour. Then, we did a drive through of Mantitou Springs. There was a walk/run going on and a festival so the in-laws did not feel like going around in the hustle and bustle. We will be going back for the coffin races in October!

All in all, it was a fun time (with many different fun restaurants and wine and food!) Sam and I have found some extra activities that we would like to go do. This week, Sam will be doing ~horror~ the bikini pictures of me, and I will be filling out the form for the 3rd Annual Eat Clean Diet Challenge.

If nothing else, it's motivation for me. Bye, bye fat!

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A challenge...

I am thinking of trying to take part in this, 3rd Annual Eat-Clean Diet Challenge Makeover. The grand prize is $3000! I know that I do not have enough to lose to make a dramatic difference, but then again, maybe I do. Bodies can change radically if the fat is shed and some muscle gained. They also give you a year to participate.

I have one of her recipe books. I may check out the actual diet books from the library when I bring the books that I already checked out back.

Maybe, it will give me a little extra motivation? Like giving yoga a try. Though most of the people around here that I know who do yoga do not care for the place that I am going. They say that it reminds them more of gym and isn't "pure" yoga. Most of them haven't taken the beginner classes that are based on 26 positions done in a flow, though. I am actually looking forward to trying my hand at the yoga/sculpt classes and hot power fusion yoga, the classes thta remind them of a gym. I think this is why I like it; it is different.

Though I only have about 20 pounds to lose, I may think about giving the challenge a go. I can incorporate clean eating (which I have been avoiding) and a broader range of exercise. Maybe it could be a personal challenge.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


My mum-in-law & her hubby are coming to visit this week. Then about a week after, my aunt & her hubby. So, in the middle of finishing up some contract work, I have been cleaning. You know the stuff that I never do. I cleaned the ceiling fan, wiped down the fire place and polished - that hasn't been done since winter, lemon oiled the woodwork. Then, I decided to wipe down the walls because you know, I don't remember them being two-toned. Turns out, those grey areas where the dogs lay up against them and the front door, well, they're really white under there! Who would have thunk it?

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Dorky stuff that makes me smile 2

Went to yoga yesterday. I still get sore the next day & I like it!

We also hit the comic book store. We have become official dorks because we have begun a hold file at the comic book store. Basically, we give them the list of continuing comics that we read, and they pull them and put them in a folder. We come in every two weeks and pick them up. That way we don't have to worry about missing an issue either. Uh oh, am I becoming :

Hubby also got me new winter fun hats. One is leopard with the strings that hang down with little fuzzy leopard balls at the end and adorable. The other is a monster who looks like he's eating my head! Oh no, I do not leave the fun stuff only for the enjoyment of teens! I also got two packs of black tube socks with little skulls above the colored trim. Why not, they were buy one get one! Whoop! Plus, I'll wear the heck out of them.

Today, we grill. Tuscan Lemon chicken, flattened (Barefoot Contessa's recipe). Then there will be zucchini, because between that and spaghetti squash we could live off of it the way it has taken over the garden! At least once a week we have a spaghetti squash dish as well, and we're giving away tons!

Did I mention that I love audiobooks? It's like being read a bedtime story. The only problem is that I when I fall asleep I lose my place and have to rewind to find it. Plus, I think that I am one of the only people who listens to horror books to go to sleep. Besides my collection of Twilight Zone radio dramas, right now I am listening to Salem's Lot. Oh Danny Glick how you still creep me out...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

New Love

I finally took the plunge and walked up to the new yoga place. It's two weeks free, so I figure - why not? I have to say, that I am surprised at how I felt. I did not expect to like something that was not aggressive and quick moving. It was hard. I should say, it is hard. I definitely have shaking muscles while I'm doing it and soreness on the day after. I am beginning with warm, beginner yoga.

At the end of class, I honestly feel as though I could just lay there and go straight to sleep. I am relaxed and worn out. I have only made it there two times a week. Hopefully, I can increase the frequency.

It has been a really long time since I have found an activity that I honestly, deeply enjoy. Maybe it will replace this thought:

In other news, I finally headed up to the central library near my house and got a library card. I love libraries. I checked out my books and an art instruction book for S. So there is more love in my week. I am finally getting around to reading again!

Friday, 13 August 2010

A sign?

We walked in front of this last night. The lettering and location was just too much to pass up. It's smack, dab in the middle of a heavy bar laden area.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

A Coffee Theme, of the Decaf kind

I made this chocolate cake yesterday. Then I decided, "Hey I just made a chocolate cake from scratch, why not frosting?" So, I made a double boiler and whipped up some coffee flavored frosting. I only needed 3 tablespoons of the coffee & it was sweltering hot, so I decided to try this phenomenon that I keep hearing of... Iced Coffee

I added some almond milk, a squirt of hazelnut agave and the ice cubes.


Friday, 6 August 2010

Good Things.

So, trying to reconcile myself with some issues, I am trying to find positive things. Good Things. If in six months, I have to have another surgery, I will no longer have thoughts of some other things happening. Sorry to be so vague. But if I am no longer burdened with my physical ailments and I do not have to worry about future probabilities, well, I am more unconfined. So, I say, screw it. Travel here I come. So, how about:

And I've spent a summer in Spain, but I would totally go back and see the towns that I did not get to conquer that year.


I can dream. And I can sell many, many things to get the money. I'm willing to sell cheap too.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Cool Picture - stolen, but credited


Monday, 2 August 2010

It's raining glitter!

I've been booked for five shows within the next two weeks. Feel free to come check out the other much more talented ladies!! Show some boob support!

This Wednesday night at the Crossroads, plus every Wednesday this month!
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On!!

This Sunday, the lovely ladies of Immundo Burlesque! A night of Magic, Music & Mayhem!!

Then, three nights with BurlyCute at the Crossroads for Boot Flask Follies!! Special Guest from Austin, Miss Coco Lectric! She's also offering classes on Saturday.

Pecan Pie