Saturday, 30 January 2010

Wenckebach, AV Node Block 1

Oh the things that you begin to find humorous when you're taking these courses. Myssi, I hope you get a kick out of these.


My health has gone straight to pot since starting school. I have gotten on some anti-anxiety meds., been eating horribly indulging in too many fatty comfort foods, imbibing a little too much and become a sedentary slug. With the exception of two nights in the past couple of months, we have hardly left the house - making groceries doesn't count. So, yes, I am becoming dough-like and run down. It is time to take control back and take care of myself. I know it can be done; I just have to be more diligent and less complacent. A part of the problem is, though this is excellent on one hand, my hubby has all but taken over cooking and washing of dishes. He makes delicious but the bad for you food. Delicious I tell you. It is so wonderful having him do this with our crazy schedule. Plus, it is way more healthy than eating out. So, I'm going to nudge him with prepping most of our food for the week tomorrow, so he can just heat up in the oven when we get home and we'll be eating healthier.

I had started doing my exercise in the mornings, and have been walking at least once a week home from school (lugging 45lbs for 5 miles). It's time to kick that up a notch. I have been packing truly healthy lunches, but running to the cafeteria for a daily hot chocolate doesn't do much for the waistline, if ya know what I mean. =)

For the moment though, it's back to my pharmacology project that is due Monday - arts & crafts! Then three different study guides to finish that are due. Then, just general studying. You're completely jealous, no?

I also applied for a job, PRN, at a local hospital. They are looking for a respiratory student who will be in their 2nd year in the fall. It's sterilizing the respiratory equipment, doing O2 rounds, and other such tasks. It would be great to get in and get more hands on and not be as scared of what will be to come in the hospital environment. Plus, it's just good to have an 'in' in the future. But we'll see what happens. It will be out of the top 10 candidates and the job would not even start until April.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


it or not, I am a football girl. And OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS PURELY A MIRACLE.
And PawPaw, I wish you were here to see this!!!

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Exciting News

I may have a few new and exciting things to tell you about. One I hope to hear about at some point very soon. I have been writing again, and I may be contributing to a certain site that I really adore. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Friday, 22 January 2010


I stopped at the thrift store looking for certain kitchen plates. I wandered to the fabric & pattern section. Well, this 60's dress caught my eye. I'm sure it was more than likely a wedding dress. The picture isn't that great but it also has sparkley-s arond the neck line and the lace is a daisy pattern. So sweet! And guess what? $6
Even if I do not keep it for myself, I could not just leave it by its lonesome there.

I also found this nightie from the 60s. $2

Seriously, the thrift store by my house has the greatest treasures that they do not even know are treasures. Both are in absolutely perfect condition too. Maybe I should start a resale site for the treasures that I procure.... or maybe I should just keep 'em!

In other random news, I have just been doing the same old same old. School, library, study, projects. I am applying for a job at a hospital. It's specifically for students who will be second year respiratory students in the fall. It's just cleaning respiratory equipment and doing O2 rounds, but experience is experience and getting in's in the hospital world is always a good thing.... not that I will actually get the job, but I would like to. Plus, they work around the school schedule and clinicals.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Betty Boop & Oogie Boogie

I always get that I look like her. Side by side comparison...

Oogie Boogie eats ma feets!

Costumes, Housework and chickens!

I had a day off today! Our instructors are receiving training and new sim programs are being installed for us. My house is now pretty straight and cleaned. I've been sewing on a new costume made from scraps, and creating a neckpiece a la a Vegas showgirl. I began this project over the Christmas break. Laundry is almost done and put away. Later there will be studying. There is always studying.

S has a man who works in his office who has, well not a farm, but he has some land and has chickens and gardens and such. S was bringing him egg cartons for his eggs. Said man is now giving us eggs. =) I missed fresh eggs. My parents have always done pretty much the same thing. They have always had about six or so chickens as pets and had so many eggs they often gave them away because they could not use so many just between the two of them. I remember having more animals around than we knew what to do with. Now, my parents have 'rescue' fowl (a duck, chickens that were abused or abandoned) and two little dogs that were dumped by them. If it were allowed where we lived we'd probably have a chicken or two running around the back yard and eggs. =)

I simply cannot wait for the snows to end so that we can get our annual veggie garden going.

Friday, 8 January 2010

I would have never known!

This is a bike helmet! This company makes them. It's one of the bestest inventions ever!
Maybe I can make some sort of version to fit over my helmet that could just velcro on and off?

Oh who am I kidding? Maybe in two years, I'll have the time. =)

Whoah, more to the load

Ok, so it doesn't look like that much right? The bag with books, not on the heaviest workload day, weighs 38lbs. Then there's the one binder that doesn't fit in. Then, I bring my lunch & snacks, water & such because I'm there from around 7:45am til 6:00pm.

We're also getting an equipment "duffle bag" filled with respiratory equipment for our equipment lab work. Now how in the heck am I going to carry that? I guess on the other arm that my purse isn't on? I used to not carry a purse because I could fit just the essentials in my back pack. Now there's no such luck because the now used bigger luggage bag is filled with books!

This is why I have said rolling cart. Laugh if you will but my back is thanking me.

These are just the books we are using currently, not counting the notebooks and such that go with. All I have to say is thank goodness, my first day leaving school before 6pm!! Tonight deserves dinner out and a drink, I think!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Laying Low

So, I haven't been on the computer in almost a week. The new schedule began. I've been getting up, 10 minute workout, getting animals fed and potty-ed, put on tea kettle, getting me ready, husband ready & we're both out the door. He goes to work, I take the vehicle to school. Classes, then school library til about 5:45pm. Pick him up, home by about 7pm. Make dinner, wash up dishes, make lunch, set hubby's coffee pot, long bath, pass out. Repeat.

I have missed so much reading this week from my blogroll! There's still much more studying for this weekend, but I hope to catch up on blog-land.

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to it

Our new rotation of classes begin tomorrow morning at 7:30am. I definitely have become complacent over the past two weeks, staying up far too late and being quite lazy. Tonight I packed my lunch for tomorrow, got all of my books together and laid out my clothes for the morning. I plan on making a green smoothie for breakfast. I also plan on doing some exercise in the morning as well, even if it's just ten minutes. Dinner is also planned for tomorrow evening. Laundry is all done and put away.

I'm shooting for small goals this week. I hope to exercise at least ten minutes each morning. I also am going to try and journal my exercise and food for at least three days this week. Got to start somewhere! I also plan on attending aerial class on Friday.

I also am determined to not buy new clothes, as I have talked about. I have so much that I do not NEED anything. (Of course, this does not apply to whatever uniform items that may be required on rotations or undergarments.)

I have given up caffeine so we'll see how things go this week. Peppermint tea seems to be working for me in the mornings on giving me a jilt.