Friday, 31 December 2010

Bye, Bye 2010

Welcome 2011! May this year be even better than the last, for me, for everyone!

This will be the husband and I tonight. It's too freaking cold to go walk up to the pub, so we shall be making party foods and celebrating in the warmth of our house. Oh, and we're (really, just me) watching the Twilight Zone marathon too!

Now, if only he'll let me wax his moustache & beard, what a perfect night it will be!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Snot Monster

Sick for the second time in a month. Woke up Christmas Eve feeling like poop and slept the whole day. Hopefully, will be back to blogging this week. I hope everyone had a happy holiday.
I'm looking forward to my holiday tradition of the Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's Eve. Me & Rod Sterling, yes!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Westword Article about Naughty Noel Show tonight

Thank you Amber Taufen for the fabulous writeup! & Cora Vette for all the great things she had to say about us girls =)

Cora Vette exposes her plans for tonight's Naughty Noel Burlesque Show at Bender's Tavern!

edited because I had the wrong link, d'oh!

Gym pics

I have been having a weird few days, the blues. Exercise always makes me feel better. I was feeling ok about myself today, so I'm even showing off the tum a little. The thighs are still looking wide, but there is less in the fingers when you try to pinch em, that's good right?

I am trying to keep my running up and go longer. It's still hard, but I'm keeping with it. Sooner or later. Plus, I've been doing it with two broken toes, yaay me.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Crafty-Mac-Crafterson, Hideous holidays, gym pic

I'm thinking that I may take on a new approach to these whored-out, consumeristic holidays that makes the human population turn into hideous masses. Okay, I'm not even sure that those are actual words, but you get my meaning. I had to run to the store yesterday for the still-sick mister (he finally got to the doctor and got a perscription!). Let me tell you, I was appalled at the people in the store. Pushy, rude, crazy even. I actually had to say, "I promise you I am not going after some item you are looking for" as being pushed to the side by rushing, insane humanoids. I don't think you are in that much of a rush for yogurt & the pharmacy in Tarjay Boutique. I'm not going to grab whatever the latest toy that will inevitably break in two weeks that you're pushing me out of the way to rush to the toy section is.
The whole experience made me quite sad.

I tried this year to find unusual gifts for family. Some were antique or vintage items. El Sammy Beasto had two photographs turned into canvas paintings for his mom & dad. That was actually kind of cool. We have cut down who we buy for to just our parents, each other, my only godchild who still keeps in touch (I have 3). I may even cut down my Christmas card list as well being as so many people do not even attempt to keep in touch. Hey, V8grrl... I may need you to email me your address again!

Next year, I do believe that for the holidays (all of them) I may make my own cards. I may even try to make homemade gifts, maybe even cookies too. Check out this article that I read yesterday on the Sublime Stitching Blog.

But anywho, here's my gym locker room photo for the day. Now, I have to go about waiting for the plumber to come. Our brand new water heater is leaking! Oh no! They're coming out at some point today to check that out. =)

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Etsy You Are Awesome - Christmas Shopping

My parents are EXTREMELY hard to buy for. I usually send a Lowe's gift card and teas or something of that nature. This year, I kept searching Etsy & Amazon. Luckily, my mom told me that my dad has discovered the tv series Supernatural and the new Battlestar Galactica. So, he got some seasons of those. Buuuut, he also loves vintage tools. I mean they have a 1952 tractor and they farm for goodness sakes. I found this crazy saw on Etsy. It's just shaped like nothing that I've seen. So, it's getting delivered to him.

My mom is uber Catholic. I found this antique silver rosary box that is really pretty. It was waaay more than I would normally spend, but I think she'd really like it, so I bought it.

But knowing my mom, she'll say "I just wanted you to know that it's used and has a scratch." Yep, mom because it's an antique from 1940 something... Oh well, I tried.

Joining in to help - Crafting for a cause

I get Bust Magazine. It's always packed to the brim with fun crafts, craft sites and charity sites. This past issue had a small article about Project Thrive and its Days for Girls initiative. Basically, they are asking crafty type people to create Hygiene Kits. What's a hygiene kit, you ask? Well, go to the site! They are asking people to create washable sanitary pads to provide for girls in places where getting your period means not going to school or work, just sitting in their home waiting for the end. Some girls/women have even caused major infections trying to make something for themselves out of old mattress stuffing and other materials that just aren't meant to be used in that manner.

What if not having feminine supplies kept you isolated during menstruation?

• No study for days.
• No income for days.
• No access to hygiene ... for days.
It happens every day to women in third world countries. We can do something about that. We're tackling the goal of making sure each of them can have their own washable, effective feminine solutions.

from the Project Thrive site.

I may even contact some local homeless or battered women's shelters to see if they would be interested in projects like this.

Myssi, would you want to look into this with me, my crafty friend?

I'm going to make a hygiene kit, maybe more.

bored with hair + scissors = ??

When I get bored with myself, well, the hair is the first victim, always. I can still pull them to the side for my old look. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but it is different

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thrifting Find

Don't know if they are truly vintage or not. I just remember my mom having some very similar in brown. These are my favorite color, green. At 49 cents each, I could not pass them up.

I also picked up two paperbacks (Eat, Pray Love and Memoirs of a Geisha - loved the movie and have always wanted to read the book).

The sweater selection was crazy awesome. So many of lambs wool, silk, rabbit, Italian wool. I only picked up two out of about five I pulled off the racks because it seems my boobs are too big for Ann Taylor Loft Petites.... damn it because there were tons. I also got a snazzy vintage nightie. I never wear nightgowns but this one is pretty enough to maybe change my mind.

There was a huge selection of really old thigh hi's in the original packages. You know, the kind that do not have stretchy, elastic tops - the kind you actually have to use a garter belt with. Unfortunately, they were all for really tall folks. One pack was open, so I pulled them out to see if I could make them work. The toe was on the floor and they came up to about, yeah, my waist. Bummer. So, I picked up a pair of more modern thigh high fishnets in black.

Love this thrift store about 2 miles from the house. I really have to go up there more. Maybe I will and take pics of the two vintage Singer sewing machines in their wooden cases, a 1900 and a 1948. =)

Old School Crafty Style

I decided to decorate the old school style. I've been using scraps of wrapping paper to make the old paper chain garland. The angel was my mom & dad's original topper to their tree when they were first married.

We got our first Christmas card so I decided to start displaying them the way my mom did when I was a kid. I went through the craft stash and found this stretchy gold ribbon (trim). Wrapped that around the curtain rod and clothes pinned the card to the ribbon.

Here's a shot of our 3'6" silver tree. My mom actually has my grandmother's aluminum tree, which I adore and lust after. We settled on this one from Big Lots a few years ago for $19.99. We don't have enough room in our itty bitty living room for a big tree anyway.

And after two weeks of le funk, I finally hit the gym yesterday. Here's the gym bathroom shot.
Might I just add that I kept waking up last night from the soreness. It just goes to show what two weeks of sedentary, slothness goes to do to one. Maybe I'll hit the weights again tomorrow, today though, um no.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Cookies from Mom

These may not look like traditional Christmas cookies, but they are in our family. These are Italian fig cookies, my great-grandmother's recipe handed down to my mother. She sent me the recipe last year, but I have not yet attempted to make them, nor the wine ball recipe. She sends us a box every year because she knows Sam's loves them... what about your daughter? She loves them too ;)

I sneak one everyday! So delicious

Thursday, 2 December 2010

My thoughts wander to dishes

I'm having dish issues. I have a love for all things Halloween. We often buy ceramic cups, plates, bowls during Halloween. This year, I'm sorely disappointed. The pieces that I bought this year, well, the paint is already chipping off. Booo.

I'm seriously considering chucking a good portion of my dishes and replacing them with vintage pieces. I have three places of this weird green color that I love. I originally had one that was my aunt's. Over the years, I have found two more on my thrifting adventures.

We also have some of these pieces which were my mother-in-laws.

Last time that I wandered around on Broadway, I came across some really awesome sets. One was similar to this.

I wouldn't buy them because I kept thinking, "I have enough dishes." I keep pondering though. We actually do not have a full set of anything. So, my thoughts are leaning toward donating almost all of my "modern" dishes and buying a cool vintage set. I'll have to keep an eye open on my next few thrift store runs. If I find "IT" then, I just may do that!

So, as my German Shepherd is barking incessantly and my mixed breed sits calmly gnawing a bone as the clatter continues on the roof, I think that I shall sit and browse photos of pretty things.

It happens in 3's? & I have no holiday spirit

I really thought that I would be better this week. Unfortunately, the funk moved to the chest and no working out with that.

Our roof is being replaced today. Then, our hot water heater blew. That's supposed to be coming today as well. Oh, a pipe in the crawl space is busted. Thankfully, it only goes to a faucet outside and water can be turned off to it. That one will have to wait. We did, however, buy the torch and kit to repair it. Then, the soft spot on the kitchen floor by the sliding glass door, yep, now there's a hole straight through there. Three of the kitchen chairs broke. The upstairs toilet had a leaky valve and ruined the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom. There's more, but I'll leave it at that. Three's my arse.

We have family coming up for the whole week of Christmas. Family and some girlfriends and their kids... So, people we've never met. I've never been big on holiday gatherings and adding strangers to the mix just makes it worse for me. I think El Sammy Beasto and I have gotten used to our relaxed holidays with just the two of us. Then, we kind of freaked because we really only have next week to get all the shopping and cards and packages mailed out to back home. This week was screwed with all of the house repairs. I have two shows this weekend, a show the week before everyone gets up and one out of town the day before! Decorating? Oh crap! We still have our Halloween pumpkin lights in the windows.

I noticed I've lost a few followers. What can I say? I'm pretty boring.

Maybe tomorrow, if all of these workers are done, I'll pull out the little silver tree and throw a few things around the house. That is if there is time between trying to make sure the house doesn't fall down around me, trying to get my drafting work done and emailed back to the office, and preparing for a show that I have tomorrow night....

It has to get better, right?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Gratuitous Skivvies shot

Taking a cue from BitchCakes I'm feeling good about my workouts and decided to take a picture in my skivvies yesterday. I know that I still have a ways to go with firming up, but it's looking much better than before. I'll have to dig out my bikini pictures to have a comparison. Only V8grrl has seen those monstrosities.

And speaking of V8grrl, if you pray keep her family in your prayers. Her hubbin' is in ICU and I know she wants him to get better really quick! So, if you could send some good light their way!!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Our new website & pretty things

We're getting an all new website up & running! Well, thanks to Michael Mann, who is designing it and making our ultra cool logos!
Can you believe this is Kim Kardashian?

Fashion_Criminal on PhotoBucket

by Corpse-Dolly on PhotoBucket

FrockOut 2010

This was the event that I was in last week. You can see me in my unicorn girl outfit and my silver deprivation suit acting like Golum or a lizard type creature.

Week in Snot, I mean review

Here is the only picture taken this week. It was from Monday. I woke up with a tickley throat, but figured it was from the neck up so I'll go to the gym and do a light work out. So, I totaled a 5 mile walk. Came home, started feeling fatigued, took a hot bubble bath and crawled into bed.

Tuesday, throat was worse. No fever, so I start the apple cider vinegar gargles and such. Don't fuss, but I even gargle with peroxide.

Wednesday, woke up in the middle of the night swollen throat, and feeling blah, but still no fever. I tell El Sammy Beasto, "I'm dropping you off at work and I'm going to try to get into my doctor today." I was convinced that I had strep. He was convinced that I wouldn't get in on the day before Thanksgiving. Luckily, the urgent care across the street from his work was opening up 10 minutes after I dropped him off.

YaaY, first one in.

Vitals - Nurse: you have a low blood pressure.

Me trying to talk and swallow saliva: Yep, it's always pretty low.

Nurse: No fever.

Me: I haven't had one. (My tongue feels like it's hitting the back of my throat and making me speak like I have an impediment).

Next doctor comes in: Does all the routine stuff, now goes to look down my throat. He gets the popsicle stick (Yeah, I know what it's really called). Oh yeah, your throat is really red, but I don't see any pustules. Let's swab for strep just to make sure, but you have no other symptoms but a sore throat?

Yep, I may be being a baby, but this hurts and I can't swallow.

Test comes back negative. No strep, so just do comfort treatments. Back home to gargle salt water every 30 minutes and try over the counter sprays and lozenges (which make me gag by the way).

Thanksgiving morning, well, it's slightly better. Only the middle of my throat hurts as opposed to the whole thing. I ate soup for breakfast and continued my ritual of salt water gargles and drinking OJ & water. But, it's Thanksgiving! El Sammy Beasto had stopped the night before and picked up his Honey Baked Ham. I made deviled eggs with spicy crab meat. Then, it was on to the rabbit stew. Sam threw two potatoes in the oven and I stuck on some rice. I felt badly that I didn't cook as I normally do. By the time 5pm rolled around, I was feeling a little better. I did eat some toasted crusty bread and took a little taste of everything. I had a glass of pinot noir and crashed.

Finally, the snot dam broke last night. So, I was up blowing my nose all night so that the grossness would not have a chance to go down my throat. But I'm thankful that my throat doesn't hurt anymore and that I can now just take OTC pills to dry up the mucous! And now, today, I spend cleaning up the house that has been neglected all week.

Hopefully, next week, I'll have something good to share.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Just a Usual Thursday Night

Last night was the library's Frock Out: Sideshow Event. There were 12 area designers competing Project Runway style for a wonderful prize. Plus, all the tickets sales go for adult cultural events at the library. I have to say, many of those designers were awing! Beautiful garments. Mondo Geurra was head judge! So awesome! I did get to meet him during the reception mingle so my night was complete.

So, we were the Sideshow folks interspersed between models on the 88 foot runway last night. Here's a few pics of my insanity.

I like to call this one : We make great pets. That's me in the silver deprivation outfit. E is a friend's son. He was the giant. He's 6'10" and with some socks inside of shoes, he was 7'!! On his shoulder is our friend C, or better known as Little Miss Firefly! She is so amazing!! She was crazy and flew in from another show to be in this show and had to fly out super early this morning to get back and make her show tonight! I know she had to be beat!

This was my Unicorn Girl outfit. I had pearls and such glued to my forhead around my glittered horn. Check out my fancy hooves!
Notice Lucy behind me? =D

This is me and my friend A. He was wearing a Hannibal Lector mask over this because he was a cannibal chicken, lol.
If you want, there are tons of pictures over at Westword which feature some of the fabulous designs and some freaks too!

Now, off to prepare for another show tonight!! I'm kind of beat. Looking forward to maybe having an actual dinner tonight and perhaps my second adult beverage of the week! (Have to say, not having cocktails this week, I could lace up my bustiers all the way closed!)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


I have been looking at 30s sewing patterns. However, in my searching I have come across many, many 1930's knitted dress, sweater, skirt, dressing gown patterns. Some of them are really pretty too. It got me thinking that I should really learn how to knit one day. Then, I could make pretty, cozy dresses for the chilly months!

Just check out some of these patterns from the uk.

Can you believe this is knitted?

Here's the book that it came from Minerva Style Book 1930s

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

A Little In Love

There is this site that has reproduction dress patterns from the 1800's to the 1950's!
Pattern Retrospective

I'm going to go drool a little.

Daily Pic & some burlesque stuff

Today's gym pic. Actually, when I was typing in my number and scanning my finger at the front desk this morning, my day was made. The front desk girl told me that I was really pretty. It kind of caught me off guard, and I actually did a "Huh?" and questioning face. She repeated it, and I told her thank you and that she made my morning. The day cannot get too bad from that point on, right?

In burlesque news, my new act went over fantastically Sunday night. I loved when I revealed my real costume on the first chorus, and the audience went up in laughter. There's nothing like that feeling of pulling off something comedic. I'm switching up the costume to go for Christmas too. =)

Denver Public Library's Frock Out is this Thursday!! Practice is tomorrow. I'm in two seasons, Spring where I am unicorn girl. Been glittering up my horn that is going on my forehead. And in Fall, I'm a pet in a silver sensory deprivation suit. Nice, huh? It's fun just walking and being the sideshow freaks. I'm totally going to stalk Mondo. Well, in actuality, probably not. Believe it or not, I get really shy and usually won't approach people.

I also got an email yesterday with an offer to go down to the Springs and perform with another troupe for their holiday show next month. I took it up too! I am rather enjoying dancing with many, many troupes. I get to see so many wonderful and varied performers. It keeps me interested and inspired.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Gettin' Old School

I decided to try making my own bread starter. You know a ball of flour and water that captures yeast from the air? I'm trying this method from the Science of Bread website.

So, here's the well of a 1/4 c unbleached all purpose flour. Then just add a teeny bit of water at a time.

Mix until you get the little springy ball.

Toss it in small bowl or jar and cover with a damp towel and put in warm place.

We'll see how this turns out in a few days! Could be cool, I say.

We've also been planning our layout of more garden boxes. I plan to make diagrams & plans of what will go where over the winter. I tell you, we will have mini vegetable farm in our back yard! We also picked up two little fruit trees from the local home fix it up store on clearance for $2. We figured no harm trying and no big $ loss if they croak!

NEXT: Going to try making my own vinegar!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Little in the middle,

but she go much back, and thighs like tree trunks! (I blame it on my time doing roller derby duty, heh, right from two years ago, heh) So this is another pair of pants that I should not wear out of the house. I think from now on that I will be sticking to the dark solid ones, oh yeah. I am beginning to think that I should take a picture of myself before I leave the house. The only problem is that I have no full length mirror at the house.

I wore that to go to the gym and then hit the grocery on the way home. The temperature feels like it has dropped 20 degrees, it's black and thundering... stupid snow that is supposed to come. I was really enjoying the fall gorgeous weather. Oh well, time to pull out the coats and my hats!

Old Man Winter is coming to town I guess.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Side Note

Oh and El Sammy Beasto's office is having pot luck tomorrow. I'm full up in the kitchen making red beans with ham & sausage, rice, homemade french bread, deviled eggs.... I'm making him make the rum cake later. =) My kitchen does smell good even if we're not eating it!

Today's Pic & Stuff

My newest thrift store acquisition. It's actually all one piece and by Bebe? I like it because it has a slight 20s feel to it, maybe not so much after I stick leggings on with it. Anywho, that's what I wore today when we went out to run errands.

I also spent some time on the evil ebay & etsy this weekend. Picked up a sort of Vegas-y showgirl number and bought too much money worth of ostrich and peacock feathers to make those big Sally Rand type fans. When an idea hits me, well it hits and I must get the stuff to make it!

I have a few busy weeks ahead with burlesque related goodness. We have a show the 11th with Cora Vette and the Vinyl Tops where we will perform with the live band, fun!! Friday, I have an audition. Sunday the 14th is the Immundo Burlesque Show at the Rack House Pub. I'm debuting a fun little number to "Sex & Candy", not what anyone would think and totally funny in my head! Wednesday the 17th, practice for the Denver Publick Library's Frock Out event & the 18th is the event. Oh and I will be stalking me some Mondo there! Still miffed he did not win Project Runway. Then, on the 19th at Skylark I think I'm performing for the Freakshow Gorelesque and Oh No USO Show too! Wow, if I only got paid for all the shows that I do I wouldn't ever have to worry about real work, haha.

Friday, 5 November 2010

20's Inspiration & today's gym photo

I have always adored the 20s. So I constantly peruse images from the 20's. I recently found a modern BeBe dress at the thrift store which is going to fit wonderfully into a 20's night.

Oh, and here is today's gym pic. I ran, though I got my injection yesterday. The reason that I mention this is because normally I can jog for 20 minutes on the treadmill at a 5.3/5.4 mph pace. Today, my hot flashes were crazy strong. I barely ran 7 minutes before I had to take a 2minute break and so on and so on. I was pouring sweat like some sort of crazy animal! So after 25 minutes of intervals I went into the group exercise room and did a weight routine and strength circuit before walking back home to stretch.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Oh my

Remind me never to wear these pants to the gym again. Funny how I never realized how bad these look until I took a picture in them. Want to talk about baggy, baggy looking butt? Oh yeah, saggy, baggy looking.

I'm going to try to picture document body changes, if any, over the next months. Maybe the daily picture thing is the way to go.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Random stuff

This is the final pull from the garden. Look at all of those dirty little red potatoes! Mmmmmm
We're going to have a butt load more garden boxes too for next year, woohoo!! Lowe's happened to put some cedar garden box sets on clearance for $62. It may sound expensive but just the wood alone in those was worth it. You can put them in tons of configurations, and it came with a 'cold frame' lid too. That means maybe starting stuff early and keeping winter veggies alive a little longer. We bought two. Just call me Farmer jen.

Here's today after my workout. Swwwweeeeaaaattty

Walked 1.15 miles to the gym, ran 20 minutes at 5.3 mph, did a short weight routine and walked back home.

Also, I have something fun happening. No one knows but El Sammy Beasto. I have been studying to take a certification. I also applied for two jobs with resumes stating what I am studying and all of my past education. I did get an invite to come audition next week. I am not expecting it to go much further than that since I will not have the certification until probably December, but it will give me a heads up on what to expect and maybe they can tell me what to change or improve and I will get to audition again in the future? I'm using it as a learning experience.