Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Random goings on

So since all of my money has to go toward respiratory school, supplies, etc., I have pulled in the reigns on any shopping. Really, I did not do that much to begin with. I have decided to "renovate" clothes that I already have to make them more like what I would like. Both my vintage and modern duds are up for game to be revamped.

I so wanted a little leopard topper to match my little leopard ballet flats. After perusing around, I knew my purse strings could not bear it. I also thought, "Hey, I can make something similar for WAY cheaper!" So, I picked up a piece of felt, just a few cents, some plastic "needlepoint" type circles ($1) and began. I always have ribbon around and notions. It's not finished because I would like to put a bow of bigger black ribbon on it. I also have black tulle that could be a veil. I may make another so that I can make one more casual that I can wear to class and one fancier for nights out.
This is it so far (I approached it like a big pastie, all sewn, no glue on there!)

Here is just a shot of the prairie dogs along my walk. I wish I could have gotten a better shot, because they are so chunky and cute. I debated taking a shot down their holes. I've seen potato chip bags, wrappers. It makes me wonder if people put them in there or if they drag them in when trying to scrounge for snacks?

Mmmmm, Trick-or-Treat

Aren't these beautiful? They are from Compartes in LA. Mexican Hot Chocolate Truffles. I bet they are simply marvelous. I love a mix of savory and sweet, and these look as though they would do the job.

And these are just really adorable little Halloween treats from Godiva, but I'm not a big fan of milk chocolate. The darker, the better is what I love!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A little too ambitious

Walk to school, five miles.
Try to buy a drink from school after I finish my water - machine takes money, cafeteria closed, find water fountain to refill my glass bottle.
Physics review.
Walk home, five miles.
Drink tons of ice water.
Need to study for finals.
I think the 10 miles was a little too ambitious at this point, especially with the hills. Think I'll stick with five miles for a while longer and more days. I'm a wuss. But the fat little prairie dogs were amusing.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Another Random Thought

I want to just backpack around the US and see the whole freaking country by foot. Weird, I know, but if it weren't it just wouldn't be me. =D Now if only I could get sponsors from shoe companies and camping supply places for my shoes and tent and $$ for snacks along the way.... that would be cool beans.

Self-Love, Halloween style

This was one of the latest from the Halloween shoot, fun! Thanks once again for Norman Dillon photography for making me look good.

Made 100 on my last microbio exam, yees! Two finals this week, physics and microbiology. My online Colorado History class starts this week, and next week, begins the next quarter and four more respiratory classes: Cardiopulmonary anatomy, Patho, Fundamentals of Respiratory Care, Intro to Respiratory Care. That's going to be a bunch.

I think tomorrow I will take the plunge and begin walking to AND from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That will be a 10 mile walk twice a week, and two 5 miles. Pretty good. I'll be switching that up when my schedule changes all around next week.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Stroll home

Today, I got out of class early because we had an exam. I took the short way home, as it was also the least muddy and has the most sidewalks.
This pic is just one of the town signs, but I love the garden around it.
This is one that I was trying to capture part of the road and its ups and downs. You have to look faaar into the distance to sort of see the hills. Oh well, the picture doesn't do justice, but I was using my cell phone to snap pics.

I am hoping to get a knack for finding fun things to snap on my walks. All of the prairie dogs were in their holes today. There was a bunch of bones in one of the fields, but I was slipping and sliding in that area of no walks and muddiness. =)
These were just some cool Halloween goblets at the grocery. Cool because they are actually glass, not plastic. Plus, the price was unbeatable. I splurged and bought two.

Here they are at home and a little clearer.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I want your help!

Give me your favorite places to shop for fun clothes, be it actual vintage, reproduction, modern with hints of the past, pinup, whatever! I love mixing eras. Vampish & sassy are wonderful. I need to find some places to peruse that may offer some new dresses for me. Thanks for all of your help!

side info - random ramble

I agreed to do a few shows next month. I love Halloween and was excited thinking I could do a few things that I would normally not be able to do. Plus, I have not performed in a while. Then, I was dreading it. I just kept thinking of time gone during the times I will have to be other places. I have worked myself into a calm place again. I LOVE fall and Halloween and weird-ness. However, I think it will be best after October to just let performing go. School is just too much. After next week, we start second quarter. Finals for this quarter are at the end of next week. Second quarter = pathophysiology, cardiopulmonary anatomy, fundamentals & intro to respiratory techniques/lab... It only piles higher and higher, deeper and deeper after this. I just have to devote more in depth study time than I do now. I seem to have been doing well, well not doing much. It doesn't help that our house has become a complete construction site either. I have been devoting a majority of my free time helping S as much as I can in our home renovating endeavors. I really do not want to pile my plate too high. =)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Wardrobe, dahlin', wardrobe

I finally got my husband to watch a full episode of "Mad Men" with me. YaaY! So, we're watching, and I keep filling him in on all of the characters. My favorite is Joan. It seemed his is too, haha. After hearing me ooh and ahh over her for the hour, he asked, "Well, why don't you dress like that everyday then?" My response, "I don't have enough of those clothes." He knows I adore all eras, but he keeps hearing me say, Joan's dress this, Joan's dress that. It's wardrobe, dahling, wardrobe that I cannot afford at the moment, but will continue to drool over.

Halloween Fun

I bought this dress and have not had a chance to wear it. So when presented with an opportunity for a fun Halloween shoot, I jumped. I love Norman Dillon Photography!!! I call this my "Hellraiser" dress. I would love to see if any of the photos of my in my monster corset in the coffin came out too. I'll have to query... On to the silliness

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Here's what I got this morning. A bowl full of cherry tomatoes, some peppers, a few yellow squish, some sketti squash. I get this every other day or so. I'll probably pick more this evening or tomorrow too. See, I'm such a dork. I'm waiting for my mini watermelons to get there! I already got all the corn that I'm going to get this year. There's plenty of herbs still too.


I have been fascinated lately with leopard print accents. I LOVE my little shoes, and I thought that I would now need a cute little topper. I found these adorable ones on Etsy. However, me being on a strict budget right now, I won't be buying. It's fun to look though. I am thinking that I can make myself a little fascinator like the one below. The construction of mine would not be as sturdy, of course. It does look quite like making a big pastie though, hahaha... I think that I can figure something out. I just need to get a scrap of animal print fabric. =)

NBB Wear has some adorable fascinators and toppers!

Hats by Susan on Etsy

Available on Etsy from NBB Wear! Cute and elegant.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009


So, I was feeling good after my physics exam today. I decided to splurge at Target' on a pair of ballet flats that I have been scoping for over a month now. Yeah, I'm a big spender. They are super comfy and cute. I'll be pairing them with capris and other little beatnik outfits. I have to pull out my cute little beret now too. =) I'm taking a walk on the wild side...

and just maybe I will wear them on my days that I do my walks. I definitely want to snap a few shots on my walks of the great things that I get to see. One gets a completely different perspective on things they past daily when they are doing it on foot rather than in a speeding vehicle.

Friday, 11 September 2009


I did my first six mile walk home from school today. I am beginning by doing it on Mondays and Fridays. My early morning classes are those two days. This way Sam can drop me off on his way to work, and I can walk home. I will increase my days in October when we switch and add classes.

It was really nice walking all of that way home. The prairie dogs were hilarious and I giggled whenever they did their "Intruder!" chirps and scurried into their holes, only to pop up and watch as I walked by. There were apple trees hanging over fences where fruit was mounded on the ground. I was tempted to sift through and see if any had not been nibbled by birds or other critters and take some home. All sorts of mushrooms and wild flowers. I definitely want to take a camera with me so that I can snap some cute shots when I come across them. I may try different routes as well to see what I can discover.

On a sad note, I received an email from my cousin that my great aunt passed away early this morning. My cousin was nice enough to share her last weeks with me and how my aunt often asked about how I was. These are the times that I am sorry that I live so far away. I really would have liked to spend more time visiting her the past five or six years. At least, I still have wonderful memories of her. I still remember watching "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" at her house with her husband when I was much younger, =)

pic from

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Stuff, stuff, stuff

Here are my new shelves that the husband stained and put up for me yesterday. I put my little vacuum tube radio along with some of my vintage housekeeping books and a few burlesque books.
And that is my cute little, yet LOUD, alarm clock that I picked up (on clearance too!).
We are still nowhere near finished yet, but we were able to sleep in the bedroom again!
Slowly but surely we are getting things done.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Silly Happiness

And there are my new globes for my ceiling fan. =) Way cheaper than a new ceiling fan. I only wish that I would have caught the new anchor pull string Mr. Mort bought.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Find, Free, Score~

In the chaos that is our house of remodel right now, things have been, well, ugh! We have been discussing future changes, purchases, etc. Too much to take on with school, work, and so on, but we do anyway. Mr. Mort was leaving to go to the home improvement store for something we forgot when he came back in and said, "LaPetite, could you come outside a minute?" Oh goodness?! What happened now? were my immediate thoughts. He held my hand and guided me to the next door neighbor's house. Randomly, they put different items, furniture, household out on the curb with signs "FREE". Well, today was our lucky day. What was out there you ask? An old kitchen table with clawed feet and folding leaves along with five matching chairs. They are just what we were talking about getting! They are not in too bad of shape either, a light sanding and refinish will make them lovely! I can even repad the seats though the fabric is in stellar condition. We carried them into our already crowded garage for their turn in the remodel. Here's the table. Excuse the clutter, I have cabinetry and such in there too being refinished right now. I didn't snap a pic of the chairs because they are just stacked upon each other. It was perfect timing because our kitchen set has just about had it too. What luck!

Saturday, 5 September 2009


I got new globes for my kitchen ceiling fan! They are an avocado green to go with my wickered inset panels of the old thing. =) Looks like a new, retro fan. I'll have to take a snapshot tomorrow. We also got a new fixture to put in above the sink to replace the plain old bulb one. We are just trucking along.
We officially are off limits in the bedroom. I'm washing some linens for our pull-out sofa bed. S has been sanding away and all the furniture is tarped and pushed to the middle of the room. We just purchased the paint for the ceiling and trim. Maybe we will start the painting tomorrow. Well, I will help in between homework and paid work and housework!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Every morning when I wake up!

Whenever I feel like a change the easy things to play with are my hair (obviously, lol) and makeup. So, I went searching for pretty images to play with. I found these. The hats are bad either. =)

Unfortunately, I am one who can put on TONS of makeup and it not show up on film.

This one is my favorite. The whole color palette makes her blue eyes pop.
I think I need to employ the help of a fabulous drag queen. They got it going on! Plus, I would probably come out looking like Dame Edna, haha.

p.s. Target is beginning to put out their Halloween stuff. I picked up some adorable kitchen towels in their $1, $2.50 bins. =)

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Home renovation

My house is a complete disaster area. We have been planning on re-doing the house room, by room. We started this past weekend on our bedroom. We began by re-mudding our walls. Each day I have been wet sponging a wall or half depending on how much homework and work-work, housework and cooking that I have to do too. Everything is crowded into the middle of our bedroom with a few things still outside. We still will have to do another coat and sponge down before we paint. Disaster area. No amount of vacuuming or mopping or dusting helps. ~sigh~ Then we're going to tackle the bedroom floor... Why did we decide to do this right now? Haha, because we are insane. We've had the supplies because we have been buying little by little each week. Sam came up with the colors on a lark, and it turned out I loved the idea. We're doing a rusty/brownish/orange with a dark chocolate trim. Very retro, yet Halloween. =)

I want no one to come over right now, but I like having company. We never do though. We keep talking about our Tiki Room though that will be the last room to be done. I am sure we will spend even more time at home entertaining at that point rather than going out.

I have been in a groove with cooking every night. It has become exciting and challenging to come up with different and really tasty dishes. It's my inner chef sneaking forth. =) We have saved more money as well, only eating out, one at the most, two times on the weekend. Then, we can buy more at the home improvement stores each week, haha.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bon Scientific'!

We are required to do a project for our respiratory physics class. On a lark, some folks and I were discussing topics. I brought up a real simple experiment that the prof brought up the first week of class, a kitchen experiment. In our "joking" I thought of doing the experiment Julia Childs, or vintage cooking show style. The project has to be done in "movie" type format. I am thinking that I may film it in my kitchen, totally 50's housewife decked out, with my aprons, roasting pan, etc. I am looking for lung, heart and other body parts for props. I have great ideas that will at least get me creativity points!!! I am a little too excited...


Debating going to see this car. It just seems too good to be true. Buuut, it's so freaking gorgeous! Saw many more photos, has been all redone, transmission rebuilt, carb rebuilt, new brakes, new all sorts of stuff. Plus, they are willing to negotiate price...
I keep telling myself, "if it's meant to be..."