Friday, 28 August 2009


Went to a local micro-brewery, after my breakdown today. We ran into some really sweet, nice folks who remembered me from derby. We used to run into them much more frequently. It was really nice to talk and hang out. They also remembered me from burlesque, lol. His wife kept talking about seeing me "naked", haha., or just in skimpy costumes really.

Also, the hubbin' and I got to talk. I'm going to keep on, and we're going to make it work somehow. He knows that I enjoy this stuff too much. We're investigating some stuffs. Just keep the fingers crossed, please!!

Contemplations again.

Well, due to many extenuating circumstances and circumstances beyond my control, things may change. School is on a cusp. Too much to go into, though my grades are exemplary. I do not qualify for any types of student aid, yet we do not make enough for me to pay for all of the tuition, books, innoculations/vaccinations, tests, cpr classes, health workups, mandatory conventions, extras - getting a vehicle, insurance, etc (we only have 1 vehicle we share, the places that I have to be and go are outside of public transportation within time limits after a class or between) - They are constantly throwing more on the fire, each week that we have to buy, attend, go do in all areas of the state. I have previous student loans, and don't qualify for the federal ones with low interest, and would have to go through private banks for more. Too many other things to throw in there. There has to be much thinking going on. My wonderful husband has told me he would get a weekend job to pay for it, but I cannot make him do that. I hardly see him as it is. The hours that I work are paldry at best though flexible which works in this climate of never knowing when you have to attend class or other lecture they decide is mandatory to your grade.
Maybe, I should just try to find some fun job and forget the school, stay out of debt. Nothing quite works out like it should in my life anywhoo.
Dream jobs for today:
1. tattoo artist
2. chef
3. writer
4. farmer
5. dance/exercise instructor
Funny. Time for thinking, planning, doing. No decisions made or thought of yet. Just having a rotten day. Poop, because my day started out so well.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Outfit 1

I so need a full length mirror! This is what I am wearing today to the hospital lectures. Not super vintage-y looking, very slightly pin-up-esque. Ignore the utility stool that I had to stand on to try and get phone pics! Haha. Oh, I am really, really bad at taking pics of myself!

shoes and lungs

Our final is the "dance recital" at the end of the semester, two class group numbers. We also have to make our own groups and choreograph a number to audition for the big show at the end of the semester. All the dance and yoga classes perform. I want a bee costume like in the Blind Melon video. Oh shoot that's tap.

I'm going to buy my jazz shoes after the asthma lectures at the hospital. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to doctors and therapists talk about respiratory stuff?
Since some of us are going to this, we did not have a class today. Wow, I could have just had a day off, what was I thinking? See, I'm a weirdo because I am way too into this stuff.

Oh, and there is one guy in my dance class. He is super young, and super talented. I mean the guy does pointe! How awesome is that?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Frogs and Bistros

In case I have never mentioned it, I have an affinity for frogs. Yesterday, when I went into the computer lab for my physics exam, I saw this when I sat down. ~points up~ Was that a good luck sign or what? All of these cute frog figurines for me to stare at just sitting there. I need to snag that seat for every module! Cheesy, but I love em.
There is a wine bistro near our house. It's kind of cool because there is always live musac. Sometimes R&B, classic rock, funk, jazz, really fun place. The crowd is usually older "cougar" looking women on the prowl, lol. Yet, there are not younger men, lol. It is super fun because as the night wears on, these ladies wind up on top of tables with the owner dancing. Sam and I like to go there regularly, share a bottle of wine, some appetizers and their really super desserts! They also have a huge wine menu, pages upon pages. This though is hilarious. They have a specialty drink menu that is so raunchy that I find it funny in a vulgar, cheesy way.

I never post them, but my husband has a thing for taking pictures of me drinking. We have tons of them. I posted this one because I actually don't have a glass of wine in my hand. I wish that I had a full length photo because this is one of my fav Stop Staring dresses. This is at said bistro before the crowds made their way in.

For a friend

Your future is yours and yours alone. So don’t let anyone else influence your goals.

You are inspiration and motivation!

Saturday, 22 August 2009


is looking at dogs who need forever homes... like I don't have enough hair and poop to clean. They also have a baby ferret for adoption. Keeps telling self, two dogs, two ferrets and three aqua friends are enough........ but we have so much love for furry butts.

Caught in a web

I am very much procrastinating this morning. I should be working on finishing my microbiology paper and the presentation that I have to do for it. I should also be studying for my physics exam that is on Tuesday.
Instead, I am baking some apple pecan bread and just got finished cooking the husband fried ham and biscuits. I am waiting for the bread to cool enough to cut a chunk.
I keep looking at my stack of magazines that I have not read, and I would much rather settle down with those, haha.
Unfortunately, I also have three resubdivision drawings to do for work for Monday as well. Pay checks are good. There is also a late night show tonight that I am scheduled for. There's a little sum of cash too.
Being lazy is calling my name though. Poop.
I know that I will do a little at a time and get everything completed.
I have an urge to shop though. I want cute little cardigans for fall and winter. =) And I want a new pair of really cute flats because my last pair bit the dust. I have some tops that had to visit the GoodWill bag because after too much washing and drying, they are now too small - or I just got taller?
Oh weekends, you are always much too short!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

8/20 - blurb

It is not even 8:00am, and I am craving fried okra? Already have dropped the husband off at work, have been back home studying, and will go to class in a little bit. Taking this short time in the morning to follow all my beloved bloggers.

The World According to Bitch Cakes has been blogging about her birthday week adventures on her Hello Kitty cruiser. She really inspires me to pull out my Betty Blue and try to build up my stamina and perhaps find hidden treasures around my neighborhood. I highly suggest reading her blogs. She is a very inspiring lady!



Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Add a little fun to your routine

I have been completely neglecting one of my favorite past-times. The only time that I have picked up my hoops has been for shows. It is quite a shame. I used to hoop while watching tv for exercise and to keep in practice. Did you know that for every 10 minutes of hooping, you burn 50 calories? I think that when I finally watch the new episode of "Mad Men" this evening, I'll pull out the hoops and wiggle away. Seems an appropriate past time for some "Mad Men." =)

For anyone who would like to add some fun to their reducing routines, I highly recommend hula hoops. Fun and effective!



Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Victory Garden =)

Every year I do a hodge-podge veggie garden. Basically it's a big mess of whatever decides to grow from seeds that I throw out there, and whatever has decided to volunteer from the compost. Sam and I were talking this weekend. It seems the fruit in the stores goes bad so quickly. The strawberries and grapes we buy have mold within a few days. Boo. We are going to do some extra planning for next year. We are looking at different fruit trees, berry bushes, and other varieties of plants to see what may suit our tastes, environment and space.

Plus, I am going to do some indoor gardening again this winter. We are going to research and see about building a greenhouse or other structure for winter months too. I think that our back yard will eventually be a mini-farm. =) Popping out my "Square Foot Gardening Book" and "Victory Garden" books too. Though old, these books have great guidelines for large output in small spaces. Yeah, just another project to add to the lists, lol.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Paranoia, silly episodes

It is all still good. I get complimented on my clothes and hair a lot, which is funny because I have not tried really. I secretly enjoy it though. One other woman said she saw me perform at Artopia earlier in the year, and she said that she could tell I was a burlesque girl. o.O We were talking about the Boylesque show going on right now at 3Kings. I saw it last night, fabulously hilarious and side-stitching! Ok that's superficial silly fun stuffs.

Microbiology is making me incredibly paranoid about eating anything or touching things. Ok, I know it will pass, but reading and learning about it all makes me go, "eeeww" thinking about what could be flourishing around me or what goes in my mouth - then could possibly attack.

The teacher (we only have two the whole two years, both RT's) says we will become incredibly paranoid when we get to physio-pathology. She says inevidetably students will come to her saying, "I think I may have (x) disease." Hahaha I shouldn't laugh. I may be one of those paranoid students. Excuse me, I think I may have leprosy...

In the past week, S and I have gone to see "Moon" and "Hurt Locker". I enjoyed both. Both were my break during tons of problems and reading and note taking. This is funny because I usually hate going to the movies. I enjoyed it as my brain breaks. =)

Quick Plug

My wonderful friends hooked me up with their first publication tonight. Their release party is Friday night. It is called "Tales to Oddify". It is a compilation of novellette, vignettes, short stories, etc. It is in the vain of old pulp, sci-fi, horror mini-books! So fun! I am so proud of her and her hubbin. It's available at Amazon too!

Seems to fit in with my nostalgia of old monster movies!

Monday, 10 August 2009

Alphabet Soup

Respiratory Care physics = alphabet soup. Many abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, formulas. I felt like a dummy when talking to other folks in Microbiology today. I mentioned that I felt as though my brain would explode with all of the learning of what everything means. Apparently, other folks are just plugging numbers into formulas they have looked up and not bothering with the reading assigned to go with it.

To paraphrase: "How are we supposed to know what all of those things stand for or what the formulas are supposed to mean? I mean, what's tidal volume?"
Um, because she assigned pages and sections to read that explain and give definitions? Tidal volume is one of the first terms explained?

C'est la vie! I like to know why I am calculating all of these things and what all of the letters and numbers mean because I am a dorkus. I have a feeling more will drop like dead flies by the end of the week.

Luckily, the stuff in the first five chapters of microbio is things that I have already been exposed to. Just have to refresh the sleepy brain pockets.

Luckily, I like most of the people so far in the class. I keep repeating this because it is just us 20-something people together, day in, day out for the next two years. Open mind, hopefully with them as well.

I think work has finally gotten the picture. I cannot continue with them with all of the fast-course classes right now. Au revoir!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Glorious B-Movies!

When I was a young kidling, I remember vividly Sundays. We would go to church early in the morning. Once we got home, my mom was in the kitchen cooking a big meal. My dad and I would plop down on the sofa to watch the Sunday Creature Features. It was in the afternoons on Sunday, on some non-cable station. All of those wonderful old movies came on. Hammer films from the late 50's, early 60s, the old black and white monster movie greats. Wolfman, Frankenstein, The Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula and so on. I think this is where my obsession with horror began. I remember seeing "Salem's Lot" and going to bed that night with a blanket wrapped around my neck and the covers pulled over my head. I did not want to see if a young vampire came knocking at my window! There was this movie about Lizzy Borden, but about a modern Lizzy. I cannot for the life of me remember the title. It was from the 70s, and I still can replay the image of her axing some man to death.
After the fear became something that I craved. It became an adrenaline rush. I used to stay up late to sneak and watch the Midnight Monster movie before the national anthem came on the television went to fuzz.
More than anything, I still adore those classics. My obsession became more with the B-movies, crazy, low budget, sometimes silly, campy. I love them all!!

Friday, 7 August 2009

School note...

We have been in classes two days. Already four people have dropped out. Whoa.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

She blinded me with science...

Didnt' Thomas Dolby look great back in that video?

I did get my class schedule. It's not bad the first half of the semester since the RT head transcribed me out of the math class. It gets a little more hectic when the classes change in October. Basically the complete first semester is:

Microbiology of Infectious Diseases
Logic of Respiratory Science
Introduction to Respiratory Care
Special Topic: Fundamentals of Clinical Skills
Cardiopulmonary Anatomy & Physiology
Cardiopulmonary Pathology

Can you say - She blinded me with SCIENCE!!

I agreed to continue doing a little work in the evenings. But I did tell them it can only be small things and I cannot promise immediate turn around. I would try to help out as long as I could. If it became insane, that was it.

Now I am off to work on my final paper for my interpersonal communications class. Two more quizzes, but I'll take those online Saturday morning. =)

Vixen Vintage Giveway!!

Vixen Vintage made this adorable little topper and is giving it away! To enter go to her blog. =)

Monday, 3 August 2009

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

Orientation is Wednesday. I got my schedule of classes and such today. Actually, the schedule is not bad for the first half of the semester. YaaY!!
I am just finishing up the last assignments and quizzes of my summer semester. Hopefully, tomorrow I will have that all wrapped up so that I can start fresh and stress free later in the week.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sweet Violet

It's hard to believe that it's been a year. I miss your laughter, smile and love. I have kept your violets alive too. It must be you that is helping those babies. Miss you sweet violet, sweeter than the roses.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dress Love

I am in love with this dress. I love the dresses by Stop Staring. They fit so well, and I always get complimented when I wear one. I am due for a new one. This one is just calling my name.
Of course, there are so many really pretty ones over at Daddy-O's. I just scroll and scroll and have itches in my pocketbook!