Thursday, 30 April 2009

Definitely Not Diet Food.

I was talking to my mom the other day, and she told me that she was making stuffed artichokes. I guess that she put the bug in my ear because at the grocery today, guess what was on sale. I bought one. Right now, it is stuffed with tons of garlic, seasoning, breadcrumb, parmesean cheese and olive olie and is in my grandmother's pot steaming away. I cannot wait for it to be done. It has been ages since I have had one!

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Online Shopping Spree

I bought a ton of retro sewing patterns, some that were out of print. I do not feel bad in the least. Even the husband said, "Hell yeah. Buy 'em." I even splurged on two necklaces from Red Hot Kitten Boutique on etsy of a rockabilly style. Of course they are not on the site anymore, and I wished that I would have saved a pic of the two of them. One has the anchor charm but it is in black & white "pearl" beads. I cannot wait to get them. Once my patterns come in, I feel I may go on a fabric spree too. I have enough right now to keep me busy on three outfits though. New wardrobe, curtesy of me?

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

One of those days...

Today is one of those days, much like yesterday, when I ponder why I am not on scripts for anxiety and panic attacks and stress related stuff like many of my friends. I truly would have loved to pull every strand of hair out. You know those days. The ones that start in the morning right when you get out of bed and do not fit the pot in the coffee maker right and the whole counter has your morning joe? Then a container falls out of the fridge and falls all over the floor? Only to be followed by one (two) of the crappiest work days ever, then spilling your bottle of beer all over - the last one that was in the fridge because you haven't made a liquor run yet? Yeah, that has been my past two days. I do, however, have wine. One bottle is even open and waiting in the fridge for me to end my work day. Screw chamomile tea, I had a cup last night and a little while ago. It does nothing for those days. Neither has going for walks or runs. This is when I say, "Yes ye old friend, tonight we spend meaningful time together." This is why I do not take tons of prescription drugs; I would rather dull the edge with vino or brew.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Butterick Sale!

Butterick is having a one day sale, today only. Most of their patterns are only $4.99, including their retro reprints. I may have to get some more. I have that one above. It is on my list of dresses to make for this summer. So if you are into sewing and would like to make some custom stuff, go to the Butterick website and get to shopping!

Sunday, 26 April 2009


I have come to the conclusion that I really do not like what's out there in the stores right now. Plus, I just really do not like looking like everyone else. I hit JoAnn's today because I needed a zipper for a cute cotton dress that I adore but whose zipper bit it. I picked up some cute pique in different shades of yellow to make the adorable 50s halter and short set in this pattern. ~points down~
I also have some fun cotton fabrics for two retro style summer dresses. I have made up my mind that I just have to make the time to sew and not just for burlesque costumes. Besides, I have drastically scaled back on those appearances.

It's also funny because for the past couple of years, when I have been in vintage stores, I have been in desperate search for a 70's jumpsuit or romper. Unfortunately when I have come across one, fit is always an issue for me. Although I am petite, I am pretty long waisted. Imagine my surprise at what is "in fashion" right now. Right, jumpsuits and rompers! Now, I cannot bring myself to get one. For some reason, I just do not want to wear what is "in style." So, I think making my clothes will just be better for my mindset. I guess that I will keep on constant watch for patterns that catch my eye now.

Friday, 24 April 2009

It's about that time!

stolen from sfllaw on flicker.
That's not my basket, but mine is the same pull-off kind, and I have strands of colorful fakies wrapped around as well.

I worked on my bike today after work. Tires, check; tire valve stem covers, one alien head cover missing. =( I had to put a plain replacement one on. This just means that I get to buy new, cool ones. Lights are in working order, batteries still functioning. Ding-ding bell still a dinging! I think tomorrow I will try and take her out for the first ride of spring, now that the weather has not been freaking out with snow.

I am ready to do some spring clothes cleaning too. You know, to make room for new stuff! Well, maybe just a few things.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

This Boddington's for Me

I cannot even begin to go through the hassles, sabotage at work. Suffice it to say a certain other drafter was caught hiding notes and files that I have been begging for for four days, not just for one job either. Now, I am four days behind on an at least 80 hour job that is due next Friday. Grrrrrr... Plus, he completely f-ed up a drawing, and I had to put three hours into correcting it. Hello?! This is why you were given drawing requirements from the client. Double grrrrr... I was told by the office management that the other two drafters have not been doing any of the work on the project board allowing it to pile up. The thought process is that eventually it will all get sent to me to do. Makes me sick since I am a contract worker and only get paid for the work that I actually do whereas they get paid to sit around for 8+ hours a day and do absolutely nothing. The bosses know about this as well. Oh how I cannot wait to get through school and hopefully get a new career going.

So, when I get a semi-handle on the recovered projects this evening, I plan to sit back, relax and drink a frosty beer or two.

On a side note, I have been walking/jogging everyday, pulling two dogs along the way (one 75lbs the other 45lbs). I have been doing a full body circuit (week 1) from Oxygen magazine too. I try to squeeze in a few more exercises each day on top of that.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

My day made

I went to the grocery today. A nice older lady stopped me and said, "Excuse me, your haircut is the prettiest and really suits you." Isn't that sweet? If only she knew that I cut it myself, hehe. It was really nice to get a compliment out of nowhere.

The plague is gone

Wow, I just spent the past week pretty much confined to bed. Head and chest funk with a sprinkling of fever is the worst. Finally, I am feeling almost back to normal. There is just a lingering sporadic cough and congestion. Thank goodness

Monday, 13 April 2009

Baking Bread

I'm coming down with a little something. Itchy throat, head ache, little chill, blah. I have been making hot tea with honey all day to sooth the cough and throat. For some reason though, I just want fresh warm bread. I broke down and made this. The house smells heavenly. I cannot wait to munch on a piece later. I foresee more hot tea, a warm bath, snuggling in the blankets and sleeping heavily with sporadic munching of fresh bread & butter.

Friday, 10 April 2009

stuff, stuff, stuff

S is leaving for work training next weekend. He'll be gone for three weeks, coming back home the week before my birthday. We are debating taking a long weekend trip for my birthday, maybe San Francisco. We have accumulated enough airline points and hotel points from all of his work travel to do both for free. We tossed around the idea of Canada. I am missing water though, and I want to wear a bikini on a beach or by a pool. Scary, isn't it?

On a side note, met with the head of RT department. As long as I am in good standing in July, I just show up the first day of orientation in August for the respiratory program. Barring stupid luck, I should be in the program. YaaY

Doing Casino Night fundraiser for Rocky Mountain Rollergirls tonight. "Ace of Spades" duet with Anabella, only we could rock the Motorhead, haha. We do solo acts as well. There will be a fashion show, gambling with funny money and all sorts of entertainment. It should be a fun, relaxing time.

We have a mouse, eek! The house is in chaos as we try to track the little varmont down and extricate him. Thankfully, the dogs have kept him quarantined to just the bottom floor. It is quite possible that it has left the premises since we saw him last, as our little box traps are still empty and the snacks have not been touched.

Monday, 6 April 2009


I am registered for my two summer classes, yippee!

And so it begins...

I went online to register for my classes this morning. No luck as there is a hold on my account which denies me from registering. I am trying to contact them. I went in for advising, gave my transcripts, provided the supplemental residency form, received a letter of admission with me classified as resident, made sure they had everything in their systems. I was told before I left their offices a week ago, "You're all ready to register." Now, the hold is because of the supplemental residency form which they received. Someone forgot to enter it in I am assuming. ~sigh~

Thursday, 2 April 2009

thought for the day

"I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become."
Carl Gustav Jung