Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I saw mommy kissing, uhoh

This just made me giggle to no end. Do you think his mommy got what she wanted for Christmas?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. In my world, he would look like Sam Elliot. Yeah, he's my older man crush. Hot, hot, hot. He could be under my tree anytime. Wait, wait, back to reality. Believe me, I wish there was a mystical place at the North Pole. I would be among many who would run away there. Oh wait, but what if the elves are working like sweat shop captives. Yikes!

I love the holidays, but it annoys me that Thanksgiving gets shoved in a cob-webbed corner and forgotten. People on my street began decorating the day after Halloween. It really is too much. Last night on our way home, lights twinkled, trees glowed in front windows. When did this happen? I remember when I was really little, we did not decorate until around December 20th, at earliest. We even had a fake tree so it wasn't that my parents were afraid the tree would croak. It seems that the holidays are losing their meaning and appeal and magic, all of them. I mean, look at poor Thanksgiving, forgotten, no decorations, no nothing.

Food log for November 25, 2008


I am not feeling the greatest so I tend to eat less, especially since I cannot taste very much. I decided to start logging where everyone can see. Maybe I will feel scrutinized and judged?


2 cups of black coffee (actually 24 oz in the pot) 27 calories
1 serving old fashioned rolled oats 150 calories
1 tsp pure maple syrup 17 calories
1 kiwi 46 calories

Total 240 calories


11:30 black bean soup with onions, jalapenoes, garlic, herbs & spices 150 calories
1:45 portebella burger 90 calories.

Small bag of chips 150 calories


Lemongrass & Chile rice noodle bowl 220 calories
World's Chocolate Mint Meltaway 110 calories (whoa - looked after I ate it)
Sprite 110 calories (just needed it - bad)

Yesterday's total = 1070 calories

Whoa. I ate some crap stuff that I should have substituted with clean foods. I was just too lazy to take any effort as the day wore on. Today, I hope to do better. There was about 2 hours of dance-skate though. I actually feel it in my waist today. I felt like a dance teacher, "One, two, right, left, right, left, turn..." I have no clue how much that burned, if anything.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Back! Have cold, but don't care.

I'm back from a wonderful vacation. I spent the week just hanging out with my girls. Most nights we spent at one's house cooking and chatting and having a glass of vino. So freaking relaxing! I have not laughed so much in a long time. I pulled out the tassels and had one of my girlfriends spinning away. She said she loved it. I guess I know what I'm buying her for Christmas, haha.

I spent one night with my parents. They took me to their favorite vintage store. ~faints~ Vintage, rhinestoned hats still in their original hat boxes! Vintage furniture, dishes, dresses... ~swoon~ If I only had brought a huge suite case just to be checked with stuff I could buy. My mom did give me one of my grandmother's dresses from the 50s. I remembered it and have always loved it. Now, it is mine!

I did indulge and buy some super cute bras and panties from House of Lounge in Uptown. I wanted to blow my bank account in Trashy Diva, but my senses came to. But Sam was like, "Jen, their 100% silk vintage reproductions. If they are going to last, you should have splurged." I just have trouble spending $300 on a dress. Now, though, I'm thinking of going to the website and maybe, just maybe getting one. I know there were some on sale...

My aunt cut ALL of my hair off. It's really versatile, can be mod looking, flapperish, Josephine Baker-like, even 50s depending on how I play with it. It's uber short in the back. She told me what guard to use with the clippers and how I can maintain it myself. I'm really enjoying it now that I'm getting used to it.

Getting ready for the holiday shows. I just agreed to be in another group act because she promised it was super simple and I couldn't screw it up, haha. So now I'm in three group acts and one solo. I'm having a practice tonight for the roller skate, make fun of ice skate routine. It's the first time that I have actually had to choreograph and teach to other people. I even wrote down the steps and counts in my notebook because I am petrified that I will forget even though I have done it a bazillion times in my kitchen. ~nervous~

It is now to work on my diet and exercise again. Vacations sure mess with that. Oh I wish you all could have been at the Tapas restaurant we ate at my last night. I think Anthony Bourdain would have been proud with the selections we made and those offered. Of course, my head was so stopped up and hurting I didn't get the full on experience. ~boo~ But what I did taste made my mouth do the Snoopy dance of glee!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Bye, I'm NOLA bound.

I'm out.
Well, I leave this Sunday and don't return until the evening of the 23rd. Going to New Orleans to hang with the Council. I'll also get to see the rents since I have not since them since last December. I'll miss the hubby, but I'm really looking forward to time back home.
So, I figured I would say au revoir today in case I don't get a chance to before I leave.
Stay out of too much trouble.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Wouldn't it be cool?

to start a CSA farm? I love, love, love gardening. I even grow a few veggies indoors during the winter since I moved up here. I grew up with a mom & dad who grew year round. We had five acres that we went to on the weekends. Believe it or not, we had tons of veggies to eat and give away to friends and family. I would love to get some rural land, build a house (with an industrial kitchen and a basement for S), and farm. Yet another dream to add to the pile.

Monday, 10 November 2008


So here's three times.
I went around the corner to drop something in the outmail. Then, out of nowhere, there it was the people across the street's dog, barking, lunging, coming forward. I froze and realized there was of course, no one around. I decided I couldn't go back to my house the way I came and slowly moved without turning my back around the block. It continued. Finally, it stopped following. So here I am walking all the way around the other street around to my street. I come around the corner and there it is again running toward me. I stop. I woman was getting in her car and had her cell. I yelled, "This dog chased me around the block and all I want to do is get back in my house." She didn't really say anything, but stood and watched as I inched down the street yelling, "Go!" and "Shoo Dog!!" at the top of my lungs, going into people's front yards at the dog zig-zagged barking and growling. I knew his owners were home so I yelled louder. Finally, about five houses from my house, I heard her open the door, "Ok, Gordy, it's time to come in now." I screamed, "Please, keep your dog inside. This is the third time he's come after me, and just now around the block." The only response, "Come on Gordy," not even concerned. The dog ran inside. So here I am three hours later, still crying and shaking. They have left there house. I called Sam crying. He's going over to talk to them tonight, and I'll have no recourse but to call animal control or the police next time. I shouldn't have to be petrified to leave my house. I walk everywhere and often. This has also impeded my being able to take my dogs out for their daily walk because if I'm cornered, I don't know how my dogs would react.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I stole this from a friend of mine.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Well sort of. This is from a performance three weekends ago. I can't be too much bigger than that right now. Well, it's possible that I could be bigger. I figure this is as close to a naked before that I'll get, well besides the pasties picture and I decided to spare you all that one. Notice the nice muffin top, flab-a-wabba over the pretty sequined panties. Not that attractive is it?
I would like to get back to this point *points down*

Yeah, that was taken a few months ago, like July. Notice the differences between the two - ribs, no ribs, flat tummy, not-so-flat tummy. I'm actually really scared to take a picture right now, and I have a show Saturday night. I'm resorting to my fat costumes and very little reveal. I'm talking the nude colored bra with pasties glued to them, and only a few seconds of bra and panty action at the end of the act.
Looking at this should kick my fat ass into gear. Will it? Also, some of the girls and I have a group photo thingy in two weeks. ~sigh~ There are some really big shows coming up next month and in January. I should have extra motivation as I've now been included in the group for big shows at the club. I'll be joining in on being involved with planning and acts for the shows at the end of the year and all of next year.
Must psych myself up.
Run, Jenny, run.
Avoid the delicious beer.
Hula hoop during the week, like you used to, almost every day.
Eat tons and tons of fresh fruit and veggies.
Lift the weights, lift the weights, lift the weights.
Ok, I'm going to go and do something.

Irony or just sad?

Watching Celebrity Rehab while drinking, that was my evening.

Monday, 3 November 2008

My name is Jenny, and I like to dance... dance, dance, dance, dance

Is it sad that I want to take ballet classes? I mean I took them when I was younger. I took them all the way to high school. I was a chunkamonk though, and never felt comfortable. So, would I feel anymore comfortable now? Me, and my awkward self who trips and stumbles and falls. Plus, most of the adult classes are on Friday's from like 8 to 9. That could seriously interfere with my drinking schedule. Maybe I could just admire from afar as I always have. I can't count beats or any of that stuff anyway.

I like to roam around.

It's little articles like this that make me have the wanderlust. I get this magazine every month, and when I read it, I immediately want to sell my belongings and get to hiking around the country. Then, my sense of responsibility kicks in and I remember that I'm married with a house and fur kids and bills and such. ~sigh~