Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Baby, baby, where did my abs go?

So my husband is a crazy picture taking fool. Anywhere we are he feels the need to snap pictures. Usually, I'm giving the crazy faces because I hates it. Luckily, in this one he cut off right before the belly button, whew. Still, I have crazy look on my face because I was talking and trying to hide my stout beer out of the pic. Maybe that's where my abs went... I'll spare you the pictures of me giving him the dramatic gopher stare and sticking my tongue out.

You would think that seeing all of these pictures of me would motivate me to exercise. Uhuh. Yet, for some reason this morning all of my muscles are sore as if I had actually in fact done something of merit yesterday. Nada. Working behind the computer, sewing, light house work, cooking, eating and knocking back a few last night with the hubbin was my whole day. Today may constitute the same. Perhaps I'll pick up the dumb bells and maybe do something. Although, the man did mention going to Movie Tavern this afternoon. Food, booze and movies?! Yikes, there goes the plan to eat well.

So as I finish my 4th cup of joe, I'll go do my work, stuff my face and perhaps I'll work in clenching my glute muscles.

Monday, 29 September 2008

when it rains...

My work must be back to normal. After a month of receiving virtually nada, my email and fax has been bombarded today by all of the big, wonky, screwed up jobs that no one else wants to deal with. The crazy stuffs that makes my head want to pop like a balloon that has been blown up too much. *pop* YaaY for money, finally. Booooo, for crazy-messedup-need-it-now-stuff-do-you-have-it-done-yet-flash-speed-rush-rush-rush.

On a good note, the weekend was lovely. There was the end of summer Tiki Lua Burlesque Show. I got to maid for the lovely ladies who always put on a great show. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the end and left early to go home and crash out until around 10 the next morning. Something I never do, sleep in. The hub and I did go have brunch on Broaday. It's nice to sit outside and have mimosas, a cheese plate (which I paid for last night) and a tofu veggie sammich with a yummy lemon cucumber drizzle and side of corn chowder. We wondered through the bookstores and decided we need to write down which Time Life Magical World books we have so that we can go back and get the ones we are lacking. Then, on home to be potatoes. I made breakfast for dinner and took some lovely allergy medicine to combat the runny eyes and nose and such from the dairy that I consumed during thd day. But it was worth it for a bevy of cheeses, grapes, apples, candied nuts and craisins. =)

Well I guess I am off to the grind.

Oh yeah, some of the most fun things! I got the prettiest earring, necklace and hair flower as a gift. =) Thank you again, M! and I bought a great vintage, tiki style dress at the show too. =)

Thursday, 25 September 2008

FoOd, fOoD, FoOd, fOod

I have been a cooking fool since my work has been almost nonexistent lately. (yeah, it happens from time to time) I made these cookies yesterday. They came out soooo good! (even though I burned a few a little bit, oops) S even took a ziplock baggie of them to work with him this morning. =D

I have decided if we ever get "that" house, the one we'll never move out of, I am definitely getting a freaking industrial stove and oven.

I bought some shrimps. There will be shrimp & grits in our future! Also, I got all of the supplies to make S a pudding filled rum cake for his birthday next week. If I am feeling really ambitious, there may be some beignets this weekend with Irish coffees. Mmmmmm

Tonight I decided to batter & fry zucchini slices, from our garden. It hasn't happened yet because S isn't leaving work until later. He's also getting some Cajun style chicken. We're having a side of white beans and rice (meatless) left overs from the big pot I made on Monday. Possibly, I'll also batter & fry some okra too.

I really want to try a 200 year old recipe from a horse ranch in Texas for beer bread. Maybe tomorrow?

There is a deep need to throw dinner parties. I just fear that no one that I invite would show up. I absolutely adore cooking for people. HOwever, I have this deep-seeded fear that they will not enjoy the foods. =\

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Groovy kind of love

I was watching the green channel yesterday and saw a whole segment on this little cutie. It's and NmG car by Meyers Motors. I have to say that I'm intrigued. It is only a single seater, but it is electric, goes 75+mph and has tons of trunk room. Not only that but it's technically goes by laws of motor cycles, but you don't need a motor cycle endorsement on your license. It's cute. =)

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Easy, peezy breakfast or dessert

All you have to do is get some Pillsbury crescent rolls. Before you roll them up, put a spoon of all fruit, preserves, jelly in the center and give it a little spread. Roll them up and bake them. Just be sure not to put too much in the middle or it will leak out all over the pan. Let them cool because that center will definitely burn the roof of your mouth or tongue! You can also sprinkle them with a little powdered sugar or other sugar before serving. Yum!

Monday, 22 September 2008



I have been daydreaming of opening a little bar that serves food. Truly, a New Orleans themed/based joint. Drinks, po-boys, red beans, andouille, some boiled stuffs, grits & shrimp, beignets, crepes. So, it's a far-fetched dream as I have no business or restaurant background, just some bartending and home cooking. It's a shame my mother isn't closer. She had some business & restaurant creating, owning and schooling. Plus, there's that whole, pesky money issue. Dreaming.

My virgin post....

So my wonderful friend over at Two Smart Girls, One Fab Post
convinced me to move on over from LiveJournal to here. I will more than likely keep the LJ for a bit longer and post the same things over there.

Hrmmmm, what is there to tell? Not a ton. I do love food, hula hooping, roller skating, zombies, kitsch, bad b horror movies, old classics on TCM, animals, outside, food. Actually, I wish I could be Anthony Bourdain, what a freaking dream job. I love to cook, but hate cleaning up afterwards. If ever I win the lotto I would hire a kitchen maid just for cleaning up after me. I experiment with virtually any type of food.

Um, I'm married and my husband likes to take pictures of me while we're out drinking which is always fun... This is me pretending to be a zombie as we're sitting at a bar listening to rockabilly-surf music.

Sweet, right? Wouldn't love to come talk to me? Haha